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joshua milton  psalm 30:4 lds @ldschurch #jmpresets link below

sah dude

hey happy sunday

arizona is rad

miss ya dude

alright normally i’d post this on my personal account but it’s goin on here i guess haha. this kid miles. he’s like the little brother i never had. i love him to death and i just want everyone to know how insanely stellar of a human he is. he’s constantly inspiring me to be a better person and bring out the little joys in my life. miles is just the absolute best and i’m so thankful for my brother i get to call my best friend. this dude just SO RAD. it’s gonna be hard to leave ya dude. i’ll miss the road trips & jam sessions and talking in the car until 3am. i’m surprised it took me this long to give you a full devoted post haha. ✌🏻love you miles my buddy

bolivia throwback pt 2849779

this boat ride back to Copacabana was such a special moment. it was the last night of the trip and we were all exhausted but so content. such a sense of accomplishment but also foreboding of all the work that was to come. there is SO MUCH SERVICE that needs to be done in the world. do something great for someone else today. it’s a win win situation. ❤️

JOSHUA 1:9 Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.
GOD IS WITH YOU. GO TO HIM. HE WILL COMFORT YOU. I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE. I HAVE SEEN GOD IN MY OWN LIFE AND I KNOW THAT HE IS REAL. Life is going to be SO HARD. But that’s why we have Christ. He suffered for you, your mom, your dad, your cousin, your siblings, and ALLL your friends, EVERYONE. His sacrifice allows us to be COMFORTED in times of need. He felt every pain, suffering, and fear we ever had. He knows you. He loves you. And HE WILL HELP YOU. 🙏🏼

i miss bolivia so much agh

never alone

rachel in bolivia #jmpresets

stop scrolling, slow down, and count your blessings ready GO.

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