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Joshua Lewis  🏆U20 Natural Bodybuilding champion 🏋U23 Natural Junior 2nd Place

Wedding with my girl☺️

Everything is an experience🙌🏻 Whether that’s a good or bad one, you should always learn from it👌🏼Surround yourself with like minded people who will push you to achieve your potential🏆 Never let someone stay in your life, if they wish to drag you down! They are already below you, if this is the case🙌🏻

My land, My city, My home🙌🏻

Who won this pose🤔

Push session👌🏼

I’m a leader in a world of followers🙌🏻 I know my worth, I know what I want and I’m willing to do anything to get it🏆

Little transformation of one year🏆😊 It’s funny that I’m higher body fat in the bottom picture😂

My life is a constant journey to be better than I was yesterday👌🏼 I live my life on this basis🏆 Opinions and rumours will never rattle my cage😊 As if I actually cared about your opinion, I’d ask for it🏆🙌🏻

Don’t forget the name🏆🙌🏻

A New chapter has come, and a previous chapter has ended🙌🏻 This is a necessary step, and will benefit me in the future🏆 I will do whatever is necessary to achieve my goals, those who are meant to be on the journey with me, will show☺️🙌🏻 Those who don’t, I met for a reason! We’ve made an impact on each other lives, in ways we don’t know or can’t explain, as we don’t know the main story😊 So it’s wise to “always be a little kinder than necessary” J. M. Barrie🙌🏻

When there’s no dumbbells to lift😂🙌🏻

Rest🙌🏻 _
It’s important to rest to renew your reserves, not for indulgence👌🏼🏆


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