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My punk rock chicken happy we are both home dancing the night away me on the floor reading my little book her igniting ashy wooden scents over new flowers at the end of an ocean swim the waves bigger than they should have been and everybody was out the cops and all the misfits and everything was sketchy tonight as it should have been the night bringing in a soft fog, a whisper of a veil hitting all the makeshift tents with a small winter dew but it's not even close winter yet tonight it is why tonight is weird and happy and we have our lil place inside Lana Del Rey playing and she keeps pirouetting into and through me and I still can't believe Sam died his voice I can hear it highish-pitched when he's talking with Barbara Hershey and then when he flips backward off that horse man straight up into the sky at Mach whatever keeps going and hit that cosmic floor that skyward ceiling and you see aurora borealis swirlings bye Sam the lithe and my tall one still pirouettes through me through the flowers and flat right into bed. Flat. Goodnight.

Plane ride. We bank. I lean with the plane somehow thinking I'm affecting its trajectory. A loud noice comes from the back. It's a baby throwing it's toy overhead. It hits me in the head. I laugh and hold on to it until the plane reaches altitude. I hold the toy, look down at it. I'm bleeding, I think. I pretend I'm not. There's an Asian girl to my right: she's watching a Japanese game show on her phone. Then I hear a southern accent: "What movie should I watch?" an olderish women says. "I don't care. I'm going to sleep", her husband replies. The plane banks left and the sun hits him hard.

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"Oh No!" 😬 To mark the release of the classic #UncleBuck 28yrs ago today, here's a new #lowbudgetposter not-starring #avengersinfinitywar's @joshbrolin , @zoesaldana & @tomholland2013 ✌️ BTW Big thanks to @seal for the music. (Of course this isn't real. Well, it's real in the sense it would look good printed and hung in my garage. πŸ‘)

Part 3:
Some will grow to be hurtful people, and some will focus on how to be helpful to their society. Some will stay neutral. It takes all kinds.

Part 2: β€’β€’β€’β€’
I was terribly bullied by a 'friend' who ended up very sadly shooting himself in front of his whole family. I've been lucky to survive myself so far, but survive I have. I've been lucky enough to find a great glee in living when the living is good, and that's almost always except when somebody tries to get in the way. And I like diversity, because it has fully colorized my life. I've met great people, people who have changed the worlds inside me. I love my country when it is strong, humble, helpful and kind. Great, to me, isn't arrogant. Arrogant people are deeply insecure and feed off the insecurities of others. They intuitively know more than most because their sensitivity demands your attention and you will stand with them for being 'present'. Being a survivor is commendable. Having a through-line without waver, can be brave. But arrogance is a tricky thing. When it comes down to it I'll tell my stories, and you will tell yours. We'll sit around the campfire and share who we are. As I get older, I have no interest in the arrogant anymore though. I've been that. I've been around that, and it always turned out a shitty, forgettable moment in my life. There have been colorful moments, really colorful, involving a potpourri of really colorful personalities, but arrogance always fell short of what it preached: that its way was right and your way was wrong.
When you mow anyone down in your car, it's not okay. When you want to paint a canvas with only white, you are not only a shitty painter but you have no imagination (or if you do only you can see it and who gives a shit about something only you can see as we are in a world you have to share). You have your opinion and I have mine. We agree to disagree. But whether we like each other or not, I've been stabbed and I've seen pee splash the wall behind me, and you've struggled and laughed and survived in your way. Who deserves more than whom? Was the civil rights movement about fighting all for one and one for all or 'is for us and then for them'? At the end of the day, we have a history and we continue along a trajectory of growth or wilting.

I've been mugged in Italy. I've been stabbed in Costa Rica. I've been held down for way too long by massive surf and I thought as I rolled underwater, in spin dry mode, that I wasn't going to make it. I've been with women who coiled and women who danced wildly. I have friends for a lifetime and people who have come and gone. I've sat with my son holding hands under a lien-to in our truck in Colorado listening to Tom Waits "Ruby's Arms" and cried. I've, also, sat on our cowhide couch in Templeton and heard my 6 year old daughter gloriously sing "Amazing Grace" with such soul that it left me translucent for the rest of the day. With my family I've washed the feet of homeless folk on Thanksgiving Day giving thanks. I've run to my brother's aid after he was horse kicked in Susanville, California. I've been to jail as an adolescent and was so quiet and scared that I scared everyone else enough to keep them away from me. I got up at 4am as a kid, stopped at Hoover's Beef Palace for an early breakfast before going to the dump to sift though trash sometimes finding great gems in that mountain of shit while grandfather Wiebe bulldozed around us always careful with his swinging two ton metal bucket. I slept in a boat port at Topolobampo, Mexico for 6 weeks and wrote a novella and befriended a guy named Pony ("...because they call my brother Horse"). I've changed diapers and laughed uproariously at the steady stream of infant urine that would sometimes spray the ceiling. I had a friend growing up, Norman, who was the only black kid in our school. We liked each other. I had people ask me why we spent so much time with each other, and I said: "Because his hair is all spongy. I like feeling it" and Norman said: "And his hair is all smooth and silky like Vogue magazine" and we laughed and walked away together. I listened to Lenny Bruce on red vinyl albums as a young adult and thought I'd struck gold. Anthony Zerbe spoke ee Cummings to me and I learned what it was to actually taste the sounds of great poetry for the first time. I fought surly chicanos in metal shop in my school and they were some of the best friends I ever made, post-fight.

My daughter @edenbrolin sings like a jazzy, smoker's guardian angel. She's written some of the melodies and all the lyrics to this, her album. This song, Walden Pond, is about her Papa. Check it out on iTunes or Spotify. Atta Boy, two words, is the band. #edenbrolin #attaboyonline #❀️

"The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware." Henry Miller @kathrynbrolin

Ryan Reynold's Smart Ass Secrets or Josh Brolin's beating his demons to become Hollywood's go to Hellraiser? It's like asking if you want to go on a date with a beautiful woman to a top notch restaurant and giggle through the night as you're being ticklingly charmed by your soulmate or go to Denny's with a biker chick and have eggs over my hammy with tobasco. It's just not fair. #deadpoolvscable #bestfriendsforever #canadianshavebetterskin

"SEAL training was always about proving something. Proving that size didn't matter. Proving that the color of your skin wasn't important. Proving that money didn't make you better. Proving that determination and grit were always more important than talent. I was fortunate to learn [those lessons]."
I bought this brilliant and moving book by Retired Admiral William H. McRaven based on the commencement speech he gave to the graduation class of 2014 at the University of Texas at Austin at the airport and read it on the plane. I highly recommend it. #respectfully #aswelookoutforeachother #makeyourbed #prevail @prevailactivewear

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