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Josh MacGowan  * Snapchat: jmac_77 * Herc’s Nutrition: hercs_sk

Puppy rescue in action 🐶

We turn 3 this February! Celebrating with a custom 3 Year Anniversary Saskatoon Berry Pie Protein made specially for our community! Thanks so much to everyone for placing their trust in us and allowing us to do something we love so much. Our anniversary event starts this Friday, check @hercs_sk for details!

Picking up my old hobby #hercs306 #hercs639

Herc’s Family ❤️#hercs306 #hercs639

2018 should be the year we all stop supporting social media bullying. 〰️
This is a general message of positivity not intended to isolate any individuals. 〰️Calling somebody out publicly on the internet leads to nothing good. Every time we like these posts or continue to follow these people, we support what they are doing. This is the same thing as those individuals in elementary school who were standing around watching or worse participating in bullying, except now we are adults and people still haven’t realized just how wrong these actions are and how much they may be affecting people. It doesn’t take much to push someone over the edge who may already be struggling and I’d hate to see any of my friends involved in something that led to something devastating such as an individual taking their own life, sending them into a depression, or even simply ruining their evening. I am far from perfect and have made many mistakes, and I don’t think anyone should have their mistakes held against them. I do however believe that we can all change for the better going forward and learn from our mistakes. Anybody on my feed in 2018 who chooses to bully anybody for any reason will be blocked. I’d also ask that anybody who chooses to support this behaviour by others finds a different store than Herc’s to shop at as I want this negativity out of my life and out of the lives of the people I care about at Herc’s. Let’s forget about any issues or “beef” from 2017, forgive those who made mistakes, and move forward with a fresh start. If those same mistakes are made in 2018, please do not support these people in any way as I know all of us would be devastated if this was happening to our siblings, our friends, or our children. Stop the bullying. It’s not right, and I think we all know this. I truly cannot believe how much this is happening in the fitness industry in Saskatoon and it needs to stop. I know I may lose customers and support for vocalizing my opinions on this, but I believe it is the right thing to do and I can’t sit in silence anymore on this issue wondering who will be victimized next. We won’t stand for it, and we are here for anyone victimized by this. #hercs306

Half and half #hercs306 #hercs639

I believe what separates Herc’s is really simple. We care, we work our asses off, and we live this life. 99% of this industry is in it as an investment. We are in it as a lifestyle. I believe our passion makes the difference. #hercs306 #hercs639

Spent some amazing time with my dad and brother in Phoenix this weekend and this was the best photo that came out of it 😂 Have really come to enjoy spending time with family over the years. Herc's, friends, and family mixed with some quality gym time and I'm a happy man. #hercs306 #hercs639

Welcoming my little brother to the family business ❤️

Working with us means you're more than just an employee #family #olympia2017

Team Herc's at Mr. Olympia 2017. First order of business - Vegas poolside staff meeting.
We have some exciting meetings lined up with some of the biggest companies in the industry to bring Saskatoon some things and events we never thought possible!

This is truly a family business and it's important to me that the family that works so hard to be the best they can possibly be for our community has the opportunity to be involved in these parts of the industry to build their relationships with our partners, learn from the best in the business, and receive the opportunities they have earned in this industry for both personal and professional development.
This family works incredibly hard every day and I am so proud to introduce them to the partners I have been working with since opening up shop so that they can meet the crew that has delivered so many positive changes to this industry and see why I am so proud of and have so much faith in my Herc's Saskatoon family ❤️

Herc's at the @igniteconditioning Spikeball tournament!

With less hair #hercs306 #hercs639

Team Herc's fresh off an amazing competition season for Jordan at the World Qualifier Show and SABBA's Herc's Provincial Championships! Love our team 🙏 #306STRONG

The future of Classic Physique, the future of Bodybuilding, and then me. Welcome to the team @travyjsmith

No idea what to say other than thanks to these guys (and the entire crew) for being the best team imaginable and thanks to everyone who came out and showed their support today at Herc's. You made this the best day of my life and an experience I will never forget. So much love and appreciation for this community. #hercs306 #hercs639 #hercsfam

Sign went up for Herc's Nutrition University Heights today!
We are incredibly excited to announce that we will be opening a new location in the community that most of us grew up in, went to high school in, and currently live in. This area is home to us and we can't wait to work in this community and be a part of local events, support local projects, get to know more people in the community, and help provide the best possible health and fitness advice and products to our neighbours in the area.
Thank you so much to everyone who continually supports us at Herc's, who likes/shares our posts on social media (makes a HUGE difference in regards to exposure for our brand), refers their friends/family to us, and trusts us to provide the best possible supplementation advice for their goals. We do not take any of this for granted and look forward to working as hard as we can to continually provide the best service, the best product selection, the best prices, and the best customer experience that we can each and every time.
Grand opening details will be released in the near future, but for now we just want to thank everyone for all of the support and loyalty along the way. Can't imagine a better city or a better community to operate a business in, honestly feels like a giant family in the fitness community here and we can't wait to continue to work with and for the community of Saskatoon! #hercs306 #hercs639

Supernova + Rave + Carnediem + Karbolyn pre workout/pre selfie to trick everyone into thinking you're much bigger than you are 👌#hercs306 #hercs639 #thestack

Have made a ton of mistakes since opening up shop, but one thing I know I did right was choosing the people who make up Team Herc's. Amazing to work with people that you can trust like family and look forward to seeing every single day. This picture is only a few of us but every single person is a huge part of what makes Herc's Herc's and I appreciate this team more than I can put into words. #hercs306 #hercs639

Been eating pretty good most days and taking @hardmagnum Mimic before the pizza, Grenade Bar, and ice cream binges #hercs306 #hercs639 #builtbyhercs

306STRONG #hercs306 #hercs639

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