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Joshua Tree National Park  Official Instagram of Joshua Tree National Park. Become an ambassador for JTNP by showing the world how you #ExploreResponsibly when you're here.


Only touch a wild tortoise if it's in immediate danger of being run over. In the rare case you do have to move one off the road, do it LOW, SLOW, LEVEL, and in the SAME DIRECTION it was going.
[NPS Video; looped video of a tortoise being carried right to left through the frame, overlay text reads]

How do you show your love for Joshua Tree National Park?
@richiemontez shared this scene he recently inked for a client.
[#alttext; a photo of a tattoo showing a desert scene with tall boulder formations and Joshua trees inside the outline of an arrowhead]

#tattoo #Jtree #JTNP #JoshuaTreeNationalPark

It's easy to be distracted by the scenery and miss a hazard in the roadway.
Six tortoises (that we are aware of) have been run over this year in parking lots, campgrounds, and park roads.
Please follow the speed limits and keep an eye out for tortoises or other wildlife crossing the road. Check under you vehicle after being parked as well - a tortoise might be seeking shade underneath.
[NPS/Brad Sutton; #alttext the two-lane park road extends into a wide-open landscape vista of mountains and sloping valley floor covered in sparse vegetation, a small tortoise that looks like a rock rests on the side of the road]

#ExploreResponsibly #EyesOnTheRoad #JTNP #JoshuaTreeNationalPark #tortoise #keepwildlifewild #drivesafely #desertlife #desert #ColoradoDesert

@kateburke.co shares her approach to traveling with her good girl: "I heart playing with this pup outside in where she can be her wild (and terrifying) self; but it's important to know what the pup regulations are wherever we are. In Joshua Tree, dogs aren't allowed on trails and they can't be left alone (even in your car, even when it's cool). It's a small sacrifice compared to the importance of protecting our last wild places. We make it work!"
Thank you for choosing to #ExploreResponsibly!
#joshuatreenationalpark #exploreresponsibly #protectwhatyoulove #california #nps #roadtrippin [#alttext a tall black dog sits, leashed to a numbered campsite post]

It's a big world! Get out there and #ExploreResponsibly.
[NPS/Brad Sutton; #alttext a small tortoise walks down a sandy wash surrounded by sparse, dry vegetation towards a distant horizon of low mountains]

There's more than one type of oasis found at Joshua Tree!
#WhenYouGottaGo #NoRunningWater
Thanks to @yanasphotos for capturing the simple beauty of one of the park's most welcome sights - a vault toilet.
[#alttext; a small building stands next to a concrete pad with a shallow roof angle and womens' and mens' restroom icon sign on the wall. One side of the roof is supported by a single wall allowing a view of the open desert beyond]

Please watch for wildlife when driving through the park.

As temperatures cool down, they often leave their burrows in search of food, water, or a mate.
The dark coloration of tortoises and tarantulas often make them hard to spot. To be safe, always drive within the speed limit and with caution.
Remember to only touch or go near wildlife if they are in absolute danger of being run over. Should you ever have to help wildlife across the road here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Be sure that oncoming traffic has stopped and that you are parked at a safe location.

2. Carry the tortoise or tarantula SLOW, LOW, and LEVEL so as not to stress them out

3. Move them in the direction that they are heading

Thanks for protecting our wildlife!
Have you ever encountered a tortoise or other wildlife in the park? Share your stories below! [Photo by NPS/Jesmira Bonoan]

As #Halloween approaches we never know what or who we might see in the park. #Ghosts are particularly great at Leave No Trace since they don't even leave footprints! Take a page from these ghosts by Leaving No Trace during your visit. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Photos by NPS / Hannah Schwalbe and Brad Sutton. Photos used a long exposure technique to capture the night sky and partially captured people as they stood still momentarily in front of the camera. #joshuatreenationalpark #ExploreResponsibly

"I will still be here stargazing"
Question of the week: How can national parks be relevant to the younger generations (Millennials and Centennials) and inspire youth to become park stewards? Asking for a friend... Photo by NPS / Brad Sutton #stargazing #nightsky #joshuatreenationalpark

On Wednesdays we wear pink.
#moviereference #cloudcolors
Photo by David Curry (www.sharetheexperience.org) Retweet from @usinterior

Some heroes don't wear capes! This past weekend volunteers covered the park for National Public Lands Day assisting in multiple projects including graffiti mitigation at Ryan Ranch (shown in these photos). Volunteers, trained by park staff, covered scratch graffiti by patching the protective coating that sits over the original adobe. The protective coating itself was a preservation treatment to preserve the adobe and prevent it from melting. Thank you for all the volunteers for coming out for National Public Lands Day! As always when you visit the park: Leave No Trace.
Photos by NPS / Hannah Schwalbe

There's a restorative quality to nature. We'll preserve and protect #joshuatreenationalpark so it's here when you need it.
#Sunset Timelapse Video by Evan Heck.

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