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Joshua Becker  The Minimalist Home is available everywhere. Find exclusive pre-order offers and resources here:

Just another day in Phoenix...

Breck with these fine gents, as is tradition. #brocation

WOW, what a crazy couple weeks! The Minimalist Home sold out its first three printings. It is currently back in-stock at Amazon (and other retailers). Link in profile.

Also, Amazon just today marked the price down to $12.01* (that is the lowest price I've seen it offered and 40% off the cover price). If there's some minimizing you need to do in your home, now's the time to get this book. *I do not have any control over Amazon pricing and do not know how long they will offer it at this price. But I will try to remove this announcement if I see the price increase.

Final Reminder. Offer Ends Today:
I put together some helpful resources for anybody who picks up a copy of my new book, The Minimalist Home. Private webinars, printables, daily reading guides, Uncluttered discounts, and other bonuses.

But today (January 1) is the final day to receive those bonuses. I never underestimate peoples' ability to wait until the last minute so consider this your final reminder.

Link in profile.

What a crazy week.

Add Barnes and Noble (on-line) to the list of places sold out of The Minimalist Home. #hottestgiftofthechristmasseason

Best email from today: “My husband and I were talking about your book and my daughter said she wanted to read it. Here she is. She thought your story about those home makeover shows was really funny.” #minimalisthome

Frustrated. That was the first emotion that emerged.

I spent 4 months planning for yesterday. Every day of the week ahead, down to the minute was mapped out and scheduled: emails, social media, blog posts, op-eds, videos. But then, 5 hours into the day, Amazon was sold out. When Amazon says, “Out of stock. Delivery in 2-5 weeks,” sales drop significantly (as you can probably imagine). I was frustrated, everything I had planned and mapped out was null and void if people couldn’t actually get the book. I emailed my publisher. Why didn’t we have enough? How quickly can we get more inventory? Did I screw this up? How will this affect my chances of hitting the bestseller lists if nobody can buy the book?

My frustration began to subside when I heard back. First of all, apologies were offered that they misjudged the popularity of this title. Second, they shared with me what they had done to prepare for the release. It was a popular book, they knew it from the pre-orders. In preparation, they distributed MORE copies of The Minimalist Home for the first week than the ENTIRE 2+ years of The More of Less combined. More copies moved in one week… than the previous 120 weeks of my first book! Wow. I had no idea.

My emotions changed. Gratitude. Overwhelm. Joy.
Later that day, both Walmart and Target ran out of stock. Rather than frustration, I celebrated…even refreshing the Walmart page watching the “Items in stock” slowly decline: 3 left… 2 left… 1 left… Out of stock. Hooray!

I woke up yesterday with excitement for a day I had mapped out months in advance. Within the first hour, excitement was replaced by frustration, anxiety, unease, and unanswered questions. But I fell asleep last night, again, filled with nothing but excitement and gratitude.
I love this book. It has potential to change so many lives. I am thankful for yesterday… and every day ahead.

Amazon sold out of my book this morning in less than five hours. Less time than a U2 concert... So I decided to sell books the old fashioned way at my local Peoria Barnes and Noble.

In just TWO days, my new book, The Minimalist Home will be available. You can find out how to get the book (and some helpful bonuses) in my profile link.

To help with the countdown, here are TWO endorsements I'm particularly proud of:

1. “If you are already tapped into the minimalist movement or want to get more in-depth knowledge and know-how, this is the book for you! Joshua Becker takes you through all the benefits and strategies for creating your minimalist home, and he includes practical step-by-step tactics and checklists to create and maintain your spaces. Most importantly, you will gain a complete understanding of the value that minimalism brings to you and your family.” —Ellen R. Delap, President of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals

2. “It’s a bit ironic that I’m recommending you acquire one more thing to explore living more fully by owning less: Joshua Becker’s book The Minimalist Home. But I am. It’s exactly what we all need—a slim read that’s packed with all-new information, authentic stories, and tried-and-true solutions to life’s relentless clutter. Joshua speaks candidly (and personally!) about the challenge of expanding our lives by minimizing our stuff. The Minimalist Home earns every inch. Can you say that about everything else in your home?” —Mary Kay Buysse, Executive Director of National Association of Senior Move Managers

Also I kinda like: "Like a lighthouse on a stormy sea, The Minimalist Home appeared." —USA Today

Excited for Tuesday! #minimalisthome

Three days...

Saw this today from “Stuff I Wrote Down.” Thought it was clever.

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