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Josiah Beason  If you wanna see the cooler, sleeker version of me, go to my wife's Instagram

Happy birthday to the dinkle to end all bergs. You're a phenomenal individual and I am so insanely lucky to share my little vapor of a life with you. Love you gubby ❤️

I had an existential this-is-a-quiet-isolated-pool-on-a-rock-in-the-vacuum-of-space-in-a-violent-entropic-universe sitting in this river here. And it almost made me understand outdoorsmanship. A little.

Pictured here are the Long Beach Beasons celebrating the brand new Redding Beasons, (the Long Beach female personnel looking particularly exemplary, might i add)

After wedding leakfast for my brother and new sister, I'm so proud of them. Love you @caleb_beason and @megbeason :)

Enjoy whatever slice of this pale blue dot you have, you never know

I get exactly 1 life, and I am very happy that I made this choice of a companionship for it. Buddies for life, snake boyz 4ever

Climbin Holy Jim falls with @andibeason , but it was actually supposed to be called Cussin' Jim falls which would've been way cooler.

I can't appreciate this lady enough, wiser than a thousand Himalayan monks and cuter than a thousand puppies of various breeds. You just can't not love her

Hey I just found this dope new instagram account for anyone interested, it's called @littleridersyndrome , they seem pretty sick, give em a follow!

Got to hang out with this cool guy all yesterday, thanks for gracing me over the years with quotes like "you'd lose your butt if it wasn't attached to your face", and for dealing with me even when I was "buggin' the fire outta you" haha
Love you dad, happy Father's Day :)

Morning surfies and afternoon coffees yesterday with my dinkleberg, she's cute and so is her buddy, pictured to the right of her.

Harnessing the deep planetary energies from within the earth on the day of my birth. The process is almost complete. Enjoy your final days mortals.

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