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I had thought about it,
Handful of times actually.
Of all the flowers,
I wanted to pick you, but
Like your tattoo,
I waited as you began to blossom.

Not that I thought I could make
You any more beautiful,
I stuck around.
I watered your soil
With my transparency,
And friendship.
I didn't even care at that point
Who I would become to you.
I just wanted to see you resurrected,
From your ashes.

And you have.
And you are.
And you will.

It is a grand delight -
I will continue to dirty my hands
To see you bloom into your last days,
As your strong heart continues to grow.

Happy birthday, my lovely Bride&Joy.
(Thanks Stacie and @magnoliapinephoto for the 📷!)

Just a little throwback to about this time last year at Rachel's first Mariners game.😂
Oh how I adore her.

Six months since we said "I do", and it has been the longest, yet somehow fastest, six months of my life. I've spent the day reflecting on the last few years and how much my life has changed, and boy, is my life at the best place it's ever been.

Thanks for being all that you are, my forever love. You're killing the Wife game. #marriedmasts

14 years later, and I am still learning from my grandmother.
It's been nearly a year, but thanks once again to @kylemillertattoos for my first, and very significant, tattoo
About time to get another one, I'd say.

Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for my life and where I'm at right now, but I wouldn't mind being back in this spot.

Date Night

Neither of us have swung a bat in years...

I learned today that I am a better teacher than a do-er. After just a few hours of surfing for her first time, my wife is a better surfer. Couldn't be more proud.

Going through and editing all the Philippines photos, I must admit, a part of me is missing it there. Don't get me wrong, I love being home, especially with an amazing, hardworking wife, but my 12 days there had made a special place in my heart just for them.

Still in awe of our wedding. And we haven't even gotten all our photos yet! Thanks to @silasforest once again.

" sickness and in health."
Nothing will stop me from being goofy and in love with you, Wife.

Of course it's not the easiest to be a part from your bride-to-be for five days (especially when the wedding is just two days after that), but it's a whole lot better when she leaves behind a letter to be opened each day. These letters have been keeping me focused on the important things in life while I have been wrapped up in trying to get our new house ready for us to come home to. Can't be any more grateful for the care and comfort she has for me, even when hundreds of miles away.
See you soon, my Bride.

Nothing says (or smells like) "I love you" more than a Betos chorizo breakfast burrito when I'm stressed and malnourished due to my consumption over getting house projects done. Thankful for a beautiful woman who joyously chooses to serve me and keep me sane, whom I will marry in two weeks!

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