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J O S I A H D A R L A N D  choose love

i think my best memories are all sunny ones

rare capture of all the boys.. doesn’t get much better than this. #waenagang #boonkgang #thekouncil #kooksquad

i think i’ve gone a tad bit too long without a little bit warmer of a sunset... 🔥💛 #moments #sunsetsherbert #unrealnature #northshorelove #hawaiiart

thanks for making me better :)

missin chasing after goats and ponies with patches an shoelaces, i could use a day of boonking avocados, beach hopping, and fresh coconuts, waterfalls and endless ocean views. @kick_it_with_nick tough spring break to top bro #mauihawaii #unrealnature #moments #dontbiteme #adventurefriends

@kalenhalvorsen remember when i treaded water for over an hour carrying my water housing with no fins or leash smh... such a good day 😂🙏🏽 #chinawalls #surfingpics #underwaterpic and yes to those who are wondering the sunset was so vibrant you could see the colors from underwater 🔥💦 #moments #friends #underwatercolors #unrealnature

skipped out on all my “responsibilities” today and took off for the mountains. i don’t think i’ve ever remembered a day i spent in a classroom anyway. #sorrymomma woke up to some damn good music @blackwhitehifi and today is gonna be a damn good day. #nevernormal by the way this photo is from a day my best friends and i found ourselves on a total strangers sailboat in the middle of the pacific ocean. don’t live normal days people it’s not worth it. #liveraw #moments #unrealnature

pure stoke with my bro @ryangiffee you ready for some more brother? 💦🌴 #hawaiitime #northshoreoahu #goldensunset #youthfuldays #saucedup

the feeling of wind in your hair is one of my favorite feelings in life.. being at the top of a mountain makes it even better 👌🏽🌴 #moments #koolau #portraitsociety #unrealnature #hawaiihikes

Go outside
and let your breath
be stolen away.
Find the forests,
seek the seas,
on the mountains,
mist covered
from morning.
We are nurtured
by nature, born
for the wild places;
we’ve no business
in cities, in buildings
taller than trees
can grow.
Go outside,
and begin living

in need of a little more water like this and a little less rain water 💦☀️

just a few random moments from home... nothing special really but filled with feelings of home. @daisy_elms thanks for always joining me for random middle of the day adventures :) music by @mansionair ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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