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Joshua Tree National Park  Official Instagram of Joshua Tree National Park. Become an ambassador for JTNP by showing the world how you #ExploreResponsibly when you're here.

There are so many incredible things to be seen at #JoshuaTreeNationalPark it can sometimes be hard to control the urge to pull the car over and make a beeline for the rocks or trees you want to explore.
By staying on established trails or hiking only on durable surfaces, we can all do our part to avoid creating social trails - a major contributor to vegetation disturbance and loss. Can you identify the official trail in this image?
We know you love Joshua Tree and we want to see how you choose to #ExploreResponsibly. Make the choice. Share your photos. Use the tag.
[NPS/Brad Sutton; #alttext aerial view of a criss-cross of trails cutting through scattered desert vegetation along a paved road]

Getting up really early (or staying up really, really late) can have great rewards!
Thanks to @figment84 for sharing this sublime scene from the early morning hours at the Cholla Cactus Garden. #BlueHour
"The haze on the mountains made it feel more like we were in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, rather than the California desert!"
[photo by @figment84; #alttext pale blue light filters through the dense spines of a multi-armed cholla cacti in front of a blue basin and mountain landscape]

Long, sweltering summer days where the sun seems to hang overhead endlessly can be just as cruel to desert plants as it is to people.
Plants, however, can't run for the nearest shade to escape the glaring sun, so some have developed ways to shade themselves. Dense spines shield cholla cacti and dead leaves fold down the trunk of yuccas.
Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) avoids the intense midday heat by orienting its leaves vertically. This way, the sun only reaches the flat leafsurface in morning and late afternoon – when temperatures are cooler.

[NPS/Brad Sutton; #alttext close up image of a portion of a shrub with dense, olive-shaped, pale green leaves that stand vertically from branches, scattered vegetation and rugged mountain extend into the distance under bright sunlight]

#MondayMotivation Stand tall - chances are others are standing with you.
[NPS/Brad Sutton; #alttext a group of fan palm trees stand together with long brown trunks topped by green and brown leaves, a pale rainbow arches across the sky behind]

Planning on heading into the park for the #PerseidMeteorShower? Find out how to safely stargaze by clicking the link in our bio.
[NPS/Brad Sutton; #alttext a starry sky stretches over a low horizon scattered with silhouetted Joshua trees, the silvery ribbon of the Milky Way and a green-orange streak of a meteor are visible in the night sky over an orange glow from nearby city lights on the horizon]

We generally recommend conserving water for hydration but with average temperatures of 100+ degrees... whatever it takes to keep your cool, man. -

Edit: With a lack of running water sources in the park, we advise that visitors reserve their water for drinking purposes only. We recommend bringing plenty of water for drinking- plus additional water for emergencies.
This video was filmed with the help of our Youth Conservation Corps crew. Our program helps to connect local youth with the national park to inspire as sense of stewardship for our public lands.

Video by Youth Conservation Corps

Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife in the park 🐍

Although they're generally timid, we advise keeping your distance for your safety and theirs.


Video by Youth Conservation Corps

You're not you when you're thirsty... #ExploreResponsibly by packing plenty of water for your trip to Joshua Tree National Park
Video by Youth Conservation Corps

It's nighttime at #JTNP. You're camping and wake up in the middle of the night. You see this. What do you do?

A) Run
B) Offer s'mores
C) File a wildlife observation report

#YCCTakeOver [Photo by NPS/Hannah Schwalbe, caption by Youth Conservation Corps]

Throwback to a JTNP photo contest finalist. @figment84 submitted this gorgeous photo with the caption "the most famous resident of Joshua Tree National Park is certainly its namesake, but a trip wouldn't be complete without visiting the cholla cactus in the Colorado Desert portion of the park. We arrived at the garden right at the start of the blue hour. It was surreal to stand alone on the pathway with sphinx moths buzzing about, with the sky absolutely lit up! I am so thankful that such a special place has been preserved where we can escape and connect with nature. #joshuatreenationalpark

Owl on the prowl! Most visitors will never see an owl and yet there are 7 different species of owls in Joshua Tree National Park. Tips to spotting an owl: go out at dawn or dusk, tread softly and listen, owls are often heard before seen, and lastly, get lucky! 🦉
This photo of a great horned owl was taken right outside the park's western boundary. Happy #OwlAwarenessDay!

Photo by NPS/Hannah Schwalbe.

Our Youth Conservation Corps is hard at work this summer fixing up trails! @hey.its.peter said "Most of our work will never be seen by the public. We try to make it seem as if we were never there". Thank you all for your hard work #YCC. Thanks to @hey.its.peter for sharing his photos! #trails #trailcrew #ycc

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