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joseph branciforte  i make sounds & records // musician, recording/mixing/mastering engineer, sound artist, composer.

december 13, 2018 :: snow day loops :: using the 0coast contour section to shape the output of a piston honda wavetable oscillator.

december 11, 2018 :: i am starting a record label in 2019. it’s something i’ve wanted to do for a while now, but i am finally ready to take it on. the first 2 releases will be collaborations of my own — a duo album with theo bleckmann and a collaborative project with kenneth kirschner. the music will be minimal, spacious, and free of clutter, as will the design. there will be limited edition physical releases of 100-200 records (vinyl or CD) as well as high-resolution digital downloads (96k/24b). beyond that, i have no agenda, except to release the highest quality music i can possibly muster: creatively, conceptually, and sonically. stay tuned.

november 30, 2018 :: 60-channel location recording at @bam_brooklyn last night :: it’s always an adventure integrating a multitrack recording system into a complicated live production... but when a venue has a robust dante network, it makes things a million times easier!

november 27, 2018 :: pluck + rings duet :: marbles generates a rhythmic hocket via coin toss, distributed to @twohpmodular pluck and mutable rings via X1 and X3 outputs.

november 26, 2018 :: only had this module for a few days and i can already say that this is one of the most musical implementations of randomness i’ve come across (eurorack or otherwise). the way the deja vu parameter addresses the issue of repetition & change within random sequences is so elegantly conceived and extremely satisfying to play.

november 21, 2018 :: first jam with the venerable mutable rings... haven’t even screwed the module in and there’s music coming out :: sequenced by organelle via intellijel midi i/o, modulated by nanorand, reverb provided by avalanche run.

november 18, 2018 :: the adventure continues.
#intellijel #modularsynth #eurorack @intellijel

november 14, 2018 :: a pure data drum synthesizer built for organelle and monome grid :: revisiting a few pd projects from the spring, gave this patch some updates including state saving, probabilistic 32nd note control, and hard sync option for fm engine :: full youtube video in bio.

november 9, 2018 :: morning loops :: 0-coast looped by organelle and monome, with korg nanokontrol as mixer :: full video on youtube, link in bio.

october 30, 2018 :: a different kind of outboard gear. bringing modular/pedals into the mixing process via @radialeng reamp.

october 26, 2018 :: from max/msp algorithm to string quartet :: rehearsing with the low edition of @jackquartet for an upcoming recording.

october 22, 2018 :: just finished two months of composing a string quartet in which i encountered a piano, staff paper, or notation software exactly zero times. in fact, haven’t seen a single note on paper until dumping to sibelius this morning, two days before rehearsal.

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