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Two attempts(swipe to last two clips) at an all-time PR today at 415lb both unsuccessful unfortunately. Was beyond pissed until I thought about this...
Yes, I failed at 415. Plain and simple. BUT a week ago I hit a new 3RM at 365lb which is only ten pounds lighter than what my most consistent single has ever been. On top of that, the 395lb I hit today (second clip) is ten pounds lighter than my all-time PR. Closest I’ve been to 405lb in over 6 months and it felt great! So, no I didn’t succeed with what I wanted, but I know hands down I’m getting stronger daily. One moment doesn’t define all the work that has been put in!
I’ll be back under 415 in due time 😈. But now it’s time for the West to win All-Star Game 👀

415... we’ll meet again. And I’ll be bigger and better 💪🏽
📸: @manuhjimenez
While I didn’t manage to stand up with this today, I did manage to walk away with more hunger, more focus, and much more of an understanding of where my weaknesses lie.

“I can never sleep til morning on all my quiet nights, but you can rest assured that my mind is right...”

Smile and drink water. Drink water and smile. That’s the recipe.
Was gonna go with a @champagnepapi lyric butttt I didn’t... so if you have any good ones, drop em below📝 I know @framurph94 got some in the chamber 😈

Happy bday @allenswan all love and many more blessings to come. Proud of you in more ways than you can imagine ✊🏽

Keep the tension on!! Feel the muscles lengthen during the eccentric portion, without resting, then immediately reverse the action with a strong contraction. Not only will you increase muscle tissue SIZE but you’ll also improve muscular ENDURANCE with ANY movement or muscle target. Two key components in this everlasting fitness journey you and I continue to travel down!

My girl is 365lbs this #ValentinesDay💘 and I loved every moment of messing around with her. So much, had to give her some loving 3x 🤷🏽‍♂️😂 Enjoy the day and try to remember to be this nice to each other a month from now 👀

Lunges, lunges, and more lunges
Lunges are very beneficial when honing in on those lower body muscles and I would recommend everyone incorporates them in some way to their workouts or training.
Understand that stride length is important during this exercise. A shorter stride will target your quads much more (probably seeing the knee moving more over the foot/toes) while a longer stride will leave your shin in a more vertical position allowing for more glute and hamstring activation. Both ways target quads, glutes, hips, and hamstrings, but the emphasis changes with the length of strides and shin angles.

Didn’t have a clever caption so I’m just gonna take that “describe your fit” approach...
The phone case is from @apple
The jacket from @hm with a @champion shirt underneath
Pants were a gift from @movefastliftheavy
And I traded a pair of new balances for these shoes 🤷🏽‍♂️

Stability ball hamstring curls. Definitely an excellent way to build those hamstrings of steel you so badly want 😤, but this variation also offers a challenge to your hip/core stability at the same time. Great to throw into any routine without adding extra load to your body. #FWYFA #SWNSZN

#SimpleSundays The work you put in isn’t always exciting, not always leaving you in a puddle of sweat, and not always as heavy as you can possibly go. BUT, as long as it’s effectively working towards your goal, you’re doing something right. Make this week a great one! “Focus On Where Your Feet Are” #FWYFA #SWNSZN

When she sets everything up for a workout then gives herself a wedgie and takes booty pics in the mirror instead 😑🙄

Lifting shoes vs Chuck Taylors... what do you lift in? (315lb/143kg)
Weightlifting shoes, with their raised heels, allow for a much more upright torso position throughout the squat and is especially helpful for those with less ankle mobility attempting to hit beneficial depth without sacrificing form (which is always a no go!)
Flat shoes, like vans and chucks, are usually used in those with less ankle mobility, hip, hamstring, and glute dominant (as opposed to quad dominant). Often times seem with those looking to focus on big numbers (reasons why you see a lot of power lifters rocking chucks).
I’ve used both and honestly I think I’m starting to lean more towards chucks(as of now 😅). Not only because I’m looking to increase strength and numbers, but also because the squat form that comes with being 80% legs and no torso, seems to work better in chucks. Also less stress on my knees (I’ve had knee problems in the past). But there are people who defy the odds like @smith.julian who can do any squat at any depth with vans 🤷🏽‍♂️

#TBT played all 5 positions on numerous occasions at 6’2 🤷🏽‍♂️ SIU always has a special place in my life ✊🏽 all love to the whole city of Carbondale. Keep up with my boys up there too @shizzhuncho @armonfletcher_22 @tsmithpeters11 and the whole squad 😤

Last weeks 350lb/159kg squats went from six, struggle doubles to four, solid triples. A lot more focus to staying braced throughout each individual rep is what I think my biggest help was from week to week. Be attentive and aware of your body throughout your training. Nobody knows you better than you!

Testing out going heavy (315lb/143kg) with this exercise and going from the dead position. Focusing on each explosive contraction. Let’s see how these treat my strength... hoping it’s a lot since they’re a bitch😅

Back bench pressing after a lot of off and on with it. Used to love bench Press and hate squats. Now the roles are so reversed! But here’s 260lb for a double. Haven’t done anything over 245lb in almost a year and a half.

475lb/216kg. One of the few times it feels better than it looks 🤷🏽‍♂️ 5lbs off of the 1RM a couple weeks ago so becoming consistent with it.

Nothing fancy. Just using each day to gradually get stronger. Stick with it. 315lb(140kg) * 5

Who to pull for in the Super Bowl since the Falcons aren’t there... decisions decisions 🤔 Who you got?

Stopped making excuses.
Started making changes.
Online Training Available (swnsznfit.mypthub.com)

Everything just felt disgustingly heavy Squat (350lb/159kg) Deadlift (450lb/204kg) Sumo Deadlift (420lb/191kg)

When training for maximal Strength, you must work with sub-maximal weights during your training. With that being said, here’s a general rule of thumb to go by based off of your 1RM:
60-70% (4-6reps)
70-80% (3-5reps)
80-90% (2-4reps)
90%+ (1-3reps)
Keeping track of your weights, along with acceleration of the weight you’re moving (another topic), is essential when progressively overloading your musculoskeletal system to continue to make SAFE gains in both size and strength. Hard to get where you want to go with no recollection of where you’ve been.
Online Coaching available at swnsznfit.mypthub.com


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