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Joshua K. Jackson  London, UK

City Kids: little projects are a great way to bring direction and focus to your photography. With a clear goal to work towards, you’ll feel more motivated than if you’re taking photos with no real purpose, or intent behind them. 'City Kids' was mini series I started when it felt like I was beginning to lose my way. It helped me see and understand the benefits of working on projects - something I'm dedicating all of my spare time to at the moment. #streetphotography

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CineStill 800T, Contax G2 #filmisnotdead

Chinatown Diaries #streetphotography

What's more important: the subject or the light? #streetphotography

To make photography part of your daily routine you need to form new habits. We’re all busy, but by carrying your camera with you at all times, you’ll get into the rhythm of thinking about photography and taking photos. This new habit will also confirm how important photography is in your life and how it fits in with your lifestyle #streetphotography

Many beginners deal with their fears by trying to conceal their camera. Being sneaky will make those around you feel uncomfortable and may increase your chances of an unwanted confrontation. Smile and be open about what you’re doing. By projecting positive and relaxed body language, you’ll reduce your risk of confrontations, and avoid looking like a creep in the process.

It’s good to have high expectations, but this can be disheartening when you’re not getting the results you want. The key is to forget about the outcome and focus on enjoying the entire process leading up to the photo. Take delight in connecting with the world and hold no expectations about the final result. Savour the journey - forget about the destination. #streetphotography

Late Night Coffee

I always feel the most inspiration to shoot street photography at night. For me, the city comes alive and the rich colours open up lots of creative possibilities for photographers #streetphotography

People are shocked when I tell them that the number of books I’ve read cover-to-cover can be counted on my fingers. After been diagnosed with dyslexia – more specifically, difficulties with tasks involving rapid processing of symbols – at the age of 10, I always felt hindered and frustrated in my studies at school. Reading and writing simple sentences continue to challenge me, so I find it easier to express myself through imagery. That's why photography is so important in my life. It gives me the voice I never had previously.

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