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Joshua Tree National Park  Official Instagram of Joshua Tree National Park. Become an ambassador for JTNP by showing the world how you #ExploreResponsibly when you're here.

Last week, Joshua Tree National Park met with officials from Galapagos National Park to discuss links between our parks, as well as the goals and challenges that we both face.

As sister parks, we shared ideas about how to manage our lands efficiently and sustainably. Galapagos National Park discussed with us their education program's success in printing publications on recycled materials, cardboard, and marine algae. We shared with them our research efforts towards studying the effects of climate change on the park's vegetation.

Looking ahead, we hope to continue exchanging ideas about how to best overcome our challenges, while providing an educational opportunity for our visitors through the sister parks program.

@parquegalapagos .
.[Graphic by NPS/Jesmira Bonoan]

Great capture of a ladder-backed woodpecker by @mmmgolly

The ladder-backed woodpecker is a resident bird that nests in the park, and is one of the most common woodpeckers found here.

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Interested in working for Joshua Tree National Park?

We are currently seeking an organized and detail oriented individual to manage research data and reports for the park’s Science and Resource Stewardship division.

This position provides the incumbent an amazing opportunity to work closely with park researchers and learn about the diverse ecosystems of the Mojave and Colorado deserts. Individuals with a background in the sciences who are interested in pursuing a career with the National Park Service are highly encourage to apply.

To view the complete position description, check out the most recent post on our Facebook page.
This is a full-time 38-week appointment beginning September 1, 2017 or upon availability. [Photo description: Group standing in front of palm trees. Photo by NPS]

@reptileriff Spotted this Long-nosed Leopard Lizard (Gambelia wislizenii) in the park, munching on red berries that match the spots on her back. During the breeding season, females develop these bright red spots on their sides and under their tail.
Thanks for sharing this great capture @reptileriff. [Edited with the correct species identification. Thank you @survivorman76]

"Happiness is only real when shared" -Christopher McCandless

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It is hot hot hot out there!

And as @slater_notlookingtobefound points out, Joshua trees provide very little shade from the desert sun.
We advise getting out on the trails early in the morning to get your hike in and avoiding being outside altogether when the temperatures are at their peak in the afternoon. Otherwise, pack plenty of water, bring sun protection, and minimize strenuous activity when visiting the park.

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us @slater_notlookingtobefound .........
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Visitation drops off heavily this time of year. Ironically, it's one of the most awe-inspiring times to see the park. Here's why.
1. The bright Milky Way core is visible in the Northern Hemisphere in the summer, making it more vibrant than the winter night sky.
2. The park is home to some of the darkest night skies in Southern California.
3. Nights are warm.
4. Clouds are uncommon.
5. You can almost always get a campsite in the summer.
Seems like the stars are aligned for some great stargazing!
Photo by NPS/Lian Law

It's that time of year again to beeeeee aware! Bees are more active around the park in the summer months looking for water. Common areas to see large amounts of bees are the Cholla Garden and Keys View. Even with the increase in bee activity, we still only hear about stings very infrequently. If you are worried about the bees or allergic, we recommend turning your air conditioning off 10 minutes before arriving to your location (bees are attracted to the water produces by the A/C). Or avoid the Cholla Garden and Keys View.
Photo by NPS/Hannah Schwalbe

Another one of our finalists from the #JTNPphotocontest!

This photo comes from @bergreenphotography who says, "There are so many spectacular boulders to climb on and explore @joshuatreenps ! The importance of Leave No Trace principles can't be overstated in this fragile desert environment! Take only pictures and leave only footprints ✅"
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and encouraging others to #ExploreResponsibly.
[#alttext a bright sunlit landscape with boulder hills in the distance and a single spire of pale rock rising vertically around 30 feet tall with a climber hanging from its side]

Just because a Joshua tree is leaning or has fallen over, doesn't mean its life is finished. Joshua trees often resprout new limbs from downed trunks.
Climbing, standing, or sitting on leaning trees can prevent the tree from recovering from whatever stress caused it to fall. Please choose to #ExploreResponsibly and admire these surprisingly delicate plants with your feet on the ground. If you're looking for something to climb, there's probably a boulder nearby that would be a much better option.
[NPS/Brad Sutton; slideshow of two images, one - wide shot of a Joshua tree leaning sharply away from the viewer, some branches are resting on the ground; two - close-up view of the rough brown trunk of the same Joshua tree arching past the camera then back towards the ground, a small tuft of 5 sharp green leaves poke out from a crack in the trunk's bark]

Do you have a favorite sunset memory from Joshua Tree National Park (or another national park)?
[NPS/Brad Sutton; #altext rocky towers of pale boulders illuminated from behind by an orange sunset creating layers of shadow that grow lighter in the distance]

Joshua Tree is well known for stunning sunsets, however some of the best light can be seen in the early morning as the sunlight streaks across the landscape at first light.
Thanks to @photoquiver for sharing this moment at Cap Rock after a night of attempted astrophotography was blocked by clouds.
[#alttext a Joshua trees stands tall, silhouetted with the sun rising brightly behind; long shadows stretch across the ground cast by desert vegetation, a large boulder pile rises on the right side of the image]

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