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巨 Josh Jewell 巨  🌴| G-Tramper 🔥|13 ❄️|Michigan ❤️|Fronts 🇺🇸|All American tramp 👻|Snap, jjewell876 #everythingtobelly #yaidoo #thatducktuckwascute raw @joshysclips_

😳😨 TO BELLY 😨😳
/// I was just trying this cuz I’ve been wanting to do it but 2nd ever one I did to belly and then my 3rd one I did this 😳 @flipz_michaelll @iitsnotaidannn @camshorey77 @sbradley_9 @colbyiverson_ song creds: @coltomn

Never thought I would come this far...
/// dedicated to @camshorey77 @iitsnotaidannn @flipz_michaelll all for helping me along the way all leading to this ❤️ I’ve been wanting to do this for so long but never got good sets but I finally did it and I’m so happy. (Please shoutout)

/// I look so surprised after the dub ballout x5 cuz it was first try lol this sesh wasn’t that hard at all but insane post tomorrow 😳😳 be ready @camshorey77 @flipz_michaelll @iitsnotaidannn

🤤😴 night chills 😴🤤
/// this was do fun and it was like the perfect temp and the sunset was good 👌 also rlly like how this turned out and most of this was new learns 🤪 @camshorey77 @iitsnotaidannn @flipz_michaelll @camcavicchiolo @_jonathanspicer_ @coltomn @colbyiverson_

/// this was so nerve wrecking to commit to but I’m so happy I did it this was also my 2nd ever fliffus in on my tramp and I somehow did it one bounce @camshorey77 @iitsnotaidannn @flipz_michaelll

Chill skyzone sesh with @iitsnotaidannn happy about basically everything in the video except the round off dub back was easy Lel @camshorey77

/// I did this without any sets and I’m so happy with the rotation and how it looks but sorry I barely got any clips :/
This is dedicated to @camshorey77 @colbyiverson_ and @declan_crowther fliffus in gods

🎄merry Christmas🎄 /// I know this edit sucks and there isn’t anything good in it but I’m just posting it to say merry Christmas and to announce my new Acon circle ❤️🎄 @flipz_michaelll @iitsnotaidannn @camshorey77

🍗funday with @flipz_michaelll🍗
/// ft. My new record of Cody’s on atmos 13

/// dedicated to @camshorey77 and @aldenspencer_ this was so hard to do and keep height on but I’m so happy with it and I’m glad I finally did it after wanting to for so long @flipz_michaelll @iitsnotaidannn @gravitated_equations

/// fun time at airtime last night with @flipz_michaelll I wasn’t expecting to be able to land this and do it so clean • @camshorey77 •new learns: kaboom full in, kaboom full in landed

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