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We were SCREAMING!! Can I tell you all that we had the best day!! First of all, it was wonderful to be back in the studio again!!! Fun and with a rave review 👆🏼 Then Marisol and I went to tape a treasure hunt using her as an instant fashion plate! This is one of the gorgeous vintage pieces we found but not THE one- that video will go up on YouTube ❤❤❤ She is giving me Where's My Yacht vibes in this vintage St. John military/nautical sweater with padded shoulders and epaulets. Paired it with a graphic T with a slogan she loved and some Tahari slacks. OK- the screaming!! I said to her at the start... "Dear thrift angels... all I want to find is an Elvis shirt..." She replied... "Oh, Elvis is definitely in the building!" And look what I pull!!! What?!!!! Not only Elvis but Army Elvis!!! One happy girl right here!!! Much jumping up and down and screeching! Have a great weekend!! #stjohn #springfashion #vintage #thrift #thejoslinshow #elvishasleftthebuilding and is coming home with me!

Tune in TOMORROW to 93.7 fm at 820am!!! I will be on until 9am talking all things fashion and extra. The extra is always more exciting:)) After, I will be taping a YouTube episode with this beautiful woman. We will be treasure hunting and styling her on site! We decided today over coffee (of course) that we need to stop @starbucks and at least look at the #unicornfrappuccino !!!!!!!! 🦄 ☕️

Happy Happy Easter! May your Spring be full of love, pastels, chocolates and hope!

We tried a new place tonight. Our favorite... the tater tots with caviar ... I think that just about sums us up. We have been skiing all day and having Häagen-Dazs at night! Balance!!! William- I love you so much!!!!! I will never forget these precious moments.

Too much love to fit in one picture!!! Batching it with these two until the other boys get here. Bill spoke at the @profootballhof induction today and we are so proud and miss him and @seeds.m!!! Hurry up and get here! I will speak for myself and say I needed a break! Grateful to be safe and in one piece after a wild March. Thank you to @tattootubbsy1 and @edmundjuodenas @juodenassmith for keeping an eye on the house and animals for us 💪🏻❤️

#autismawareness is all year long here. I found this at Classic Finds in The Harbor where proceeds benefit children with autism in Ashtabula County. Can you believe it ❤ What are the ODDS!! Over the 🦄🌙 (and boy, did I just see a unicorn at Circle K in Geneva! I recognize my kind!!!)...Anyway- stop in to this shop on Bridge Street and shop for a beautiful reason! #vintage #antiques #shopforacause #autismawarnessmonth

Amen!!! Praise the Lord!!! Honey, this is just the beginning of all the accolades coming your way from what YOU'VE done. TAKE THAT big hospital chain trying to take credit for @maksimc 's recovery!!! You can't take away from this man's hard work and gift AND our incredible staff. Honey- we all love you. Bravo!!!!! @sharnaburgess #dtws #entertainmenttonight @allstartherapy @entertainmenttonight @dancingabc

"When I was a child, my mother said to me, 'If you become a soldier, you'll be a general. If you become a monk, you'll end up as the pope.' Instead, I became a painter and wound up as Picasso." ...I love you both so much. Just as proud of the kind, loving people you are. Go to Mars if you want... but I'm coming. Love, mom

The BIGGEST stop on the Brian Seeds Farewell Tour '17. I am proud to say that Brian is being considered for the Eminence Fellow Scholarship at The Ohio State University. Meaning he is already in the Honors Program and in the top 75 in the incoming freshman class BUT tomorrow he interviews for acceptance into the top 25 and this most prestigious 4-year scholarship. Focused not only on academics, but brilliant minds that want to change the world. Brian is as cool as a cucumber and looking forward to his interview. Brian- this is your forté- your brilliant mind and drive. To say we are proud isn't nearly enough. The dinner for the finalists was wonderful and we are so so happy for you @brianseeds This world needs your mind. I love you, mom PS Someone just told me I'm wearing "millennial pink"'s just Chanel to me(this occasion called for it:)

The world needs more hugs like this ❤ Bless both their hearts. There was no sound but the caption was #boyaskstohugpoliceofficer ...priceless #hugs #love #boyhugspoliceofficer

Tonight I had the absolute privilege to speak to the ONE STEP youth program. This program was started by two local angels, husband and wife, that wanted to give children-6th grade through 12th a place to go after school for help with homework, a place to socialize and a hot, nutritious meal. A volunteer told me that many have commented to her that they have never smelled food like that in their lives(home-cooked). These children are survivors of many things- all of which you can imagine- and many are just looking for someone who has a smile and understands. I went to high school with one of the founders and I was honored to come in and share my story of surviving and thriving. Of course, there were several unicorns in the room...The unicorn I'm standing with wants to rescue animals, make world peace and have her own TV show. I told her I can't wait to watch her do all three. Grateful to be able to spread the notion that anything is possible, no matter where or what you come from. The ONE STEP program exists on donations and volunteers alone. Food, time, games, books...all county children are welcome. To help, donate or maybe you have someone that needs an understanding and accepting shoulder 440-381-3200 Director David Miller. As I told them- it's almost impossible to "let it all go" -as people will always say to we must use it!!! 🙏🏻❤🦄

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