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Skin protection is how we age well. By preserving the structure of the skin we can slow skin deterioration. By caring for our skin with each step we support its healthy function and offset decline. The number one factor related to accelerated aging is UV rays - as 80% of the visible changes we associate with aging may be caused by sun damage. #nutrientdaycream #spf #skinpreservation #skinprotection

Five and half years ago I was lucky enough to get a meeting with the one of the most influential beauty editors in the world - SunHee Grinnell. I had only met with a handful of beauty editors by the time I met SunHee, and being a small, indie brand, when you sit down with big editors, it can be extremely daunting - but it places you in a position to show yourself, what you are doing, and why it’s different, and that is an immense opportunity.
When I arrived at her office in NYC I was taken to the conference room by her lovely assistant and when SunHee first walked into the room, I instantly felt a powerful, calm, comforting energy in the midst of being in the office of one of the biggest magazines in the world. She radiated kindness and humility in a way that is truly rare. I felt at ease sharing my story as she gracefully listened to everything I had to say and took notes the whole time. I shared about everything from my hands-on work in beauty industry, to my humble beginnings making products for myself in my kitchen in Los Angeles, and I had the chance to explain to her what true herbal synergy and science is and how effective it is at transforming skin and hair.

SunHee was the first beauty editor who really got me. She saw what I was doing and how it was unique and true. So she was the first one to believe in me enough to publish a profile on me and my skin and hair care line in Vanity Fair magazine when the cosmetics industry didn’t know who I was. And I am forever grateful.
I’m sharing this story today because recently I had the honor of meeting with SunHee again. Our sweet conversation danced around the amazing green beauty sector, spa life, and our shared dream of living in the countryside one day. And today, I’m entirely honored by her once again as she has written about me, my brand, and products on her website I’m completely elated as I respect and admire her so much - she speaks of her “new obsession - the forthcoming Hydration Boost Concentrate,” applies it with the Hydrating Accelerator and Vital Balm Cream for two weeks and talks about the results - please have a read. Link in stories and SunHee’s bio.

Creating...nothing is better - a morning filled blending the earths aromatic healing essences into one. I’m working on some oil based and alcohol based perfumes - which type do you prefer or want first? It’s so grounding to create perfume...each essence triggers a deep and mystical experience that awakens me in a subtle way. These aromas call us inward to remember our roots, our ancestry, and to connect to our sacred planet. #divine #rememberwhoyouare #naturalfragrance

A true hydration mask that increases skin hydration level and locks the hydration into the skin with effective natural moisturizing agents. Maintaining hydration is essential to slow decline of the skin and support healthy skin function. I was never satisfied with traditional hydration-boosting products as I didn’t feel like they were very effective - the hydration infused would almost always diminish entirely after removing with a damp cloth or splash rinsing. Supported by botanical hyaluronic acid and rich plant and herb synergy this treatment delivers real results that plump hydration, reinforce the protective skin barrier, and natural moisturizing factors. I hope all you Beauty Heroes are enjoying this wonder in your September discovery - it’s an honor that this product is being appreciated celebrated with @beautyheroes - thank you for the love and support. 🙏🏽

The 8 oz Hydrating Accelerator extra size is here! ⭐️⭐️⭐️Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving, sharing, and appreciating this innovative product formula so much.....I am truly grateful. I’m so happy to offer this all new 8 oz size to you at through the holiday weekend at the introductory price of $60. Only on Enjoy!Mist, Hydrate, Restore, Glow!
#pureskincare #effective

I really love body moisturizing - not only does it feel so good to keep your whole body moisturized, it feels so good to protect the skin cells - the more we protect our skin the less cellular degradation happens and the better we feel and look. Caring for our whole body skin really can be sacred and connect you to your power. When I’m moisturizing, I make it my practice to express gratitude for my skin and each part of my body. I find this conscious practice really helps pull me into my body and assists in keeping me grounded, focused, and in my truth during these wild times on this planet.
Balm, butter, cream, lotion, or oil? I am partial to a balmy-like-cream, an emulsified combo of butter, oil, and aloe juice for the perfect medium viscosity that has absorption due to the aloe but still leaves a bit of a barrier - and it also spreads on easy (hmmm what’s in the photo? lol) Classic body butters are fabulous and awesome for super dry skin - I love lotion formulations for usually lighter moisturizing and easy application and from a pump or tube - Oils are incredible but harder to apply without dripping and getting a little messy. I love them all though and each one for different seasons and conditions. You?

The plants life, it’s true herbal, nutrient density in nature, is always available. Many traditional cultures believe that plants hold symbolic meaning and have their own form of intelligence. Real plant synergy is uplifting when experienced and regenerating when applied to the skin…When I first began crafting botanical products and blending specific organic herbs together into a formulation, I’ll never forget the uplifting feeling that came over me when applying the products to my face. It was all knowing and euphoric. When I made my first herb-infused facial oil 15 years ago, my experience with it and the results that followed changed the way I understood plant ingredients for my skin and my clients.
My approach to skin care - and life, is unique and ever-evolving. That is how I feel I’ve truly found myself and what is unique to my path, my products, and what I offer.  The skin care path is not black and white - it’s what works and is best for each different skin right now - and that approach mirrors my life as well; when I continually stay open and aware of my resistances, I learn and discover more.

Sunday smudging. My favorite combo of sage and palo santo - with the sacred eagle feather 🦅 to spread the energy...I love it when my space is filled with the sweet, earthy, deep aroma of plants’s so grounding and centering. #clear #setthetone #initiate #align

I love kaolin white clay as it delivers minerals, purifies, exfoliates, balances excess oil without drying skin while retaining skin hydration.
I’m mixing my mask on this slow going Saturday morning with a bit of chlorella and raw honey for added phytonutrients, extra moisture, amino acids, and enzymes.

My skin drinks in this cream of rich oils and herbs - the Tinted Nutrient Day Cream with SPF 30 leaves a beautiful, natural hint of color - a blurring, evening of tone that leaves skin with a moisturized yet matte finish - WITHOUT all the unnecessary ingredients found in common creams and SPF’s. I look forward to applying this product every day as it uplifts my sense of well being and nourishes and protects my skin. #nutrientdaycreamtinted Have a beautiful week my friends!! Thank you to the moon for all of your love and support. I hope your summer is wonderful.

It’s coming...You’ve been begging for this for years - an 8 oz Hydrating Accelerator will be available soon.

The #hydratingaccelerator ::: Skin is hydrated effectively with water, but the skin is hydrophobic in nature, the stratum corneum, the outermost protective layer of the skin, is comprised of lipids (fats, oils, waxes, triglycerides), and protein (keratinocytes), and the most effective penetration must contain more than just water or hydrosol for deep percutaneous absorption. The immensely popular Hydrating Accelerator helped usher in a new way of restoring skin cell hydration through its innovative penetration-enhancing efficacy and unique ability to deliver hydration into the skin.

Restoring skin hydration and moisture barrier are essential to healthy skin function - and healthy skin function is essential to effectively rejuvenating and regenerating skin structure. Understanding what products help target which concern is essential to achieving YOUR most beautiful skin and can help you streamline your routine and help you find the most worth and value in your purchases.
Pictured here is the multi-functional Advanced Hydration Mask. Designed to work in tandem with the Hydrating Accelerator. HA penetrates the powerful stratum corneum, the protective outer layer of skin, with its unique penetration enhancing formula - delivering rich phytonutrients into the skin creating a vehicle for the hydration boosting ability of the Advanced Hydration Mask - AHM seals in the vitamin aloe water and compounds skin hydration level with a high concentration of botanical hyaluronic acid. Leaving skin plump, soft, hydrated and moisturized inhibiting tewl. •
I love using AHM for cleansing skin. I mist the HA over face at end of day and massage AHM into it. Rich oils and active herbal infusions pull impurities while increasing hydration. Remove with cloth. If removing make up in first cleanse, follow up with a second cleanse using Complete Moisture Cleanse.

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