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J Swan, CPT, CES  ▪️Life Time Athletic, CPT, Performance Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist ▪️Former SIU Strength Coach ‼️DM for customized training programs‼️

Add it to your leg day ✊🏽 #SWNSZN
Also, if you’re interested in joining my Team Cut class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30-9:30am, get at me! 12 classes per month. Core, cardio, and strength training every week 🤘🏽

345lb/156kg x 5 (trying to make this 405lbs one day 😅) #SWNSZN


Love my brother ... big slice 🍰

Heaviest sets of 4... ever 😈 355lbs/161kg #SWNSZN

Back and bi’s with the brodie @coachdsams today. When you’re in good company, training is always better ✊🏽#SWNSZN

Who’s trying to get those abs right with me?? 😈 Is your core strong enough to do this exercise? #SWNSZN

About 3 weeks ago I was 189.8 lbs and 11.1% BF. Honestly, really good numbers already but of course I wanted to push to better. 3 weeks later, stepping back on the scale at 191.6 lbs and 10.3% BF. What was the biggest change?
Metabolic Testing and specific cardio regiments that have helped my body optimize fat burn as well as assist in my recovery and strength gains.
How many of us go to the gym to run or do cardio to our maximum capacity? Thinking that the harder you go, the more out of breath you are, the more fat you’ll shed? Well.... that’s not the case AT ALL.
You need to understand how your body uses fat vs carbs, how many calories you need to add or take away, and a plan of attack for your cardio and resistance training to maximize results and minimize wasted time in the gym.
If metabolic testing and training with me is something you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to reach out to me so I can work with you so we can get you knowing and doing, not guessing! #SWNSZN

A little clean, front squat and jerk action outside today with @charity_witt 💪🏽 gonna pretend like the heat and workout didn’t have us breathing heavy after each set 😅 #SWNSZN #CharityStrong

At 72 and 75, Janet and Jim Feeley play tennis 5x/week. Here are some stability ball shoulder circles we do to begin our sessions some days to increase mobility and stability at the shoulder. Getting them used to focusing on movement at the shoulder instead of the hand on the ball. #SWNSZN

Coming off an ankle, knee, or hip injury? Weak at any of these joints? Balance kind of off? Just looking for ways to improve balance in all three areas?
Single leg stabilizing exercises like this are great for tackling all three joints. If there’s issues or instability in one of the three joints, chances are there’s some weakness and instability in the others as well 🤭 believe it or not everything is connected.
This is a more advanced movement BUT you can alter this exercise to suit your level or training and intensity needs.
1. No weight, no pad
2. Add weight, no pad
3. No weight, add pad
4. Add weight, add pad

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