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These 3 make everyday Mother's Day for me. Seeing them grow up into kind, loving people... is the greatest gift. We had a great couple of days all together- (especially since Matthew came home!) We hope you all did too ❀

I know there are many of you that miss their mothers very much, as I do, on Mother's Day and all days. It has been 17 Mother's Days without her for me. I can only hope I honor her everyday in the things I do for others, the love I have for my children and the adventures we make of everyday. I thank her for making me into the caregiver I became and the mother I became. Her love certainly never left and is carried on and felt every single day. It wasn't a long life - but it will continue long after we are gone for generations. And that's what counts. For all of you that have a happy and sad weekend ahead-I understand. But the love does live on through us ❀ It never leaves. It's blue butterflies forever over here πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹

Got this last night!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all so much! And I heard there were quite a few items disappearing from the windows and rack! I will fill in the holes tomorrow! So so excited and GRATEFUL ❀Just a good thing.

One Large Donation Bag makes 17-24 meals for the men at the rehab center. Please check out the windows and the rack of special items. Everyone inside is happy to help you! There is beauty everywhere inside and I know- inside of you all. I tried to keep the windows full but had to give it up- seeing the people trying to get in the windows(someone will help you:) and the people outside waiting- made all of our day! Thank you ladies for letting us do our thing and DJ. It was so much fun. You are angels on earth. Kim- my right hand and heart. Go shop it up all!!! And share!!!! #salvationarmy #thrift #vintage #beautyisallaround #frontpagenews #beyourself

Seeing this beautiful couple off on their prom night. Simply stunning. Precious moments πŸ’– @brianseeds king of our hearts πŸ’•

Forever moods #tbt

We were back at it today! Found this vintage Mexican tunic and other goodies. We went through the records and books and pulled some realllll inspiration. Rachmaninoff to Liberace πŸ•―πŸ•―πŸ•―... yes yes yes!!! Excited for you all to see Friday! Items in storefronts and on mannequins in store will be available for purchase. @salvationarmythriftstores #behindthecandelabra #bighairdontcare Thank you @kimberlycoxon for helping me always

Super super here for this roller set! Foam rollers before bed and I've got curls for a couple days:) This week I get to work on a project with The Salvation Army. Our Sally's has several local charities and rehabilitation programs that benefit from our donations and shopping. Friday, and more details to come, I will be unveiling hundreds of picked treasures-designer and vintage-pulled right off of the racks and displayed for your purchase in the storefronts. More details will be coming here and in the newspapers. Fashion has no price tag, no set bar. Style is what you make it-not what someone else deems it to me. Cheryl, one of the angelic managers at SA told me today that I am turning hurting into hope-That that is my gift. I have never thought of it that way. If we can feed more people-wait till you see what one bag of donations can do- and help local people recover from addiction-wait till you see all SA does!-and at the same time give people a glimpse at what treasures are inside... all the while marching to our own style beat and waving hiiiiiii at the judges... I'm so in. Items will be available late day Friday and after. Help me turn hurt into more hope. #vintage #thrift #designer #unicorn Tons of denim jackets, a couple fringed silky robes Native American vests, suits #stjohn #rachelroy #narciscorodriguez #ralphlauren to name a few -dozens of inspirational tees, an Elvis tee (yessss!!!) and by far the best- a tee that says Warning:I'm allergic to fake people βœŒπŸΌπŸ’€

When the S is really hitting the F it's time to hit the beach with the girls for some "Memphis Mediation". Elvis Gospel and some peace. Endless thank-you's for the support and love. A special thanks to the B.A.C.A (Bikers Against Child Abuse that we featured on the March show for the wonderful work they do) for their help and drive bys to guard me and house. Faith in humanity-always getting restored. πŸ™πŸ» Love these beautiful ladies that I get to spend my life and a little summer trip to Memphis with. I would say Memphis will never be the same- but it's just right and ready;) πŸ‘‘πŸ“€πŸŽΌπŸ‘—πŸŽΈπŸŽ€β€ #meditation and #tea #howgreatthouart if you haven't heard Elvis' live version- it is goosebumps. I have @maricora55 hooked. @kimberlycoxon #graceland here we come.

Several weeks ago, I posted the picture of the dogs and mentioned that something had happened. Someone tried to find me. Someone that is very well known to the police and everyone became very concerned. Well, yesterday we found that someone tried to pry their way into the front of our fence (not the side, which already has damage)... Many of you many have been asking and have probably realized that I have scaled back what I'm doing temporarily. My first priority is always to stay alive and keep my family safe. It makes me very sad to think that my own town has made it come to this. You will not find a family more proud to say they are from Ashtabula or always supporting it. I have lived here my whole life and part of the show was celebrating places and people- many from here!! And as I said in the post about the dogs- if they aren't enough, our security system isn't enough, a police force that's been extremely helpful isn't enough, my husband- who's just dying to snap some necks- isn't enough ... get to me and find out what happens. We appreciate all the concern. And many that are helping keep an eye on the place at all times. I will keep doing my YouTube channel when I can. Just another chapter for the book.

We were SCREAMING!! Can I tell you all that we had the best day!! First of all, it was wonderful to be back in the studio again!!! Fun and with a rave review πŸ‘†πŸΌ Then Marisol and I went to tape a treasure hunt using her as an instant fashion plate! This is one of the gorgeous vintage pieces we found but not THE one- that video will go up on YouTube ❀❀❀ She is giving me Where's My Yacht vibes in this vintage St. John military/nautical sweater with padded shoulders and epaulets. Paired it with a graphic T with a slogan she loved and some Tahari slacks. OK- the screaming!! I said to her at the start... "Dear thrift angels... all I want to find is an Elvis shirt..." She replied... "Oh, Elvis is definitely in the building!" And look what I pull!!! What?!!!! Not only Elvis but Army Elvis!!! One happy girl right here!!! Much jumping up and down and screeching! Have a great weekend!! #stjohn #springfashion #vintage #thrift #thejoslinshow #elvishasleftthebuilding and is coming home with me!

Happy Happy Easter! May your Spring be full of love, pastels, chocolates and hope!

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