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I’m sorry but, I mean, come on. Heavenly.
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When God wakes you up! When you’re excited for the start of the @nba season! When you have unlimited R A N G E like @stephencurry30 #singsistahsing

There are so many more to share but I just have to express my gratitude to @jenniferstenglein for making it so fun to, ultimately, have these intimate and dynamic shots of who we are at our most relaxed. Organic. Thank you for that. Your talent is intrinsic. ❤️❤️ @jenniferstenglein @kathrynbrolin #jbkbstucktogether #babybean

Back when smoking wasn’t bad for you. #nocountry

Light is made of of “little packets of energy called photons”. The hotter the photon, the more light it produces. There is a light coming from you that I, from the moment I realized you were a light that would grow me, could never understand the origins of. How could a light so bright come in a package so lithe and clumsy? How could these eyes holding such green forests, grow even bigger meadows in me? How it is that a character with the courage and intelligence yours holds, could make us all smile instead of seethe? It’s those tiny giggling photons dancing inside your cells. It’s you, waking up beside me this morning, with a start from laughing in your sleep that makes it your birthday today, everyday. Happy Birthday, my love. Love Little Bean and Dada. #❤️❤️❤️

AN AMNIOTIC WALTZ by @michaelmuller7 — My bro, Michael, shot with us for an hour and a half yesterday at his house, then he stayed up all night choosing from over 3,000 photos and edited 500+ pics in the middle of the night then packed and ran to the airport at 5am. He sent me his selects at 3am. The man is a force of nature, and has one of the biggest hearts around. Thank you, brother. You’re Helmet Newton meets Jacque Cousteau. You’re all art. ✊️💪❤️ @michaelmuller7 @kathrynbrolin

Honeymoon memories. Now, almost baby bean. Nostalgic of all those moments we’ve colorized the world expressing our founded love for each other. You and me, lady. Ain’t nothin’ but a thang. @kathrynbrolin #bean #❤️❤️ #jbkbstucktogether #beautyandthebeast

Time trickles away so we grasp at it, confine it in any unfamiliar, unworldly way we can because it makes it seam to last longer. It’s the lunar landing of it all that transcends us. It’s that super exhaustion of our blood oxygen levels that throws us into defining ourselves as worthy or not to provide, that long lost art of being a man (personal to me) when your kids look to you do they feel safe and, ultimately, feel that they can tackle the world at large with a confidence that they’ll be able to get up from the body slam that will inevitably come and prevail? That’s the hope.
Thank you for a summer that will be deeply felt for a long long time. Camaraderie is everything and acceptance of the differences in each of us but coming together with the common understanding that without each other we are less of a force. But those moments in that pool, soaring, almost meditatively flying — the fat lady sings so loudly that glass breaks and we are all thrown into adolescent giggles.
Laird, Gabby, Reece, Brody, Kenna and the rest of the gang — love. @xptlife @lairdhamiltonsurf @gabbyreece @kathrynbrolin #😈 #🏄🏻‍♂️ Photo by @kennacolbs ❤️❤️❤️

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Chris Cornell Statue unveiled by his children, Toni, Lily and Christopher💟💜

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To feel as if you’ve survived something each day, a primal accomplishment, as we trudge the road of happy destiny. We navigate through these partisan times, secretly just wanting to commune and know that our fellow man and woman has our best interests at heart. We reach for that threshold that instigates that feeling of being most alive. Write something down today. Write what your most grateful for in your life. Instead of hating Monday, let Monday be the springboard for the most colorful week of your life. Make your lady proud. #fuckit #punkrocklife #beanstrength @kathrynbrolin @lairdhamiltonsurf @gabbyreece Photo by @kennacolbs #🇺🇸

Fuck it: she’s moving out, and even taking the trash with her — but on the way out she had to stop and rest a bit. She’s nine months pregnant. Give her time. She’ll be back up and rebelling any moment now. 🦄🤪🍼

Mcgregor/Khabib fight tomorrow night. 😐

Middle of the night I’m looking through my pictures of you asleep I am looking through you into pictures seeing you through me my pictures my glorious Dr. Seussian woman strutting through a museum let’s call it standing next to your favorite giacometti standing regal next to each other a little humorously a little gleefully okay a little sexily with a smirk on your face I remember on this journey through you or through me into you like violins playing themselves gliding over Venetian canals you my Gumby who swallowed a shining moon who grew a fascination stand there in this museum as art a happy art an ‘art of instigates’ as we all smile stopping in wait until you exhale and let us pass but I can’t go won’t go ever go. @kathrynbrolin #thebean #drseusstreasure #theimaginationbowstoreality #jbkbstucktogether

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