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SocialConscious  Consciousness is POWER✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊ the truth can set you free

Went to see Black Panther today, never seen anything like this before it was spectacular

Facts about the comparable percentage of police shootings and mass shootings

The Black Code is the code of commitment of a action that is negative or dismantling to the black community. We as black people must stay together and help and build our own communities and have our own everything

Happy birthday Trayvon Martin I truly believe u were going to do bigger things in the unforseen future

There r 5 different types of people in this world

Favorite verse from Hiiipower

Police shot and killed 17 year old high school senior Charles Smith Jr during a traffic stop in Little Rock, Arkansas. His friends who witness the shooting, suspects racial profiling had played a hand in the incident.

Racism still exists until we as black people start supporting our own businesses and creativity. This what i call dehumanization something that they been doing to us for a very long time

The slave mentality of people downplaying dark skin women is still going on to this day. The Willy Lynch theory also plays in part. Dark skin women to me are very beautiful and unique of their appearance and complexion and shows power in the black woman. They are also the most oppressed people because of the ignorant society that we live in. Black people, we come from everywhere around the world so don't judge them based on their cultural background. There r Afro Latinos everywhere and they r facing discrimination and persecution because of who they r. We have to accept ourselves to overcome discrimination and hate and the choice is yours.

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