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Joshandsam Jones  Husband&wife/Been rockin together since 2010/fitness couple

The look on my face says it all. On sunday of all days.
Jogged 4 laps.
Ran 400
Ran 500
Ran 600
Finished with a 100 yard tire flip.
And a lap around acu to cool down.
Josh helped on some flips and needless to say this was a character building and marriage builder for us today. Some yelling, cussing and encouraging was all used during this time and this was a day to really help build our marriage up. When things get tough and the enemy is throwing things at both of you, throw it back in his face with building each other up, encouraging each and forgiving each other. Marriage is not easy you have to choose love every day but the reward is worth it!
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G R I N D >>>> Week 2
8x400 | :80 pace or less | 5:00min rest in between

Sometimes i think this little 4 pound man is a little fox with those cute ears and tail he has going on. #NutrishPets #nutrishpets #sweepstakes

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Tomorrow | July 17 | Make sure to follow @thelab_abilene and @bwyliestrong visiting out in San Diego, on Instagram Stories📱as we show you behind the scenes 🎥 at what the typical day in the life of our TPL coaches looks like! 🏋🏻#LifeOfAStrengthCoach

Welcome to Jones Pancake House. For those of you that don't know, Josh lovessss pancakes. I thought I would make a healthier option for him this morning. These things are amazing 😍 and even he loves them so much they put him right to sleep. (He ate 12 of these, may I add...haha) The recipe is very simple:
Blueberries (optional)
3 bananas and 4 eggs were enough for me and Josh. So just measure out depending on how much you think you might be cooking. Simple. Easy. Healthy. Enjoy! 🥞🥞 #healthyeating #cleaneating

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That track doesn't lie 💯>>>>> @thelab_abilene Week 1
4 x 400 (:75)
3 x 300 (:55)
2 x 200 (:35)
2 x 100 (:15)

Saw @floydmayweather throwing cash... uhhh floyd... you wanna throw some of that our way?! Haha

One thing ive learned about this journey of recovering and transforming my body is... i need to choose to love myself everyday. Because if i do not love myself how am i supposed to allow someone else to love me? God says that power is in the tongue and the words we speak so ive been speaking out loud words of encouragement and not agreeing with the negative thoughts in my head. Looking at my scars and brusies everyday is something im reminded, its not holding me back they are signs of victory and make me beautiful! They tell my story. Although changes are not happening as fast as i would like, i love seeing the small changes. I love this journey i am on and im blessed to josh by my side and that he continually is pushing me and even in my worst moments he still loved me. Im continuing to only get stronger and i will not stop!

Celebrated my beautiful mothers birthday yesterday with some of the family. My sister in law @darkbluephoto made an amazingggg cake as well.

We are ready for a vacation. Anybody else?! 🙌🙋 we cant wait to celebrate our wedding anniversary in a couple weeks and eat at so many amazing food places. Its about to go downnnnnn! 🥞🍕🌭🌮🌯🍗🍔🍟🥙🍿🍦🍧🎂 Of course we will still be getting our workouts in! 💪

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