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Joshua Harvey  The Quiet Capricorn Introvert Kylo Ren, Darth Sidious, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Xehanort. Next Con: Fandemic

First rendition of Yuuki Sugiyama, a late but rather important character I've been struggling to create, the crowd here at Stark's party had be good for inspiration.

I am quite enjoying #QualideaCode. 3 pairs of heroes. One asshole on ea h team paired with a perfect compliment to each. So far enjoying it as im 3 episodes in xD

Jurot Cayes new rendition is done. Gave her a Red cape which is a signature of the Amazonaii. Jurot pretty much is wearing a more traditional amazonaii look moreso than mixture with OAJ look with dual stripes. She wears her mother's white shawl on her waist as well as her white amazonaii long glove.

Changed her hairdo from a single lara croft like braid to a dual pig tail. Gave her a few bangs and ditched the pink hair band. Kept the whip and went with a single amazonaii gauntlet with knife.

Overall pretty happy with her, i messed up the outstretched arm, but overall its something I'll let slide as overall the look was complete.

Got my final pretty much worked out for Jurot, now for coloring. Went a slighty different overall route that im more pleased with. Needed a few days to really get this one

Back at #Century14Arden and watching #Marvel #AntManandtheWasp. Hope your saturday was awesome and have a great sunday. Dont mind the disney store swag xD

Haven't done a #wcw for a while so tossing this one out to @shikabane_hime88 and @jahzonbi cause i love em and miss em xD. I mean, how can one not?

Well, $25 down, its happening. My first #CaptainAmerica by #HotToys, sept or oct, barring delays. To buy a headsculpt for it xD

Old redition and the first draft of my Jurot Cayes. World of differences.

Crown prince Vegeta of planet vegeta! Ill have to do better next time xD

#TeamGoku rolling in the House of Vegeta at @companion_cosplay place, dropping the spirit bomb like its hot!

Luj Cayes, son of Lem Cayes, updated slightly. Almost finished. Just got to decide on what color to make his clothes interior lining. Red like the original or yellow... but overall i like what i got,similar but a few artistic differences to differentiate them. Once i decide on the lining, have Jurot Cayes. The sister, to redo. She'll have a design quite similar to Kandles

My night, been missing the drawing life a bit. Remaking one of my old characters again. A son of my previous remakes so got update the son, his outfit will more or less resemble Mike's. So gotta make sure the outfit feel or less matches.

Hope your Monday is going by smoothly. Heree to tuesday!

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