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Joshua Harvey  The Quiet Capricorn Introverted Xenomorph Slayer! Kylo Ren, Darth Sidious, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Xehanort. Next Con: SeanCon


While hate and rage took root years before, Ravus kept his light safely tucked away and shared it with only his sister, Lady Lunafreya. That day on Altissia took many and left enemies with much common pain on the same path.. "You would have made a beautiful bride..." #EpisodeIgnis of #FinalFantasyXV didn't mess around too much either

At long last, it o2s time for #EpisodeIgnis, the boys adventures qre able to be complete in #FinalFantasyXV

Chill out, just some harmless hacking... got the #Rime #Sombra Skin, best bit out of these 50 lootboxes lol, thnx #Overwatch

Life's a beach, and thats where you'll find junky as he soaks up the sun while we freeze lol, wicked sense of humor #Overwatch lol

Meh, last years #Mei s palette swap #Overwatch christmas skin, yay?

I'm a filthy casual Hanzo Main! Thnx #Overwatch xD. Get scatter'd!

Well this last week and weekend a lot of gud l00t. Some love from @kristenhughey, @katyuskamoonfox and @little.songbird.

But also some secret santa l00t. Darth vader chop sticks that light up. And a saiyan power scouter.

The chop sticks give me some hidden bladey ideas. Anyway enough pics for now and i wish you all a gud night, and hopefully a great start to the next work week

Lol i still got the scouter on... last shot of the day at #SacgamersExpo. Couldnt find Sean and Andrew but still got an awesome shot with the crew. Hope you guys are still having fun and and will see you guys next weekend or the ep 8 premier.

Yay, #VideoGameBang and #SacgamersExpo were able to bring the lovely @ivydoomkitty back to Sac. Missed her at our final wizard world. But this more than makes up for. Be sure to give @videogamebang a like and check out their show, always a good time. Take care guys!

Can we really detect the power lvl of the White Ranger? Sure we can, steal the power coin and only has a power lvl of 11! Employ the power ranger disguise, get close, like i did, and boom, ez win! Jk bro, great seeing you again and see ya at sacanime

Only appeared for an hr and a halfish at the #SacGamerExpo but made the most of it before i had to split. Forst on the list, the man who has christmas suits instead of sweaters, @operation_mj. Looking like a Saint Nick pimp whenever he goes out now lol

LOL i'm only in 2 pictures of my #2017bestnine. oh it's been a great year and full of terrible downs and awesomes ups with all these great people and others not shown. see ya CVC and if not there, in 2018 at SacAnime! Love ya guys and have a good night!

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