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jøsh dun  I'm not sentimental. This skin and bones is a rental.

not posing not a tourist totally normal

my mom told @sharkdivextreme that if I got hurt swimming with sharks I couldn't come back to Australia again. they did a real nice job and I will come back.

holy cr*p that's a cool chair.

happy birthday @markhoppus. thanks so much for taking me to the courthouse of back to the future to figure out what your age is, again(?)

the walking bread. breaddy or not here we crumb. making it grain. I hit em rye you hit em loaf. wheat'a best. stairway to leaven. at yeast we're safe. boys just wanna have bun. the show crust dough on.

a boomerang.

insta grammys

I have my own drum stick now. @zildjiancompany and I made it together and I can't believe it. I love hitting my drums with these things every day on stage or in my house. We were able to come up with something I love enough to have available for anyone to purchase. Let's hit stuff.

cool guys don't look at explosions.

a show in montana.

shøws nøw.
haven't really posted about this tour mostly cause everyone that follows me is cooler than me and I don't know what to say that will be cool or impressive. thank you for coming to shows/using this music/being our frens.

shøws søøn.

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