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Josh Johnson  ATL Photographer & founder of the #JJ community. Miranda, Thai food, & Roadtrips. I've moved my old @joshjohnson account to @jjcommunity. Say hi. 👋🏻🤓

Running a power plant in the 1930’s is very serious business. 😊. He’s an actor that told us all about the control room. #jj_industrial #jjinstarail #ardnacrusha

Let’s do something fun. Let’s see who can post the most pictures for their region. Bragging rights are on the line! 😁Any subject that is indicative of where you live is fair game.
Here are your hashtags today. The first three are US time zones. Mexico and Canada, I’m putting you in central and mountain. 🙂👍🏻.
#jj_Eastern, #jj_CentralAndMountain, #jj_Pacific, #jj_SouthAndCentralAmerica, #jj_Europe, #jj_Africa, #jj_Asia, #jj_Australia.
And finally, have you heard the news! We’ve done photowalks in Australia, Brazil, Bermuda and Ireland. We done BIG photo walk tours in the US 4 times! But in 7 years, @kevinkuster and I haven’t been able to visit you guys in continental Europe! It’s just wrong!!! 😉. And it ends next month! 😀.
After our March 19th @irishrail program, I will be organizing four or five photowalks in Europe. The dates Kevin can come along are still pending, but I’ll be buying a Euro Rail pass and backpacking it from March 21st through April 4th.
March 21st through April 4th. Let’s plan this out together! Where should we meet up? Do you have a great town and a community of local photogs that you’d like to schedule a photowalk for? Got a couch I can crash on? I’m financing this one on my dime. 🙂 Germany? Spain? London? Rome? What can’t I miss on my trip and who do I absolutely need to see.
I am SOOO excited! Can’t wait! We can talk it through together in the thread below or you can also send me an email at

Russ ringlit. 🙂 Cool new flash I bought on amazon. #jj_welovepets #jj_forum_2182

Playing around with my lights yesterday. 🙂 Figured it was time to get rid of that caveman beard avatar pictures I’ve had for a couple years. 😆 #jj_forum_2101

Todays #JJ Photo Forum theme is “Commute”, #jj_forum_2056. Works out well because today is a good day to let the bus driver handle the traffic. 🤓 I usually work from home but Kevin and I have almost finalized a plan to get me out of my apartment for my #JJ workday. I know most people hate their commute and I’m sure eventually I won’t be a fan but I must say it felt nice today to get up and go somewhere. Pretty exciting. Can’t share details yet but soon I hope. #commute #RainyDay #Atlanta #i75south

#jj_forum_2012. Framed by a couple glasses of wine and new friends too. 🤓.

Super proud of my travel buddy. It's either been 90 degrees or raining, everyday, for 4 days. She loves Disney and has been showing me around. I'm not a big theme park guy, but we've been a pretty good team. Especially considering that I am newly realizing on this trip that I'm now an old man. I'm done done by five and she wants to stay till eleven. 😂. Hey! How about that portrait mode on the iPhone 7plus! Pretty impressive huh!? 🤓👍🏻. #iphone7plus #backlit #jj_forum_1945

About go into the Hollywood Studios Tower Of Terror with my soggy rockstar. 😂

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