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Finished editing BUDDY GAMES today..
Directing this movie has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my professional life. I can’t wait to show it to the world!! IT CRUSHES!!
BUDDY GAMES 2019!!! 📷

Rush hour in ND. #ndlegendary

Happy 5th Birthday little man.

Look! I’m on a boat! Next time you could be right here with me… but it’s your LAST CHANCE to join me for an awesome day on the water. Click my bio link or go to

We just pulled it out of the box. It’s a start, right?

Thanks for showing up for my boy’s birthday party @coolhaus kids went crazy. (Love you AM) #ibuywomenowned

RocJocPederson @yungjoc650

front row seats at Dodger Stadium. What?! @dodgers

Nothing clears the mind like a joy ride through the woods.

Nothing better than time at the lake with my sisters and the kids. #Family #MissYouKass

#Repost @cashelgisme ・・・

In the early 1890’s scientists Dr. Guido Werdnig and Dr. Johann Hoffman were investigating a mysterious, life threatening disease that was weakening babies within the first few months of life, it was also happening multiple times in certain families. This was the beginning of their discovery of a genetic disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, SMA.
SMA quickly became the #1 genetic killer of children under 2 years of age! In the 128 years since SMA was discovered there has never been a cure or treatment. On December 23, 2017 FDA approved the first treatment for SMA and it has changed everything! This is only the beginning, gene therapy is at our fingertips and is potentially the CURE for SMA!
My name is Cashel, my little sister is Allie, we are just two of the thousands and thousands of babies born with SMA, many are warriors still battling SMA and many more are now angels. August is SMA Awareness month and we are all working to help spread awareness of SMA, to teach others how to understand our lives but more importantly, have knowledge about SMA if they have or know a newly diagnosed baby.
Where there was no hope there is now glimmering hope,
where there was only the prognosis of death at diagnosis, there is unprecedented chances for a future for an SMA child.
Where there was wheelchair tracks soon there will be footprints
And where there was daunting amounts of medical equipment, tubes and machines needed to live, there will only be a basic diaper bag.
Please help us by sharing this post and if you love an SMA Warrior or Angel please add their picture to the comments below so we can show the world all the faces of SMA. #SMA

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