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Grand Opening of Supplement World Blairmore is tomorrow! We don’t have our real sign yet, but I guess things don’t have to be perfect 🤷‍♂️ It’s been a ton of fun getting this event organized and we are really looking forward to tomorrow! We’ve got the sale running at all three locations with tons of giveaways to thank everyone for their support and loyalty over the years! Doors open at 10:00am tomorrow and the sale is Friday and Saturday only. I’ll be working at Blairmore all day Friday and then a couple hours at each location Saturday if anyone wants to swing by! If you’re in PA pay Rhys and Dustin a visit at @supplementworldpa as they insisted on honouring the deals out there as well! See everyone this weekend! #supplementworldsaskatoon #supplementworldcanada

That time I shaved #flashback #supplementworldcanada

So thankful to have her by my side every step of the way ❤️ She’s a Registered Nurse, Professional Dancer, Master of Nursing student, and still finds hours each and every day to help me with Supplement World. I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky.

West Side Supplement World!
So thankful and excited for the opportunity to open our new Supplement World location on the west side of Saskatoon next week! The support we have received that has allowed us to take this step is appreciated beyond measure and I promise that we will continue to keep the values and mission that we started with based around honesty, transparency, and community support above all else. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us in any way, it truly means the world and I am so excited to take this next step with my team that I am lucky enough to work with every day and call friends. Opening date coming soon!

Supplement World PA is complete! What an amazing experience preparing this store has been. Many people don’t know that before I opened my first location in Saskatoon I was looking seriously into a Prince Albert location under the flag of the biggest chain in the industry. I was 22 years old and the CEO of the company referred to me as a “babysitting job” and wouldn’t talk directly to me, only to my would be partner. I learned so much about the value of listening to and respecting everyone regardless of age, gender, or experience from this interaction as I knew that with my knowledge and time in the industry I had valuable ideas to offer. Fast forwarding four years, it feels great working with, guiding, and learning from my 22 year old partner Rhys and working together to create a shared vision for our community store. I know that with Rhys holding this down everyone is going to be well taken care of, the customer service will be 10/10, and I will be so proud of this store. Thanks so much to everyone in Saskatoon for the support over the past years that has allowed us to take this step. I know that we at Supplement World will always owe everything to the community in Saskatoon that built us and we promise to never forget it or take it for granted. So excited for tomorrow’s Grand Opening and everything to follow! Thanks again to everyone for the support! #supplementworldcanada

Having so much fun getting the Prince Albert Supplement World up and running with @kipps_mbs. Things like this always bring back memories of where we started, why we started, and why we are able to open new locations. Looking back and feeling grateful for the support along the way really keeps my fire burning to continue to bring Supplement World customers the most honest advice, the best product recommendations, and the friendliest service in the industry. The ice cream machine is in the store which means Prince Albert is very close to having easy access to Supplement World Shakes AND that I’ll finally be able to stop for a Coffee Crisp on the way to the lake ☀️

Coming soon - @supplementworldpa!

Have been sitting on this news for a while and I woke up to a surprise this morning that our sign was installed yesterday morning when I thought we had about three more weeks, guess the cats outta the bag 😂

So excited for this step as it is our first time venturing into business outside of Saskatoon and I am really excited to be partnered with a great Prince Albert local boy Rhys!

So thankful for the support we have received that has allowed us to take this step. We are a little nervous but mostly just purely excited about this step and can’t wait to do our best to bring the most knowledgeable, friendly, and service oriented supplement store we can to Prince Albert.

We will post opening details soon but for now I just want to thank everyone so much for the support that has allowed us the opportunity to take this step, we will never forget it. #supplementworldsaskatoon

I have had some of the best days of my life this year and today was definitely one of them. When I was driving Regan and Victoria back to the airport I was thinking how lucky I am to have my unbelievable girlfriend there through all of this always helping me, how lucky I am for the unreal team at World, and how lucky I am to be from such a great city. It felt like a big family gathering in the store today and this is exactly what I had wanted for World. Everyone who stopped in today made this an absolute blast and it was a pleasure getting to introduce Regan and Victoria to so many great Saskatoon people! Thanks to everyone who came through and made today so much fun! #supplementworldsaskatoon #supplementworldcanada

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