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Happy Birthday to my favourite middle child. Thank you for the years of driving me (to work, to dates and up the wall) but more than anything for always reminding me that God has great things for & in me. Genuinely do not believe there is a more anointed worshipper than you and genuinely believe that you should come to dub nation with boss for conf so that we can go to the Cheesecake Factory. Love you Elizabeth


“As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord.” The Fam fulfilling our responsibility in this GE.
To be honest, I’ve never really been really aware of our political situation and had unconsciously slipped into the mentality of “it’s just how it is.. what’s the point of caring..” BUT something’s different about this moment right now.. I’ve never cried for our nation the way I did at Global Prayer Night because I believe for the first time in a long time, there is HOPE. I don’t mean to add another ELECTIONS post but we are living in a turning point for our nation and it deserves to be given weight.
Lord, we whole heartedly trust in your selection and commit to praying for our leaders, no matter who they are or what party they represent. Thank you for the many years of your faithfulness to our country. We declare righteousness and justice arise and that Malaysia would one day, now its knee and call you Lord.

YES! #ThisIsChristianity WAS THAT GOOD!! Always awesome to strengthen the foundations of your faith and to be given the honour of speaking on the baptism of the Holy Spirit is both daunting and motivating.. daunting cause I literally have to follow up one of the greatest communications of our generation in Ps @mattfielder but it’s motivating to keep my tank filled so that it’s not just an explanation but also a demonstration of The Holy Spirit.

Happy Birthday to the best Boss/Dad/Pastor/Leader/Worshipper/Preacher/Apostle/FadeAwayShooter to probably ever live.
There aren’t enough words to thank You enough for everything you do and are to our church family and to myself. Your consistent hunger for INTIMACY WITH GOD is inspirational and your WHOLE HEARTED YES continues to echo through the generations. My life is forever changed because of you. Can’t wait to see you soon! #familyforever

I don’t subscribe to the whole national donut day or world pelican appreciation week BUT I do love my Seblings with all my heart. I’m so grateful that God blesses with two stunning women of God who have not just been huge inspirations in my life but the biggest pain in my pride and selfishness as they pushed every button (and still do) constantly challenging me to be the best me I can be. Forever grateful to be a Sebling. #Seblings #sebling4lyfe #SJistechnicallyawong #janestopstealingmyfriends

Amazingly big things come in little packages • seeing how much Lin changed from her first day as a gangster to being literally everyone’s little darling sister.. so proud of who she is growing up to be but also for her being a part of our family here in Dubai. #kingdomcityeaster #the4thKoala

COACHELLA • so so sooooo proud of this one.. Reshielle is such a true worshipper but more than anything a real lover of Jesus and her heart to see her friends, school and world impacted by the reality of God is tangible in every hangout. So grateful that God has positioned her here in Dubai. #kingdomcityeaster

ANDRADES • such a beautiful and special family that has become family to me. So grateful that God orchestrated for us to never be alone but to always belong. Grateful for this family who are so generous with their time, resource, heart and home. #kingdomcityeaster

What a special day for our family here as we had our very first Water Baptism Service.

Easter means so much more than some date on a calendar or one of the "big six" But is a reminder to me of God's heart to bring reconciliation.
Not only did Jesus reconcile Humanity back to The Father, but because of what He did, Families get reconciled..
My family, not too long ago, was probably in it's most unhealthiest, severed and lost state.. But through significant events, that really just highlight God's goodness & faithfulness, My sister came home, My parents found theirs and more than anything, Our family was saved.
I know this may not be everyone's story, but I pray that this Easter.. there would be reconciliation in your relationships.
Either between you and God or just within your family. Jesus gave up his LIFE thousands of years ago so that we can LIVE in reconciled healthy relationships.
You really never know what ONE INVITATION this Easter could do for your life and the lives around you so I challenge you to make the decision to invite someone to church or maybe even take the powerful step of getting water baptised yourself.. #KingdomcityEaster

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