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A clip from my time-saving, instant, skin-glowing combo treatment...watch my stories now for the whole process!

"I Absolutely love the Advanced Hydration Mask! I've used it three times now and notice that my skin perks up just a little bit more after each time, brighter, fuller and fully hydrated. I also love that there is no need to use water to remove the mask, allowing the full hydration to continue even after cleaning with a gentle dry cloth. This mask is an absolute dream and now a must in my skin care regimen. I should also add that the smell and texture are like liquid gold, so beautiful and indulgent, I feel like Cleopatra using this product!" - @xoalitalia 💕 #greenbeauty #advancedhydrationmask

No place I'd rather be than where I'm at right now. It's my 43rd today, which is really cool...I could never imagine what this age would be like...and as my path unfolds, what I've learned the most, is to do my best to draw upon the highest wisdom I know for every new moment - and the answer most often is "let go," surrendering fully. Life can suck, it's not easy, and why should it be...we grow through the contrast, it's the divine dichotomy as life is truly such a mystery, with love, joy and magic always available..so, with that, tap into it, trust it, channel it, feel it and let go as best you can...it's a grand accomplishment just to be alive. #letgo #43 #1974

This afternoon I was feeling a bit whelmed...I could hear myself overthinking a few things and I could feel that enticing pull, that feeling that makes you feel as though you want to start reacting negatively or with a complaining tone to what is going on around you...the kind of feeling that sort of tricks you into going with it, by making you feel as though expressing it and giving the negativity a voice will make you feel good and better and validate something that clearly seems true in the present...And whenever you do, you always feel worse.
I was on the verge of that today and I put a few drops of frankincense, rosemary and lavender onto a tissue and inhaled deeply for a few minutes. Immediately I felt a sense of relief, of wholeness. I held my ancient quartz and meditated for 30 minutes focusing on simply letting go and afterwards, I felt new, light, clear, and open. I am so grateful for meditation and essential oils in my life. These tools truly help shape the life I want to live and connect me to what is real and my true self. ✨💕 #bestrong #selfcare #essentialoils #meditation

Vital hasn't been just simply a nice, new moisturizing product in my life - it has absolutely filled a space in my routine that no other balm or cream could. In doing so, it has also entirely improved my skin function. I've maintained a healthy complexion for years and one of my main goals has always been retaining my skin's moisture - keeping skin continually hydrated greatly protects against accelerated decline. Vital has visibly increased my skin's moisture, continuing to seal in hydration and plump with its unique, powerful ability. This subtle, but visible increase in skin volume is the work of a precise formula that includes nutrient dense organic plant oils, active herbs and botanical hyaluronic acid. Enjoy your routines this evening, friends...Pause, breathe deep, feel and see your true beauty ✨

Because you were all so generous a couple posts ago and gave me your thoughts on which new hair care products you'd like to see (thank you so much), and so many of you asked for a dry shampoo - I thought I'd share with you again my thoughts about the long term use of dry "shampoos" - and why I won't make one and why I think dry "shampoo" isn't good for your hair. I KNOW many of you love them in a pinch, which is totally fine. This is just my perspective from behind the chair and working on scalps for many years and why I believe excessive, long term use will not contribute to your BEST hair...Link to the full blog in my profile!

Sunday skin-life thoughts :::: I am very aware of my skin's appearance and any improvements to my complexion due to my lifestyle and skin care, as well as any subtle changes due to aging. Skin is always changing. It's about caring for it through change and supporting it's healthy function however that is right for you. So as I evaluate the appearance of my skin, It's a balance of knowing what my needs are right now in order to feel my best, and an acceptance of how skin changes with time. As I've had the opportunity to grow older, it's become a process of letting go of intense scrutiny of my skin as best I can and honoring it's health and beauty. This beauty is part what I've nurtured and cultivated through decades of proper skin and self care and part the beauty that I attune to within myself - my heart and wisdom. When I get ready for an event or an in-person store training, I make sure my skin looking it's best, of course, but what is equally, if not more important to me, is that when I arrive to represent my brand and connect with people, that my energy is balanced and I am fully aligned with myself. Before hand, I do things like meditate, practice breath work, set affirmations, and inhale eo's, to ground and connect with what my truest beauty is - my soul, my peace, my heart, the wisdom as best I can - because that is my real contribution - our timeless beauty that will always be with us. Thank you for this inspiring quote @camerondiaz from your brilliant The Longevity Book.

I'm working on exciting new hair care....and I'm so happy to share the innovation and evolution with you all....I'm curious - what pure, totally natural hair products would YOU love to see next? A smoothing serum? Curl cream? Heat protectant? Styling products with SPF? Leave-in?

When a friend tells you that their mother passed, your heart just aches for them. The pain of losing the person who is everything in your life is terrifying, it threatens to cut so deep it's hard to imagine how you go on. When @karmakarlie18 told me that she anointed the wrists of her mom, Jo Marie, with Ethereal as she passed, I don't think there's anything more dear. Words can't describe it and this post is dedicated to Karlie and her loving Mother. When I first connected with @karmakarlie18 on IG it was instant. She reminded me of someone who would've been a childhood friend of mine, someone who would've had my back in middle school had I known her. Karlie's Mom wasn't well over the past few years and I always found myself thinking of her and hoping, praying, for beautiful, quick recovery. My heart goes out to you Karlie and I know your mom is with you and everyone today here on IG as we gather and honor her beautiful life. I think she helped me take this photo of Ethereal. Above earth, in the sky, between worlds, but right here. Thank you heart of gold friend, Genaya @gemeliza, for holding this celebration of remembrance. #jomarieiseternal

I don't do written interviews often these days, mainly because they take a huge amount of time and I've done so many already over the years...But, when the very kind, Arjun @justaskarjun, offered such unique, interesting questions, I was compelled to answer and very much enjoyed the conversation. In this interview, Arjun asks me about my research, development and creative process , why my brand is eponymous, other brands I recommend and love, what my interests are other than skin care, my top skin and hair tips - and more! Please head over to @justaskarjun, click on his site link and read the interview if you like! Thanks for reading and appreciating - I hope you enjoy.

One evening last week, I found myself in a bit of a stressful moment and I immediately went straight to my bathroom and began cleansing my face. At that moment, as soon as I began, I instantly took a deep breath as I felt the product touch my face. My pace immediately slowed and much of the tension I was feeling melted away. I became very aware of how quickly just starting my routine shifted my energy. I wasn’t consciously choosing to slow down, it happened automatically. As I contemplated my experience, I realized that the repetition, the strokes, the movements, the touch, etc., any actions of a routine, become familiar to the brain because the repetition is done consciously and regularly. This repetitive action has created a path way that the brain knows as security because it recognizes the routine and now the process triggers a message from the brain, and a biochemical release as well, telling us that we are SAFE. This is the body-mind connection playing out. 
Our skin care routine calms, centers and grounds us, while it heals, rejuvenates and protects. Don’t underestimate the multidimensional power of your beauty self care routine -
Self care slows life down, affirms you are worthy, nurtures your vulnerabilities, and creates safety, and peace.

And most powerful...The heart has a stronger electromagnetic frequency than the brain...If we connect our mind to our heart when we think, and before we speak or act - that is true bravery, that is consciousness awakening, and that changes the world...Beautiful photo quote by @nayyirah.waheed

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