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Josh Haner  Staff Photographer for @nytimes Link to Easter Island story:

When your flight to Istanbul takes the scenic route over SF...

One of the most idyllic natural swimming holes in the world. The pool deepens during high tide behind the famous statues on Easter Island. I waded in. Unfortunately the rising sea is eroding the coastline and threatening these cultural monuments. Link in my profile. On assignment for @nytimes

Tourists look like ants compared to these massive statues on Easter Island's shore. It's hard to believe that something that holds so much cultural history is vulnerable to the rising seas. Link in bio to read more about how this Unesco heritage site is in danger. On assignment for @nytimes
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Some of the culprits causing immense difficulties as Iceland tries to plant new trees. Hungry hungry free roaming sheep. Our story on the massive reforestation effort to replace what they've lost for @nytimes (link in bio) is up now.

Iceland is growing millions of trees as part of its massive replanting effort. Here, seedlings grow in a greenhouse in the east. Our story on Iceland's reforestation effort is up now on @nytimes. Link in bio.

I remember being overwhelmed by Iceland's moonscapes and unique geography on my first visit years ago. Then I found out what I had thought was an "untouched" wild place actually looked this way because Vikings had cut down so many trees more than a thousand years before. Bringing back this natural resource is challenging to say the least. A brief trailer for our story on reforestation efforts in Iceland. Up now on the @nytimes homepage and in my bio link. On assignment for @nytimes #iceland #climatechange

Nancy Cook sorts through clothing she salvaged from the ashes of her home in Santa Rosa, CA. On assignment for @nytimes

Surveying the fire damage at Journey's End, a mobile home park in Santa Rosa, CA on assignment for @nytimes #drone #dronestagram

The heartbreaking scene shown from above the Coffey Park neighborhood in Santa Rosa, California today. Massive wildfires broke out about an hour north of San Francisco burning thousands of homes so far. On assignment for @nytimes. #drone

One of my favorite days on a recent trip to Rotterdam--swimming with fifth graders at a local public pool. “For us, climate change is beyond ideology." Students in the Netherlands must show that they can swim with their clothes and shoes on in order to receive a certificate. Link to today's piece in our Changing Climate, Changing Cities series by our architecture critic @michael_kimmelman in profile.

90 percent of the city of Rotterdam lies below sea level, leaving many residential areas vulnerable to a rising ocean. The Maeslantkering, an immense sea gate conceived decades ago to protect the port of Rotterdam -- It is the size of two tubular Eiffel Towers, toppled over. Link to today's piece in our Changing Climate, Changing Cities series by our architecture critic @michael_kimmelman in profile.

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