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Josephine Kinsey  Somewhere between psychotic and iconic Mega Model Agency Berlin ✉️

Babe you know we good for it 🍑@laura_kaczmarek_
#orangeisthenewblack #seenbetterdays

She has stars in her eyes and galaxies in her heart. Her lips are the galaxies edge and her kiss the color of a constellation falling into place. Her smile is brighter than the sun and her laugh sounds like stars being born. When she danced like meteors shooting through the night sky, I learned how to love astronomy. 🌌 ✨ @benhammer_
#universelover #blackandwhitephotography

Willpower really is a muscle that needs to be repeatedly used in order to strengthen its ability to create it. To create something new, the discovery of your own power. The knowledge of self worth and inner strength, positive affirmations and willpower of a human. 🌙 @volker_conradus
#journeywithin #loveisnow #loveisstrong

@andrejosselin caught me smiling;
well I think it's because I've might have inhaled you the second we met.
#blurryface #soulfood #meltfestival

Peeped you from across the room and now you are unforgettable
#morereadythanever #reebok #reebokclassic

Will be back for more 🎇
Whos in @meltfestival this year? Catch us if you can
#tb to last years madness with @isisbotanika by @davidzuschlag
#swishswish #meltfestival

Lurkin around don't mind nobody
#levis #liveinlevis #mbfw

No one can judge me except the girl in the mirror
#blondie #hairlikewaterwavylikethesea

Nothing better than a sunset cruise with my partner in crime 🌇 wanna see the #OpelADAM S from a whole new perspective? Check out the link in my bio for a 360 experience!
#beWILD #beYOU #beADAM #ad
Kraftstoffverbrauch für den Opel ADAM S in l/100km: kombiniert 5,9; CO2-Emission, kombiniert in g/km: 139 (gemäß VO (EG) Nr. 715/2007). Effizienzklasse D

I gave you all my thoughts
Now I lost my mind
#pulluponya #notmycar #ronaldmcdonald

I know that I've been hard to please, but I recognize. And when I'm thinking rationally I love that you're all mine.
And I know that you've been working hard tryna keep that money large. When I hear you coming through the door gonna show you, show you this is yours.
Lemme show you my appreciation.
I know that I've been hard to read but I tell no lies. I can't just think nationally, the whole world should be ours.
Lemme show you my appreciation.
#appreciateher #takecare

Menschen werden Tiere wegen Drogen, Bitches, Scheine. Ich war mittendrin, daneben, aber irgendwie alleine.
Paradies, sie rennt ins Meer, türkise Well'n. Ich mach' 'n Foto, die Schönste der Welt. Sieh' ihre Haare auf dem Moped ohne Helm und die feuerrote Sonne kracht in Slomo in die Well'n. Augenblick, du bleibst Silvester in L.A. - doch schon vorher brannte sich dein Lächeln in mein Gedächtnis, als du schliefst.
Und ich versprech' dir, ich vergess' dich wirklich nie, hab' genug von random bitches und den Nächten in Berlin.
Ich bin da, ich sehe dich klar.
#behindthescenes #focus #onmyback

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