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Service Yard, 2017

Brake Lights, 2017

Lines, 2017

Hard Rain, 2017

Night Bus, 2017

Flower Market, 2017

The key things to work on are overcoming the fear of taking photos in public and developing an eye for a good scene. In the beginning, use whatever camera you have and forget about the technical side - it’s more important to upgrade yourself than your gear

Striking a chord with the viewer is fundamental. We love to discover, and we want to be stimulated. Our minds take pleasure in finding connections and noticing things that are not immediately obvious. Being too obvious in an image is a far greater sin than being obscure, because it insults everyone’s intelligence. A full-frontal, baldly self-evident image that has nothing to accompany the first glance, is hardly worth our while looking at, and certainly not for enjoyment. And finally, among all these layers of experience and viewing, there is the unexpected and the unanticipated. In case all of the above gives the impression that all successful photography is well thought through from the start, many of the most stimulating photographs contain a little magic. This may be something that even the photographer was unaware of at the start. Looking through the contact sheets later – or the screen catalog nowadays with digital – the photographer may discover something about one frame that surprises, makes it special. —Michael Freeman

It can't rain forever

London Colour, 2017

Brake Lights, 2017

Driver, 2017

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