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In the second photo I’m pointing to the area of the face near the eye that’s all too often missed in daily sunscreen application, which results in accelerated damage in this already vulnerable area of the face that’s often first to show skin structure deterioration, decline, and hyperpigmentation. I tap the NDC spf very close to my eye - about 4-5 mm away from the corner - (no, it doesn’t seep into my eyes). This is also the area that many think is protected with sunglasses on, yet solar rays are usually only blocked by sunglasses when facing the sun directly and rays are actually coming in contact with skin entering from the sides much more often. My approach to skin care emphasizes the extreme importance of skin preservation and protection vs the more western approach where people may not have protected their skin very well for years, have excessive damage, and now seek/focus on strictly reversal/repair products - which can help - but nothing is better than not accelerating damage to skin in the first place. Preserve your skin integrity. Do you take an extra second to make sure your SPF is protecting the corner area of skin near your eyes?

Underestimating the need for a truly effective hydrator happens all the time - and helping people understand this imperative phase that supports true skin function and health is something I’ve been doing since the first iteration of this product began restoring my clients skin in 2011 - It’s a true hydrating mist but it’s also an advanced, natural delivery system for herbal actives to effectively penetrate and affect skin cells. Professional skin care is formulated to support skin health and structure first by ensuring that a formulation effectively penetrate the stratum corneum - the top outer layer of the skin - and make a difference. This outer most protective layer of the skin is designed to keep most everything out of body - the Hydrating Accelerator is formulated with herbal-vitamin-infused aloe juice and a proprietary blend of fatty acids designed to move beyond the acid mantle barrier, enhancing penetration by merging with natural lipids and moving between protein cells to deliver hydration and actives within the Accelerator AND whatever product is applied after, into the deeper layers of the skin. Mist, press, apply herbal antioxidant rich Active Infusion Serum, seal in with Vital Balm Cream moisturizer, and finish with SPF Nutrient Day Cream for day.

When I started making skin care products for my own needs, I was 25 years old. My goal at the time was to make treatments that protected and improved the appearance of my skin - and almost 20 years later, that focus hasn’t changed, but my relationship to my skin, body, and self has changed and will continue to as long a I’m alive.
I like to think of aging as ‘constantly getting to know who I really am.’ Aging is a personal, delicate, beautiful, and challenging process and aging gracefully is not always graceful. It’s constant and doesn’t wait for you to catch up and feel comfortable. So nobody can tell you how to do it and what is right for you along the way. It’s different for everybody and how we handle such a natural, inextricable part of life is complex and spiritual.
Thoughts ::: How do we stay in alignment with our desire to accept that our facial skin and structure will absolutely change with age but minimize those changes as much as possible to maintain “beautiful skin” as we grow older?
One thing is for certain - celebrate that you are lucky enough to still be here on earth - have an open heart, be generous and know your lightness is your truest beauty that the people who matter will see.

Today was one of those mornings where I hit the ground running - you all know what I mean! When you need to gather your bearings immediately just upon waking up, while solving incoming problems, making decisions, and trying to get ready and get out of the house in 15 minutes. lol. I knew my routine would be where I would come into alignment with the day and get focused. Each phase allowed me to take a deep breath and slow down and it was extremely effective - Cleansing with the Hydrating Accelerator to start - mist heavily, massage lightly, wipe away with a dry cloth. Next, a deep breath while telling myself “I got this.” Then misting HA again, and over the top applying one pump of herbal antioxidant rich Active Infusion Serum facial oil - pressing the oil into my skin focusing on releasing tension in the facial musculature, with another deep, long, slow breath while affirming “everything is working out perfectly.” Again, a deep breath and and sealing it all in with the firming and moisturizing protection of the Nutrient Day Cream spf. Ahhhh...I. Am. Good. I am thankful.

I have become addicted to the way these pins feel on my scalp. Through all my years in the beauty industry, I haven’t experienced a brush I truly love AND one that was biodegradable and cruelty free. Once you experience the luxurious, soft, round, hornbeam wood pins designed specifically for follicle stimulation and health - you’ll get it!! And you’ll crave brushing your hair and scalp like never before. The Brush and Comb Sets have been flying out of here and I’m so excited for all of you to have your own - get this brush and the beautiful wide-tooth comb you need to gently detangle your locks while they’re a Gift with Purchase - only until this Friday. Happy Holidays!

I was in the mountains last week with my family for the holiday (it was wonderful☺️) and experienced quite a range of cold, wintery weather - snow and ice turned to dry, blustery winds - and you know how it is, it’s hard to know how your skin will respond as it’s always a different set of circumstances on every trip. Here I am, post travel and winter weather stress, back in warm California and my skin is fully intact, perfectly calm and healthy, holding in my hydration, and glowing! Thanks to the power of the frosty-creamy Vital Balm. Truly. I’m so grateful for this super cream and its performance with the Hydrating Accelerator. I’ll never be without it. I hope you all had a lovely holiday and keep your stress managed well during the holiday season.

Right now we are gifting you our exclusive hair tool set! Hand-crafted, certified sustainable forest ash wood and soft hornbeam wood pins, with natural biodegradable rubber cushion. Effectively and safely massage and stimulate hair follicles to encourage hair growth, soft wooden pins are shown to help absorb excess oil and spread beneficial oils through mid-shaft to ends of hair. Our special wide-tooth comb is light as feather and gently helps detangle long hair and reposition short curly textures. Conscious beauty we can all stand behind and believe in. With every purchases of $150 only on from now until supplies last or until November 30th. Thank you for your love and support.

To show our deep appreciation for all of you who choose to shop on we’ve launched Gratitude Rewards Program! This very special program qualifies you for free shipping just by signing up, generous rewards, and truly special offers - BEST of all - if you’ve ever purchased from us - you ALREADY have retroactive point status from all your previous shopping! You have to sign up though - select the tab on our homepage for details! Thank you, all! 📸 @thedetoxmarket

Someone commented to me that our website states the sources of our ingredients in "astonishing detail," right down to the what our vegetable glycerin and vinegar are made from. I said to them that transparency and quality most important and the core of what our brand was founded on. Our commitment to the highest quality ingredients is something we work very hard on maintaining and I’m so very proud of our commitment - we have nothing to hide. Aside from not giving away trade secret methodologies, we are an open book so our customers can understand what they are truly purchasing and trust the quality, efficacy, and worth of what they are investing in for themselves. This is now being coined "clear beauty” - which has been a part of our brand since the very beginning 12 years ago. It means full transparency of the ingredients, sources, ingredient processing, and the final product. From farm to lab to bottle, clear beauty is sharing everything possible about the product, partnerships, process, employees, manufacturing, and overall sustainability and impact companies have on the planet to help ensure the quality and value of what they sell. Tell me, how much does this matter to you? As a consumer I am always investigating to find brands and products I trust that have value. What are your thoughts? Featuring the Nutrient Day Cream Tinted SPF 30

The future is beautiful in the beauty industry. We need to support it being full of transparency, education, innovation, honest, research-led marketing, and most of all, experience. People who work hands-on and have education and training in cosmetology, health, and cosmetic development. Moving away from exaggerated, fantasy claims, and “miracle” products and ingredients, this approach is really quite tired. A product of value and worth doesn’t need to prey on customer fears and insecurities to sell. Featuring the luscious Cacao Antioxidant Mask! #skincarewithintegrity

It’s a 'skin check-in’ - We need to be focused on taking care of our skin all day if we want to care for it right. We can’t expect to think about our skin once a day and be done. In the cold winter months especially, it’s really best if we check on our skin every few hours and tune into its ever-changing needs. Does it feel dry, tight, and/or dehydrated? How’s the elasticity? Is it soft, rough, or sensitive to touch? How's the tone? Is it irritated at all? How's my sunscreen? Do I need to reapply? What kind of mask would I need tonight - hydrating, activating, purifying, recharging, calming, exfoliating? Think about it and address it. It won’t do it on its own. Most importantly- ask yourself what you’ve been eating and what you need to eat - are you ingesting the foods your body needs to have vibrant skin and energy? Always eat as organic as possible to receive the highest nutrient content. Keep circulation flowing with exercise while processing/managing stress as swiftly as possible. Stress destroys the body and immune system. Real skin care and beauty is entirely holistic not just topical.

Try using the Advanced Hydration Mask as a cleansing balm - it locks onto dirt and imbalanced oil and completely purifies skin leaving the complexion plump with protective lipids and botanical hyaluronic acid. AHM is such a fun multi function pure plant treatment - wear it on the plane to preserve and protect your hydration with its superior acid mantle reinforcement...wear it to sleep and experience skin water level increase to reveal your best hydrated skin in the morning...wear it in the shower while the humectants pull steam moisture into skin cells. What else do you do?! I wear a thick layer in yoga class - while my skin perspires through the mask I am never left with that typical after class parched complexion. Protecting, reinforcing, and preserving skin hydration and lipids is supporting healthy skin function - a huge part of slowing skin aging and having your best skin.

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