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Joshwaa Ashley  We all walk a fine line of what is acceptable in our lives and what is not, choose wisely. Business is my business. Imaginary Idols =my clothing line.

In darkness we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge to light our way.

Walk in the fog with me..

Little sketchy

Scare the locals

Today I'm playing catch up on reading my comics after moving at all I got a little behind. I'm reading issue #8 of superman, part of DC's rebirth. When I flip to the final page the last panel I see is a picture that's on your right. Just put a really big smile on my face because it's an homage to Darwyn Cooke, who is an Eisner award-winning comic book artist and writer that died earlier this year. The picture on your left is from the miniseries that he did back in 2004 Called New Frontier, John cloud was writing this on the cave wall as all of his men were killed one by one and he was the last one left. Now after some accidental dimensional Rift or whatever was created Superman and his son have ended up there to find this written on the wall and I think it's great because now not only have we introduced The Watchmen back into the DC Universe with the big reveal in issue #1 of Rebirth. With this last panel of Superman issue #8 we now have The Losers . Cool tribute. #darwyncooke #Dccomics #superman #dinosaurisland #comiccollection #thelosers #newfrontier #dcrebirth #surprisemotherfucker #comiccollector

Found these two in a pillow Fort.

The Joker thats about nothing. #DCEU #dccomics #joker #seinfeld

These two serious guys! πŸ˜† @hannah_moore289 @aefencing

Boston and Hayden have a little gladiator in them . They fought like twenty times. @hannah_moore289

These two villains on a mission to destroy the house πŸ™ƒπŸ˜†

#Justbelowthesurface starting the Just Below The Surface Project which is a movement I hope to start where people represent their true selves online instead of a faultless "keeping up with Jonses" fantasy where we fool only ourselves.

Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and I'm homebound #Joshwaa32 #scarethelocals

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