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Joslin Seeds  Confidence. Comfort. Glamour. YouTube/NBC Women4Empowerment.org Alliance4Empowerment.org 🦄,👑

Happy Birthday to the best school pickup line waiter and pizza maker @maksimc (aka Johnny Cash to me) We love you today and all days 🖤🎩💣 #happybirthday #maninblack

I want to wish Billy Seeds “Good Luck!”... His school’s United Nations club is having the second day of their summit at John Carroll University today. Billy and his partner represent Iran. They have made it to the Resolution round and we are so proud. William, if anyone can help achieve world peace - it’s you ❤️🌏 @internationalmun

Thank you @stjude for our visit today. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy. I love that Bill’s work and discoveries are helping professional athletes and individuals wanting to restore and fulfill their lives...but the possibilities of helping people, children LIVE... life continues to be quite a beautiful adventure. I knew long ago- it was not my own to live but others that we can help and love too...and I am never wrong! Yesterday, we had the birthday cake cutting at Graceland. Last night, we had our own walk up to see the lights and meditational garden. That’s been it’s own story. We’ve always wondered the why??? How?? I am seeing it play out in front of my eyes. Thank you Kimberly “Our Kim” for accompanying us on life’s journey ❤️⚡️ #stjude

(Counting the minutes until #livepd tonight!!!) But can I say...If I read one more thing filter shaming people. (I don’t know if it’s a word or not but I just said it!) Who cares if people auto tune themselves to hell and back! Don’t use it as a way to make them feel badly about themselves or sell your products. You don’t know what that person uses, is going through or may have. Take your bags off, take a zit off! It’s YOUR business! Make yourself all the colors of the rainbow! Who cares! I will most certainly take a blemish off...or some darkness under my eyes- especially if it’s the lighting (it’s always the lighting 😉) You know I like the look of a natural picture but there is always time for the wild filters! Be Funky is one of my favorites- Photo Lab too! #beyourownkindofbeautiful #letpeoplelive

Two of my favorite things. Honey and buffalo plaid ❤️🍯 A rare night out with this world traveler 🎄🎁⭐️

Good Morning Everyone from Rainbow! This is the exact life a malnourished, scared but determined to live-kitten should have ❤️ I thought this was too adorable not to share. He is living the life. #rescuecat #livingwellisthebestrevenge

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s getting closer!!! I love having this companion home for break! He’s always been my number 1 helper. Tonight we had a Christmas Party to attend. Always special. I LOVE HAVING THE BOYS HOME! @seeds.x we are waiting for you!

17 years ago tonight, my stunning mother, Glenna passed away. After almost a decade of fighting an illness. Only once missing a night of “dressing me” out on the field. Never once missing a holiday tradition. Making me clothes at her sewing machine. Hanging stockings above the register. I live for these pictures of her before she got sick. (She was modeling here for a hair salon.) I don’t have many photos or things and that’s ok. I always say and tell people- The love never leaves. And that is so true. Her love and how she taught me to love has been passed on to her grandchildren and they will keep passing it on. That is better than film or anything else that sits on a shelf. I will keep the love. And the memories. And the butterflies. It’s all priceless to me. Thank you @dedicatedkatie for sharing this with me. It means the world to me. Now let’s have another beautiful Christmas ❤️

I had on a very special to me @vetements_official Titanic hoodie today but that smile beats everything. (And I had zoom on Oops) #vetements #illneverletgo #loveofmylife don’t want to get in trouble- one of the loves of my life

2 weeks ago Saturday we came home from our weekly trip to the dairy to find this little boy soaking wet, shivering and meowing loudly at the front door. Dogs, other cats be d*****... he was not leaving. I would like to introduce Rainbow. He was very tiny and I bottle fed him for about a week because he was trying to suck on my fingers. Tell me we don’t get exactly what we need at the exact right time. I love him so. Of course, he’s called everything but- Wainbow, Mau Mau, Rainbow Scheilffen Sundial Suit Seeds ...I am thankful you were dispatched to my door. You saved me! Naturally, he’s in love with Matthew and communicates in cat language with Billy. ❤️🐱 #kitten #love #healing all of the above

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Two of my favorite short stories are Truman Capote’s -The Thanksgiving Visitor and A Christmas Memory. They are both beautiful, quick reads about love, friendship, giving, the joy of the holidays. I am thankful for our family and our beautiful friendships and also all of you that encourage and inspire us everyday. Thankful for everything. All of it. PS-Working caption for this photo “When you bring home one shirt on Thanksgiving Break because your road trip to Xighigan is life...” #gobucks @gavinjuodenas and @edmundjuodenas you were missed!

My heart is happy. All of the pieces of it are home. Brian said - “Mom, how are we going to top this day? I said -“Oh, we will and we will remember it forever like today.”... Happy Thanksgiving Eve to you ... We laughed too much and ate too much and we are just getting started. Hope you are too!

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