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Josh Gad  You can see me in such things as my Profile Picture.

Just living life.

I cannot believe this. 10 years after the fact but I finally had a #21 reunion with @officialjimsturgess and I could not be happier.

Back in hell

Happy belated birthdays (yesterday), to half my #beautyandthebeast cast including my brother @thereallukeevans / the incomparable @emmawatson / her majesty #emmathompson and the wonderful Nathan Mack. Love you all.

Can’t wait to open the door on #artemisfowlmovie and #mulchdiggums over the coming months. We are working day and night to bring the incredible and iconic world that Eoin Colfer created over the course of his epic saga all those years ago.

Personally I think @mrroryomalley @andrewrannells @briandarcyjames and #groffsauce all wore it better.

God, I love London

Sadly this is the new norm, but there are people out there pretending to be me. Do not interact with them. I do not use Facebook messenger and if I did, I wouldn’t sound like I just got off the boat from Russia and learned English from an episode of Happy Days.

These were my grandparents, Joseph and Evelyn Greenblatt. They lived in Poland. They were kids who liked to socialize, play games and go to school. Their childhoods were cut short, however, when their families were gathered up, separated from them and put in concentration camps or killed brutally by guns, gas chambers or through other barbaric methods. Neither got to remember their parents past adolescence. Neither got to grow old alongside all of their brothers and sisters. Neither of them got to do the things we take for granted: go to school, play an instrument, go to a park or go on a date. Instead they were starved, forced into labor and made to spend every day for half of a decade simply trying to survive one more minute, one more hour, and one more day. And they were the “lucky” ones. The ones who go to grow old and have children who went on to have grandchildren who went on to give them great grandchildren. My grandparents both died well into my early adulthood. They were able to pass on many lessons but perhaps the most important was to “never forget.” I don’t think they could have imagined that facism, Nazism, and nationalism would rear their ugly heads less than a century after they lived through one of humanity’s darkest hours. Yet, here we are, facing old enemies and familiar themes. Today I honor them the only way I know how: by vowing never to forget, so that we are not doomed to repeat the same tragic mistakes all over again. #HolocaustRemembranceDay

#tbt the first picture of my wife and I around the time we first started dating in 2005.

Happy birthday to one of the greatest human beings I have ever known who also puts up with more crap than she should from me. My dear #daisyridley how I love you. You are a one of a kind.

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