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Dedicated to all the generous love and support in our community - I am giving away ALL the full size products featured in this photo • Ethereal Botanical Fragrance • Advanced Hydration Mask • Vital Balm Cream • Active Enzyme Exfoliator • PLUS a full size of: Cacao Antioxidant Mask • 2 oz Hydrating Accelerator • and 1 oz Active Infusion Serum • and a 1 oz Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30 • Over $500 of JR Skin Care! To enter, mention a friend or two in the comments below, repost this photo, tag josh rosebrook, and say why you would love to have these josh rosebrook products! One person will be selected 7-29-17! International! I want to thank everyone individually for their love and support - but I know I'd unknowingly leave someone out - just know, I deeply appreciate you all.

Not being able to find the words right away to express myself is kind of unusual for me...but that's what happened this week when trying to respond to the photos and comments celebrating the products (and me) this weekend during the Instagram Brand Appreciation Weekend which I was honored - #iglovesjoshr - hosted by the incredible @tracidrury. I have been so moved and overwhelmed by the kindness - because it's unconditional and not motivated by anything but wanting to give and share love, good energy and gratitude. This ig skin care community I am so honored and lucky to be a part of truly thrives on positive vibrations, kindness, and inclusion. It's extremely rare - and a direct reflection of each person. Of course I had an immediate reaction of deep gratitude because of the love, but it was followed by a resistance - a slight feeling of unworthiness of so much..and that became my responsibility to look into. It was a subtle feeling I could have easily overlooked or ignored saying, "I'm not good enough to receive ALL of this, I have to do more first" - it came from a wounded place that feels like I am never enough, no matter how much I do or how good I am - that I am never REALLY enough and I have to do more. --- It's ego, the mind, a shadow voice, not the true self, created from very common types of trauma when trying to protect ourselves, usually formed in childhood when we don't have the emotional maturity, tools or support. I am grateful to see this deeper piece that has now been exposed and can heal. A layer of the onion peeled away. I am stronger and more grateful and worthy today because of all of you. Thank you for your support, great love, kindness and generosity. I could not do this without you. This rose quartz, smokey quartz and green amethyst (my crystal bouquet) is for you. Thank you!!! 💫💕💫

I'm really looking forward to my routine tonight...after so much travel my skin entirely benefits from the time I take (mind balance) to really stop and allow the products and ingredients to work instead of just going through the motions. I like to think if it as meeting the plants halfway...soaking in the tub and going through each step at a slow, mindful pace makes a huge difference in the appearance of my skin and my happiness. A relaxed pace releases the tension that causes stagnation of life force in the body, when the resistance is released the natural actives are allowed to flow in a harmonious-like, biochemical relationship with the cellular body for maximum benefit. Opening up the mind and body and expressing the vibrational, emotional connection should not be dismissed as simply "new age" jargon, you can take what I say or leave it - it's meant to emphasize the culturally denied and chronically overlooked oneness of the mind, body, beauty connection. If the user is not cognizant of the connection between ourselves, our environment, our food, our relations - our whole state of being - then its simply a case of you don't know what you are missing, so it won't be important. Mindfulness is a practice of wellness. Wellness I always say is a practice of moment to moment self assessment. What do I really need right NOW? Try taking advantage of the the power of a plant product's intelligence and experiencing how it can be meeting its application with a clear and balanced mind can truly enhance the beauty of your skin and vitality if your health. Featuring the Advanced Hydration Mask- I'll be sharing some insightful education about this product very soon!

Sunday skin thoughts - When I am educating retail partners, clients or customers about skin and hair it's never simply about my product's features and benefits. I spend a large portion of time sharing my professional insight and approach to proper skin, scalp and hair function so each person can evolve their understanding of how skin and scalp care products support the work of the body. A common aspect of skin care many people struggle with is taking the time to use the products they have. Optimum skin care is a combination of the right products and using them regularly with the appropriate technique. Everyone wants to slow the decline of the skin and/or improve it's appearance but even when people purchase the right products many times they don't use them regularly enough. Effective skin care delivers immediate improvements but slowing aging of the skin is something we create over time. By tuning into yourself, your inner voice and what your skin needs - listening, not forcing - and committing to the ritual of each step your skin needs day after day, week after week, year after year. Real skin care happens over many years and decades...True skin care is not just what you do today or this month for your skin - it's what you've done for the past ten years and the results are incremental over the next ten to twenty years. Ultimate skin care is a constant practice, a commitment to a lifestyle that reveals beauty and your self love expressed and supported over a lifetime. 📸@reinaorganics

I don't know anyone who doesn't have a true blue sidekick in their lives. With skin care, Vital is that; your bff who is intelligent, helps you with all your issues, works perfect in your life & you never want to be without - Vital is your ROCK. And it's the sidekick for this months @beautyheroes box featuring the Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30! Sign up at BH if you aren't subscribed and get a load of the immense value offered here. Have a beautiful Saturday, friends! Thank you so much for the love and support.

Trust me, this is so powerful and effective at visibly rejuvenating facial skin while also aligning your mind, body and spirit...But you need to know how. There's an art and science to performing at-home facial Gua Sha correctly and you have to learn from a Chinese medicine practitioner. I am teaming up with @treatmentbylanshin - We have several workshops coming up in Los Angeles and Boston - Acupuncturist and herbalist who specializes in skin, Sandra Lanshin, teaches facial Gua Sha while I assist her and share insight on wellness, self care, ingredients, and necessary products to use that facilitate a successful technique and beauty practice. This week in LA - Wednesday the 28th at @thedetoxmarket Santa Monica - sign up at In Boston - July 6th @follain Beacon Hill and July 7th @follain Nantucket - sign up at! These classes are so fun and full of lots of beauty and health knowledge - see you there!

The wait is over again. Vital Balm Cream and Advanced Hydration Mask are back in stock. Thank you for your patience and great love for these new, special beauty treatments. I'm so very happy and honored you all appreciate them so much, value their worth and love their results. It's been a challenge keeping up with demand for these products, but we are grateful and have learned so much. As a big THANK YOU, we are giving you a full size 4 oz Hydrating Accelerator with the purchase of both Vital Balm Cream and Advanced Hydration Mask...while supplies last and only at *The complimentary Hydrating Accelerator will be added to your order automatically. No need to have a code.

Beauty philosophy....Whether it's a an antioxidant, a mineral, a peptide, or a nutrient dense nut or seed oil, there will always be a trending, solo, "miracle" ingredient marketed as an "end all, be all" to perfect skin or hair. This one ingredient doesn't exist and never will. This is what perpetuates the beauty industry and drives the "must have" appeal for products and brands. This isn’t about denying certain ingredients that have been proven effective for skin care, it's about refining what we believe these ingredients can actually do. This is about highlighting how accurate our education is regarding any given trending ingredient and its ability to slow the natural decline or accelerated aging of the skin and body and how this knowledge can empower us to make more well informed purchasing choices. The pharmaceutical drug industry has programmed our culture to believe a magic pill can fix our woes. This is the same in the beauty industry. We are marketed that your perfect skin will only appear from the next incredible product you have YET to discover that contains the “miracle” ingredient. How do you see beyond marketing hype? Think. Question. Be skeptical. There will always be a new “end all be all,” unheard of exotic oil or extract, unknown to the mainstream consumer that comes along with promises to magically reverse the signs of aging. It’s something to write about, and can sell a ton of product. But there are thousands of undiscovered plant ingredients, hundreds of unfamiliar, exotic and beneficial nut and seed oils ready to be the next buzz oil, many with excellent profiles the same or very similar to the ones we know and use today. With the next part on this topic I'll expand on a solution that resonates and works with how our skin and body regenerates, repairs and heals best naturally - the COMPLETE nutrient approach to skin care and why it's more effective and sustainable for beautiful skin long term!

This is what the Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30 looks like applied to my hand and half my forearm submerged underwater. This displays how sunlight refracts off zinc oxide mineral. In water, it's visible. Water is a better medium for viewing this process. This exhibits exactly how natural zinc oxide mineral works as a sunscreen refracting UV rays.

Skin problems - I am only highlighting a conversation that needs to be talked about and will hopefully help clear up misperceptions to skin care. I am not a dermatologist - I visited one many years ago with a skin concern where I received a general diagnosis to my skin problem, but like I thought, the prescription cream prescribed did not help. For many with chronic skin diseases modern dermatology has not been the answer. A proper diagnosis of the condition is always necessary from any dermatologist but the conventional approach doesn’t always address the underlying cause, what is provoking the problem leading to excessive inflammation condition. Holistic dermatology isn’t just a “natural alternative,” many times it’s the only effective option for people who haven’t had success with the conventional dermatological approach to healing their chronic skin condition. The conventional approach doesn’t always connect other systems of the body and how they relate to the skin condition like acne, rosacea, eczema or other skin diseases. The skin is often treated like an isolated organ that isn’t connected to the rest of the body and it’s issues. Topical steroids, corticosteroids, that stop inflammation also can weaken the immune system and don’t address what is actually provoking the inflammation in the first place - the underlying cause, like diet, digestion, yeast,  allergies, and stress. If the condition reappears and become chronic, or if their skin reacts to whatever was prescribed, other ideas must be explored. A topical steroid cream does not fix the problem for everyone - if it does for you, that is great, but many times it is not until diet, allergies, digestion, and lymphatics are considered and appropriate herbal medicine prescribed to heal the gut and detoxify the blood, can the body build and maintain the immunity to offset the outbreaks in the future. Many derms do have some understanding of natural remedies but the holistic approach to healing isn’t usually their work.Whenever I am suggesting products to someone with serious skin concerns, I always recommend they see a holistic dermatologist, a nutritionist or a Chinese medicine dr

If you haven't added brushing to your skin care ritual, it's time you begin and reap the incredible benefits. Dry brushing is not only incredible for your skin, this awesome treatment also helps boost your whole immune system - dry brushing exfoliates dead skin, stimulates collagen production and lymphatic flow which boosts immunity and moves unwanted toxins through the body - leaving you with softer, clearer, firmer skin. I have a video tutorial on the way detailing the most effective technique! #drybrush #health #clearskin This brush purchased at @shopfollain

If you aren't serious about sun care you can't be serious about skin care. I love a little dose of sun energy on my body but never, ever on my face or neck without protection. Facts on SPF: Not even 100 SPF will deliver 100% UVB protection. Can you guess what the difference is in UVB protection between SPF 100 and SPF 50? 1%. That is it. SPF 100 blocks 99% of UVB rays and SPF 50 blocks 98%. And guess what percentage of UVB rays SPF 30 protects against? 97%. So you see, SPF 50+ products are really designed to get your attention and lead you to believe you are SO much more protected, when you really aren't, it's just not a logical difference. This leads people to a false sense of security and staying in the sun longer. Broad Spectrum is a must - UVA rays very much damage skin and accelerate it's decline. UVB, what is calculated for SPF rating, protects against burning. Reapply after a couple hours to be safe - sweat, rubbing or touching face can remove sunscreen. And NUMBER ONE - wear a big hat!! Don't rely on any sunscreen completely, shade yourself! PS new packaging for the Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30 hasn't been released yet, so please be patient! #spf #naturalsunscreen

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