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Joshua Geyer  Photographer, Curator, Art Consultant NYC

Hot off the press, new Swoon Print!
Click the link in @swoonhq bio to get yours before they sell out, only 100 of each!
This is the first time Swoon has worked with letterpress, which is a beautiful way to translate two of her hand cut paper pieces into print form. The impression the polymer plate leaves in the heavyweight cotton rag creates a slight embossment that references the original medium; giving a sense of the subtle three dimensionality of the paper cutout. Each of these works is adapted from cutouts that Swoon created to be the basis for the repeat patterned wallpaper that covered the walls of her recent retrospective, titled “The Canyon” at @cincycac which was such an incredible show to experiance. Ever since I started following street art, Swoon's work has captivated me. I've always been obsessed with her iconic line work which has become an inspiration for many artists today. For me, the most important thing about buying art is that you should really love the image and truly believe in the artist you are investing in.


I was able to find five of Barry's Chef characters for the #mcasbscavengerhunt at the @mcasantabarbara
Such an incredible show, a must see!

Leda Antonia Machado

Wrinkles of the City, Havana, Cuba

This piece was completed in 2012 when @JR and @Joseparla decided to collaborate on JR's Wrinkles of the City project by photographing 25 senior citizens who had lived through the Cuban revolution. The combination of JR's larger than life portraits with Jose's renowned and mesmerizing handstyle complimented the colorful streets of Havana like nothing the people had seen before. For years the only images celebrated in the streets were that of their dictator. Not only were the images visually stunning but they were revolutionary in the sense that they were not pushing political views, rather celebrating the life stories told through the wrinkles of the community. Recently, my family traveled to Havana to celebrate my brother's and my birthday. It was an incredible trip that I will cherish forever. Really happy this mural was still there to photograph. Kind of crazy that the rest of the building was demolished and the image of Leda remained standing on this pillar. I even made some new friends along the way. Speaking of friends, I would like to thank all my friends and family for supporting me through this past year of my life. Looking forward to this next chapter.

SUNSET - @faustnewyork


A group show featuring 28 New York based artists curated by @outlaw_arts and myself. Opening tonight from 6-9pm at 88 1/2 7th Ave. Special thanks to @zahrasherzad & @busquelo "Around the Clock" references the countless hours artists spend creating in their studios. Most of them practicially live there, getting lost in thier creative vision or fighting to make a deadline. This video gives you a small glimpse into their everyday lives. By combining historical innovators with young emerging talent we look to showcase some of the best art New York City has to offer. So pull up tonight and let me know which piece is your favorite!  See you there.

Join me tonight for the opening of Heart Of The City.
For my first stab at curating a photography show I decided to bring together some friends that inspire me with a selection of street culture, architecture, and unique moments ranging from the 1970's to present. As you might of guessed, all the images are black and white with a focus on composition, lighting, and shadows.  Special thanks to @honestframes + @adoramapix + @michael_shain + @porchlightbar + all the amazing artists in the show. Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight.

While the completed works of art are beautiful, nothing excites me more than the process of how they are created. The planning for this project has been in the works for over a year and we finally get to celebrate tonight. I would like to thank the 12 artists that I invited to the project as well as the other curators, artists, and individuals who made this project possible. Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!
We were presented this raw space to be used as a showcase for the artists and their work, which they created at their own expense. Due to the highly competitive nature of the art world, this practice has become increasingly common as artists search for that new connection which brings them their next paid gig or commission. That being said, it's immensely satisfying to know that some of the artists I invited have already directly benefited from this project.

For those of you who can't attend tonight's opening, I will be giving tours that are open to everyone while we still have access to the space. Looking specifically for teachers who want to bring their students to see the exhibition as we work to inspire future generations of artists and creatives. Also, looking for art collectors who are interested in learning more about the artists and setting up studio visits for private commissions. Lastly, looking for businesses that are interested in commissioning these types of installations in their office spaces. Still looking for additional press and influencers to spread the word of the project as well. If you know someone that falls into one of these categories, please tag them in this post or email me at tower4arts (@) for more information or to register for a tour. Thank you - Josh


My favorite memory from my time is Rio came while visiting @casaamarelaprovidencia , a cultural center that @JR opened in 2009. One year after his iconic "Woman are Heroes" project, he purchased a house at the very top of Brazil's oldest favela, Morro da Providência. Over the past 7 years, he has worked to restore the house, while inviting other artists to make it a unique and inspiring place. The house is used to host workshops and teach the local children many things ranging from art, photography, healthy eating and learning new languages. Artists @takao5020 and @diirby transformed the entire house into a work of art, while @OsGemeos added some Brazilian love with their iconic characters gracing the inside and outside walls of the home. However, nothing is more noticeable then the giant moon currently being constructed on top of the house. The moon can be seen from miles away sitting on top of the favela as a symbol of hope and a brighter future. I will forever cherish the friendships I made there, my family for life. Special thanks to @douglasoliveira92 for showing me around and making me feel at home. So inspiring to see how a project can effect so many young minds, I can't wait to return to this special place.

I took this photo before the opening ceremony, after I got to introduce JR to Melo. Went something like "I play Basketball for the Knicks.. Nice, I glue paper to walls" 😂 It has been an incredible few weeks here, lot's of hard work, but so many incredible memories. Tonight @fergusonag and I were lucky enough to watch the USA basketball team win the Gold Medal. The perfect end to Olympics. Thanks to everyone who has followed my journey on @instagram stories.


Over the past two weeks we had the truck inside Maracanã which was built in 1950 for the World Cup. Pelè played in this stadium.. We got to witness all the preperation and planning that goes into the opening ceremony. We photographed over 1,800 members of the cast, staff, crew, volunteers, contractors and security. It was amazing to meet everyone and hear thier stories, to hear how proud they were to be a part of the Olympics and represent their country. We are excited to bring the truck to our next location, Praça Maua, which will be open to the public. (August 6th - 14th) See you there!

#IOPRio2016 #insideoutproject

"New York State of Mind" opens tonight!

A group show I curated with 8 artists from 8 different countries. Stop by from 6pm - 2am. Lots of beautiful prints, affordable small originals, as well as some signature investment pieces. Hope to see you there!

Can't make it tonight? No worries, the show will be up through the fall... Stop by and let me know what you think!

Special thanks to @michael_shain for making this possible!


For his most recent project, Addam Yekutieli ( "Know Hope" ) chose to start an untypical dialog by corresponding with incarcerated individuals currently serving sentences on death row in a Nashville prison.

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