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Coming soon - @supplementworldpa!

Have been sitting on this news for a while and I woke up to a surprise this morning that our sign was installed yesterday morning when I thought we had about three more weeks, guess the cats outta the bag 😂

So excited for this step as it is our first time venturing into business outside of Saskatoon and I am really excited to be partnered with a great Prince Albert local boy Rhys!

So thankful for the support we have received that has allowed us to take this step. We are a little nervous but mostly just purely excited about this step and can’t wait to do our best to bring the most knowledgeable, friendly, and service oriented supplement store we can to Prince Albert.

We will post opening details soon but for now I just want to thank everyone so much for the support that has allowed us the opportunity to take this step, we will never forget it. #supplementworldsaskatoon

I have had some of the best days of my life this year and today was definitely one of them. When I was driving Regan and Victoria back to the airport I was thinking how lucky I am to have my unbelievable girlfriend there through all of this always helping me, how lucky I am for the unreal team at World, and how lucky I am to be from such a great city. It felt like a big family gathering in the store today and this is exactly what I had wanted for World. Everyone who stopped in today made this an absolute blast and it was a pleasure getting to introduce Regan and Victoria to so many great Saskatoon people! Thanks to everyone who came through and made today so much fun! #supplementworldsaskatoon #supplementworldcanada

Trained chest with one of the best athletes in the sport last night @regangrimes! Tatum and I went for supper with him and his girlfriend @victoriadariano after and had an awesome time.

We are having them at the store for a meet and greet today (Saturday) from 12:00-3:00 at Ludlow and I’d definitely suggest stopping by to meet them if you are at all into the sport!

Getting to hang out with these two was a huge privilege as they are both extremely hard working and intelligent people and getting to chat about work, life and training with them was a lot of fun and very valuable. Regan is right at the top of his sport and still so humble, down to earth, and hard working. He works tons of hours at his own gym @flexplexcanada even on prep, works super hard to promote the companies he is sponsored by, and absolutely kills it with his training and diet every day. He doesn’t act like he is better than anyone or above hard work, and treats the people around him and his girlfriend like gold. I was extremely impressed by these two and really think it would be worthwhile for anyone into training or business to come pick their brain and hang out!

Regan is on prep for the Mr. Olympia contest in Vegas this upcoming September and we can’t wait to head down and support him in the fall! Seriously suggest stopping by the store to meet them, and while you’re at it we have a huge sale on the entire store where all supplements are BOGO 50% off with 2 pages of crazy door crashers! #supplementworldcanada #supplementworldsaskatoon

Just once I want to be recognized as the guitar player from Decisions Made instead of the guy from Supp World. Fingers crossed 🤞 #thedream

Happy 15th birthday to Rags!

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I’ve always said my favourite parts of this career are the amazing people I get to meet whether they are suppliers, customers, gym partners, co workers, or athletes from Saskatoon and around the world as well as the ability to give back to people in Saskatoon who share a passion for the lifestyle I have always loved in ways that I wish were available to myself when I was younger.
This weekend was an amazing experience as both parts of my love for this industry intertwined. I got to meet two of the most humble, down to earth, respectful, and solid athletes I have had the pleasure of chatting with @cbum and @sabtwyman AND see tons of people beyond excited to meet someone they have looked up to and been inspired by for years. This is what Supplement World is all about. I’ll never forget the feeling of seeing people that happy and excited in our stores and I can’t wait to do what we can to bring more excitement and positivity to the people who love this industry as much as we do.
Chris and Sabrina - thanks a ton for making this weekend so memorable for everyone involved and going above and beyond in every little aspect and small detail to make sure everything went perfect! Hope you guys enjoyed your time in Saskatoon! #supplementworldsaskatoon #supplementworldcanada

Had the opportunity to hang out with and learn from 4x Olympia Competitor @jasonpostonpro yesterday at our Ludlow location. Had an amazing time at the store and went to @motionfitnesscanada after for a quick workout. Love this industry, something new to learn from everyone you meet! Thanks for coming all the way out to Saskatoon Jason!

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