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josh rosebrook  Skin, hair and self care vitality through innovative, organic, plant and herb synergy.


Why Is Botanical Hyaluronic Acid So Important?
We use "Botanical Hyaluronic Acid" in our Vital Balm Cream, Advanced Hydration Mask, and it’s also in our forthcoming ‘Hydration Concentrate’ booster. We make our Botanical Hyaluronic Acid extract in-house, so it’s pure, organic, and free of questionable additives and preservatives. Botanical HA is a sugar molecule that has the amazing ability to attract and hold more than 1,000 times its own weight in moisture, thus making it an incredible moisturizing and skin-health supporting agent. We naturally produce Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in our bodies, giving us our skin-plumped glow, but our ability to produce HA declines with age, leading to dryness and fine lines.
Botanical Hyaluronic Acid has the unique capability of making up for that lost, naturally occurring HA in our own skin, without some of the ethical and synthetic chemical issues correlated to other HA products on the market today.
So what’s the difference between “Natural,” “Man-Made,” and “Botanical” Hyaluronic Acid?
There is a big difference when it comes to the source and the efficacy.  Hyaluronic Acid is a humectant, which means it grabs moisture from the air and holds it in the epidermis, keeping the skin plump, firm and dewy. Natural HA is a polysaccharide produced in the skin, eyes and connective tissues of humans and other animals and is most commonly derived from horses and rooster combs for consumer use.
Animal cruelty issues aside, with the huge rise in popularity of HA in recent years, it has become more cost effective to sell skincare products with synthetic HA, man-made in a lab through genetically modified bacterial fermentation.  And though many dermatologists recommend the use of Hyaluronic Acid (either animal derived or synthetic) for temporarily moisturizing skin, most recognize (source in blog) that the molecule is actually too large to pass through the epidermis. The Hyaluronic Acid WE use in our products is needle and cruelty-free, vegan and purely botanical. And clinical studies have shown it has a better effect than natural and man-made Hyaluronic Acid (clinical study link in blog) - CONTINUED - link in profile #hyaluronicacid

Peacock Ore stone. This stunning mineral is said to move us into positivity. To uplift and imbue happiness. It’s so beautiful isn’t it...Today is a new moon. The intentions we set today will carry through the whole year due to the current positions of the planets. My thoughts this morning - Happiness ultimately is a choice. It’s something we choose to reach for no matter how things are unfolding. Devastating situations will always be sad, that’s different, but our day today peace of mind is chosen, cultivated, and nurtured.
The real critic is in our own mind and our world will reflect and appear what we are giving our attention to, what we are giving the energy of our minds to. What you are making real in your own head?

Brilliant teacher @brenebrown asks:
Are you out there trying please your critics? Or are you out there creating a show for the people who love you? You are the one who gives the critic a seat in the stadium at your show. If you are trying to please the critics, you will have to be armored up. If you are armored up the people who love you won't be able to see you. #howtobebrave #takeoffyourarmor #vulnerabilityisstrength

It looks like a ruby gemstone doesn’t it. I’ve been working on this for a year. It’s not quite finished yet - but it’s giving me such awesome results I have to share about it! The base is a rich, organic, high polyphenol, anthocyanidin concentrate made from the most potent plants and berries (so far this will be released as a duo along side a powerful All Plant Vitamin C Concentrate Serum). I’ve experienced the results of this product and the studies back it up - plant polyphenols protect against oxidative stress and DNA damage when applied topically. Studies suggest that plant polyphenols possess powerful anti-photocarcinogenic activity (Archives of Dermatological Research - Joi A. Nichols and Santosh K. Katiyar) - how this relates to skin damage and regeneration is extremely supportive and very exciting. This product is clearly not just a DIY bowl of berries - I’ve combined a complex array of plant nutrients including minerals and cofactors that support the actives and create a truly dynamic, healing treatment that facilitates a clear, toned rejuvenated, protected complexion and healthy skin function.

- unknown. ❤️❤️❤️

In super cold weather, our blood circulation is constricted. Low temperatures cause narrowing of arteries and blood flow restricts. The Cacao Antioxidant Mask is unique in its class as the first cacao based mask on the market designed to stimulate blood circulation. I started sharing this mask in 2005 with my clients and it’s continued to deliver a bright, toned, nourished, smooth appearance instantly for all skin types. The market is now flooded with cacao based skin products but nothing works the way this one does synergistically on the skin with its herbal profile and expertly formulated oil balance. When the skin is activated properly vital nutrients within the bloodstream reach skin cells. Skin stagnation does not support healthy function. Keep the blood flowing! #activateyourskin #cacaoantioxidantmask

Skin breaks down in freezing temperatures...take extra time and check your moisture level and drink lots of warm liquid! Augmenting and reinforcing the skin’s protection and building immunity to withstand drying and chapping is essential. I use the Advanced Hydration Mask twice a day when in extreme cold weather. I mist the Hydrating Accelerator first, then massage and cleanse with it. I leave it on in the shower and in the evening for a couple hours. After gently wiping the excess product away, I apply a heavy layer of Vital Balm Cream. The Indian Senna Seed extract has a powerful ability to mimic the the action of hyaluronic acid - and it works - A moisture attracting and skin plumping adaptogen, 'Cassia Angustifolia' extract also functions as an anti inflammatory, assisting tissue repair and supporting skin elasticity and structure - my unique use of the extract in my formulations take advantage of the seed and herbs synergistic abilities in retaining moisture to support skin function. Let me know how you like using it to keep your skin healthy and protected!! Photo by @dirt.naturals

May LIGHT fill 2018 for ALL of you on every level. Sending love and blessings to each and every one of you. All of you continually inspire me every day here on Instagram and I am truly grateful for your constant love and support. Thank you for being a part of my 2017 and making it so very special. I’m wishing you all bravery, courage, healing, connection, community, great love and empathy! 2018!

Self care to the max today - facial massage, then Gua Sha, and some scalp stimulation. Then it’s time for holiday dinner preparation! Last week was intense and I don’t know about all of you, but I’m finding myself in many situations recently that require me to call upon my highest wisdom - and fast! Acceptance of what is, unconditional love and empathy for others, forgiveness for myself, and questioning any negative thoughts are just a few...The holidays are an intensification and a reflection of ourselves and what we hold onto because come together with family and friends - and we experience ourselves through them. We are called to be brave and see ourselves in each relation. Its an opportunity to grow and it’s exciting when we can stay focused, keep our hearts wide open and try not to take things so seriously. Stay light, and don’t beat yourself up! Pictured here- the addictive Advanced Hydration Mask, which I apply and perform facial massage to release muscular tension - then using my rose quartz Gua Sha tool I work the facia to increase circulation and support fluid flow and release. Pictured in the glass bottle is a very special scalp and follicle treatment I’ve been concocting- synergistic herbal actives proven to stimulate the follicle and increase uptake of blood flow into the hair bulb helping strengthen the hair shaft. This new scalp and follicle tincture will also help support health and healing from disruptive, inflammatory scalp conditions. More on this soon! Have a merry, merry holiday! #2018 #everydayselfcare

The power of scent - whenever I smell night blooming Jasmine, I’m immediately brought back to the most exciting feelings I had when I arrived in Los Angeles 18 years ago. Inhaling my vintage Amber essence, my mind and heart rush back to the mid 90’s, when I wore it every day, it takes me right back to where I was in such a powerful time in my life - moving to NYC, on a train, to start a my life at 19 years old. So powerful. Scent carries your LIFE. Aroma defines existence. Ethereal. It's been a year since this botanical fragrance was shared with the world! It's truly paved the way in which I experience and create perfumes. Delicate, lightly sweet, deep, and sensual. Ethereal seems to have initiated not just a trend, but a new direction for fragrance inclusivity, helping blur the archaic lines of separation that try to keep fragrance defined strictly through gender binaries. Innovation in natural fragrance; a true discovery of balance, fluidity and sophistication. I want to know- what aromas and fragrances have defined your life experience? Please share! Gorgeous photo courtesy of @thegreenkiss

I don’t believe in adding products to my collection unless I am truly inspired.

Whether through nature, my community or most often, within myself - the inspiration always strikes. What feeds my inspiration for product development is what initially compelled me to begin sharing my creations 15 years ago - - To help people. Nothing is more fulfilling. To help people experience what works - to deliver a solution to their problem. To offer a BETTER option that improves on something, and to bring truly pure, unique plant treatments to the skin, scalp, and body that are superior in efficacy.
I’ve been focusing on what you need from the heart of my inspiration and I’m so excited to share my new skin, scalp and hair creations with you in the new year. Pictured here my work-in- progress to be finished very soon -- it’s truly incredible - It’s something to help accelerate your skin’s hydration in a whole new way and it’s efficacy is unbelievable. I can’t wait to share it!!
#botanicalhyaluronicacid #indiansennaseedextract #vitamininfusedaloegel #coconutwater #activeherbalsynergy #plantpeptides

Exactly. 🙌🏽 Thank you @gp_savethearctic for this image.

“Based on traditional standards, younger-looking skin is, in fact, more hydrated, moisturized skin. Sun damage-free skin is both more youthful-looking and healthier overall. The differences between “anti-aging” skin care and thorough, healthy skin care are almost nil. The concept of “anti-aging” is simply easier to sell.” - OLIVIA MUENTER - such a thought provoking quote by @oliviamuenter. •
I ceased using the term 'anti aging' years ago because it doesn’t make sense. It implies we are against aging in many ways and it’s impossible to do anyway. @saritacoren wrote a must-read blog a couple years ago questioning the term. The phrase really implies that aging is not a good thing - that we do not want to age or show any slight appearance of it. I think the term perpetuates an idea that looking older in any way, is quite simply, bad. I think that’s sad. I’ve learned to love aging, I love growing and changing. It’s a process and it’s personal and should be honored. There are always physical changes even when you spend years keeping your skin hydrated, moisturized, exfoliated - and after years of good practice using facial sunscreen which minimizes sun damage. Any skin can look amazing, but it still ages - it just ages well when it’s cared for, loved and supported. I do my best not to resist the changes, and integrate the changes into who I’m becoming. I seek to support my body and skin’s health to age well, not to try and stop it. “Pro-health skin care” for example, doesn’t entice the consumer with the same sense of allure and promise that products claiming to be “anti aging” do.

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