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Joshua Holmes  Founder of Run It Fast® 196 ultras/marathons-52mi avg 42x 100mi+ 4x Badwater 135 3x Vol State 500k Twitter: @bayou ❤️ 👇🏼Join #RunItFast Club

Early morning Stroller Hike after dropping the other two kids off at school. #picturemerollin #RunItFast

7.5 miles on my favorite trail in the world today. It was a warm one. #RunItFast #WisdomTree #WickedLester

5 miles on the treadmill in 34:02 (6:48 avg pace: 7:39, 6:59, 6:46, 6:29, 6:12) tonight at the gym. Good run overall. Body felt good and cardio was where it needed to be. Treadmill (Gymill) is great for speed work. #RunItFast #LosAngeles #RIFLA

Another flashback to Leadville Trail 100 as I'm online tracking all the great runners tackling this challenging course today. ---- In this photo I had just left Twin Lakes (mile 40) and was about to climb up and over Hope Pass above 12,500 feet and down to mile 50 then turn around and back up and down it back to Twin Lakes at mile 60. ---- Some people fake that #burritolife but as you can see here I'm handling a nice burrito to use as fuel to get up Hope. Always a bonus to have a tasty burrito in your hand (or pocket) during an extended ultra (or any day of the week anywhere in life really). #RunItFast #LT100

Bit of heavy legs but strong effort over, up, and through big hills here in the mountains this afternoon for five miles. #RunItFast

Two years ago this weekend, I escaped the Leadville Trail 100 Miler by the skin of my teeth in 29:56:10 barely beating the 30 hour cut off.
I made the last 5 cutoffs from mile 40 to the finish by 1-5 minutes. The last cutoff (Mayqueen) before the finish (mi 87) I reached just by 74 seconds.
It's a much longer story with a good bit of drama but the bottom line is I never gave up and kept emptying the tank from one checkpoint to the next to stay alive in the race and with the Grand Slam of 100s I was running that summer (Western, Vermont, Leadville, Wasatch). I threw #Badwater135 into the middle of the Slam and called it #SlamWater. ---
The whole summer would have been ruined if I timed out or didn't finish Leadville. I did the math at mile 60 and deemed it impossible with my heavily labored breathing from the altitude and my angry asthma. ---
Never give up and best of luck to everyone running #LT100 this weekend. #RunItFast

Around mile 28 of the #AC100 at an aid station when I bumped into RIF member @nataliegorunfly who was there crewing Joel Livesey. The last time I saw her she was crewing and pacing me at #Badwater135.

Early first morning of school for us. How in the world do people get up and run at 8am? Wishing a happy school year to everyone. Tennessee's sign said, "Feed Me!!"

First stop always after landing in #Maui is at #KrispyKreme. We are actually just in #Burbank though. Yearly tradition. Sweet(er) kids.

High above on the #AC100 trail last weekend. #RunItFast

Burning early miles at the Angeles Crest 100 Miler last weekend. With a trail run, especially with any technicality at all, every step is watched and planned. "Get busy living or get busy dying." #RunItFast #AC100 📸: Terry Majamäki

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