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MY FAVORITE HAMSTRING/POSTERIOR CHAIN EXERCISE! 🔥🔥🔥 Improving because we don’t have a GHR machine but the work is still being done. GHR (Glute-Ham Raise) is one of the best, most efficient, and all encompassing exercises for the lower body.

You’re going to be getting a ton of strength work as you place a large emphasis on the eccentric (lengthening/lowering) phase of this movement. That strength work directly correlates to increasing lower body strength and power (for those of you trying to increase lifting numbers or be faster/jump higher 👀). Great for injury prevention with the knees. And will help add size to your hamstrings (who doesn’t want leg biceps?!). These are difficult (VERY DIFFICULT) for most people and it will feel ... different for those who haven’t done them before or in a long time. So, do them as shown here. Lower yourself slowly, engaging your hamstrings, as low as you can before using your hands to catch yourself and push back up to start the next rep. I do sets of 12-15 these days, unassisted, and usually weighted when on and actual GHR machine. But we make do with what we got!

#SWNSZN #StartWithNow
Song: KMT by @champagnepapi (@inspiredbyrio)
Always taking song requests/options so leave them below! Training plans, link in bio.

Honestly, I love lunges! So many variations, ways to add weight and challenge yourself, and just build strong healthy legs. If lunges aren’t part of your routine, you’re probably doing something wrong 🤷🏽‍♂️ im Just saying

Shoutout @steel_jill19 with the song choice “I’m Upset” by the greatest artist @champagnepapi

As always, taking suggestions for songs below AND all training plans can be found in the link in my bio. Keep working y’all!

#SWNSZN #StartWithNow

Reasons to go crazy, got a trillion fr...

1, 2, 3? #SWNSZN

What y’all rocking with? Nike, Under Armour, or Adidas? 🤔 clearly I can’t decide so I rock all three at any given moment 🤷🏽‍♂️ #SWNSZN #StartWithNow

Shoutout to @kyle_orr with the song choice “Can’t Have Everything” by Drake🔥🔥🔥keep leaving options for songs in the comments so I can pick someone’s choice on each post
Threw in some speed bench dips at the end of the workout today to take a little closer to that point of exhaustion with my triceps.
Anybody who can’t do dips using the dips bar, or dip machine, this is a great body weight alternative that you can do pretty much anywhere! No need to dip too low because at that point we’re getting into chest work and even shoulder compensation. Just go deep enough to keep the tension on your triceps throughout the entire movement. More time under tension, more blood flow to the muscles, the more the tissue expands, the less shirts you can fit (😂 be careful that can get expensive). #SWNSZN #StartWithNow

I’m only going to use @champagnepapi songs in my videos for a while, so drop your favorite below 🔥

New product, who dis? @maxeffortmuscle
Not a day goes by that I’m not using my tri-blend protein, energy, pre workout, or at least the baking mix. AT LEAST ONE (more like two tbh 😤) of these is being used DAILY and I love it! -
Yes... I cut my hair 😳 what you think?
All training programs found in the link in my bio ✊🏽 #SWNSZN #StartWithNow #Somebodyletmeborrowabrush

What’s one thing that’ll make you stop mid picture and look like this? 👀 For me, it was “Y’all tryna go to Willy’s?” 🌮🌯
If you haven’t been satisfied with your current workout plan/routine OR just simply want to switch it up a little bit this summer, go to and check out the different packages I have to offer. All packages come with a workout plan and nutrition template for you to compare your calories and macros. #SWNSZN #StartWithNow

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