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Josiah Beason  Happy to be here

This brilliant specimen of a woman is on tour with us starting today!!! I am INCREDIBLY into it.

Thanks for the tattoo @binford.greyson 💞
just a reminder that nihilism can be incredibly beautiful and joyful, even if it’s all just objectively meaningless constructs made by clouds of sentient particles who had no choice in being born into a chaotic universe, you can still enjoy it and make sure others who have less have enough to enjoy it as well. I’m just happy to be here

Where we woke up this morning. Absolute paradise. Thanks @brinsonmcgowan for hooking. It. UP.

Had probably the most sobering few hours of my life yesterday walking through the 9/11 museum and memorial with Nate. We couldn’t stop crying and the weight of the individual stories was so heavy. It spoke to me a lot about what people will do for what they believe, and the effect that religion, however radical or “balanced”, has on humanity. I became so angry when I saw the pictures of the hijackers, until I realized I could’ve been born with those beliefs, and in the name of being faithful and not compromising, carried out the same atrocity. This picture of where a tower full of people once stood is a reminder for me and for all of us to never just trust what you’ve been told or raised in, we have a duty to think for ourselves and question our beliefs and those who claim to know the truth. We cannot afford faith whithout reason.

My mom is objectively the dopest mom, according to studies done by every major institution, the data is very unambiguous. I love ya mama ❤️

Sacramento in March, from @oldelandsailor ‘s recently developed film 💯🔥😂

Florida vegetation is nice to see 👍🏼

Dallas // Houston // Lake Buena Vista, headin to ft Lauderdale now! The shows are just getting better and better 💞
@sadgrooves used a camera and captured these images

Stayed at a dope house in Ocala, Florida last night, Florida is very pretty

Walter White’s city last night! 👨🏻‍🔬💎⚗️
@sadgrooves shot this using his camera

Pool party in Arizona 🎉
@sadgrooves took the nice pictures ❤️

This tour is very, VERY wild. •
📷 ~ @sadgrooves

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