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Joshua Tree National Park  Official Instagram of Joshua Tree National Park. Become an ambassador for JTNP by showing the world how you #ExploreResponsibly when you're here.

This week's 90 degree weather has got us longing for days when the flowers bloomed and water flowed through the park.... Thanks for sharing your shot with us @supertubes
Submit your best Joshua Tree National Park photos using #jtnpphotocontest

Loving all the submission we are getting for the 2017 photo contest. Keep them coming!
Winning photo goes on the JTNP annual pass.
Remember, contest theme is protect and preserve. We love when a submission includes and caption that explains why you want to preserve and protect Joshua Tree for future generations. #JTNPphotocontest #exploreresponsibly
No limit on photo submissions but we would appreciate it if each photographer would only enter 3 or less.
Full contest description and rules on our website, link in bio.
Photo by NPS/Hannah Schwalbe.

2017 Photo Contest is on! The winning image will be featured on the 2018 JTNP Annual Pass.
Winner will be announced June 15th.
How to enter: Entries will be accepted May 18-June 1, 2017. Entries will only be accepted on Instagram with the hashtag #JTNPphotocontest and the tag @joshuatreenps. If you want to submit an older image we recommend re-uploading it before June 1st. Photos that were uploaded prior to May 2016 will not be viewed.
Posts should include a caption describing how the image illustrates the theme: Why I want Joshua Tree protected and preserved.
For more information and rules see link in bio. #JTNPphotocontest

Photo by NPS/Hannah Schwalbe

Most trails in the park lack ample shade from the desert sun. As temperatures begin to rise, excessive sun exposure can become a hazard to your health and safety. If you plan on visiting in the coming months, be sure to wear sun protection and pack lots of water for there are no running water sources inside of the park.
@headedanywhere wrote: One thing about hiking in Joshua tree is that you are basically in the sun the entire time so you better keep your skin protected. We were lucky that it was chilly during our visit otherwise I think I would have melted. On our hike to Wall Street Mill trail we came across a number of rusted out cars and abandoned buildings. It's crazy to think that not too long ago someone lived and worked here.

Thanks @headedanywhere for sharing with us how you #ExploreResponsibly!
Tell us how you #ExploreResponsibly for a chance to be featured on this page.

Happy Mother's Day to moms big & small. #Hummingbird #JoshuaTree

Photo by NPS/Hannah Schwalbe

Planning a trip to Joshua Tree in the summer? Here's how to do it!
1. Water, water and more water. Stash a few extra gallons in your car just in case.
2. Focus on visiting the higher elevations in the park like Black Rock and Covington Flats. At 4,000 feet, the area is often 10 degrees cooler than the east and south parts of the park.
3. Leave your dog at home! With prickly cactus and restrictions on dogs, the park is never pet friendly, but the summer is the worst for our furry friends! In the summer a parked car quickly becomes an oven even with cracked windows. Dogs out of cars are unused to the heat of the desert and cannot sweat as efficiently as humans. Last summer we had a dog fatality from heat exhaustion. Let's keep our pups safe and happy! #FurIsForBurr #NotFurTheDesert.
Photo by @thewanderlustbrunette

When the park comes alive... Brilliant photo by @ipp14

Explore, eat, sleep, repeat!
#ExploreResponsibly #JoshuaTree

85% of Joshua Tree National Park is managed as designated wilderness which under the Wilderness Protection Act, prohibits the use of mechanized vehicles and equipment in these areas. This protection sometimes brings challenges to our maintenance and trails workers who maintain and preserve remote sites in the park.
Last week, @sequoiakingsnps's pack mules and horses gave our trails crew a "helping hoof" by carrying loads of rocks and heavy materials to a project site by Lost Horse Mine trail.

Wilderness areas offer opportunities for peace and solitude for visitors, and minimize disturbance for wildlife and vegetation. [Photos by NPS/Jesmira Bonoan]

Desert tortoises are one of our park's most charismatic critters. Although they spend a majority of their time in their burrows, @cosmic.american was lucky enough to capture one of these elusive reptiles out and about munching on wildflowers.
Thanks for sharing your wildlife encounters with us @cosmic.american !
Be sure to join us on Twitter today (@joshuatreenps) for a live tweet coverage of the signing ceremony with our newest Sister Park- Galápagos Islands National Park (@parquegalapagos)

Climbers! A few areas are currently closed to protect nesting raptors: Towers of Uncertainty, Patagonia Pile, and Morongo Man Cliffs. These areas will reopen to climbing on June 15th. The always popular Aiguille de Joshua Tree, featured in this photo, is open! Great photo by @joseromero93.

Update: The following routes on Saddle Rock are also closed until June 15th. Right On, Orange Flake, Kid Caligula, Six Shooter, The Posse, The Exhibitionist, Santa Cruz, Where Have All the Cowboys Gone, The Unicorner, and I Smell A Rat.

It's National Volunteer Week but we love our volunteers 52 weeks/year! Our volunteers build trails, help visitors, collect data, and much, much more. Thank you all for your time, energy, and love for Joshua Tree.
Here our educational volunteer Courtney is showing students cactus blooms over Skype for a long distance learning program!
#volunteerweek #NPSvolunteer

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