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Jose Lopez  Thanks for all the love and support. Check us out at

Happy to be home. Thanks @alanchand27 for the sick kicks. @homekong_market 🙏

I can’t even begin to explain this....... fucking mind blowing. Geoduck clam with crispy rice special house recipe soup. @leigarden the best. Thanks @12ya17su17 for introducing me to this place and the other one #yakinikuujapanesebbq 👌

The best goes to Earl grey tea infused house cocktail. Thanks @paulsill @delunatapas remind me the name Paul.

This was our Turkey this last Thanks Giving Day away from home, thanks @edwin_chuang for making this possible just one of the amazing dishes from that night. Much love thanks brother. #aboloneatitsbest #spicycrabday #duckandnoodlesoup 👌best ending.

Thank my bros @lok666 and @thunderbirdtony so many beautiful memories. See you the next time for some quality time this time around maybe in Cebu @savhospitalitygroup 🤔 @edwin_chuang. ❤️🙏

@elvissssss_ miss you brother thank you so much your the best. Love your energy my friend. See you on the flip side. #hongkongfamily #lowridertattoostudios #cheyennetattooequipment #bishoprotary #h2oceanproteam #blessed🙏

Perhaps the best words I have heard in my life. I got here not by making enemies, I got here by making friends. Thanks mako for this pic amazing memories for sure. @antoniomackotodisco @tin_tin_tatouages @chriscrooked theres light shining down on you not shade 😂 @arni714 @luke_atkinson__ And my amazing friend Filip Lue thanks @taiwanilovetattoo #lowridertattoostudios #family #blessed🙏

The old mighty blessed gift that after working my ass off God has granted me to have the pleasure to share with all you beautiful friends. #blessed #joselopeztattoos #lowridertattoostudios #hongkongfamily #h2oceanproteam #cheyennetattooequipment #bishoprotary

Don’t have a bunch of ok, not bad, shitty just another day days, because one day when your old your gonna wake up and realize you had ok, aka shitty life. Have an amazing Day every day if you want to look back and say you really fucken lived. Just saying lol 🤪 #backhomeandbacktothegym #blessed #thankyougod

So we’re back home, gonna miss you guys @alanchand27 @zoro_the_v let’s make shit happen my boys see you in the motherland soon.

So this does it for Hong Kong. Thanks to all of the beautiful people that made this possible. With the at-most love and respect from all of us at Lowrider Tattoo we thank you. @12ya17su17 you made a beautiful ending with this amazing dinner @thunderbirdtony I’m very sad that I could not attend your fight tonight but I will be there by your side in spirit. @homan_tandijono I missed you once again but there will be more time for us to catch up. @lok666 I’m so pleased to have seen on our first day here in Hong Kong. @alexkklau you are always by our side every single time and for that I’m for ever grateful @edwin_chuang there are no words to express all my appreciation for everything you do for us. All the best to all of you and may god allow it for us to have more time to creat more amazing memories in the upcoming years. #hongkongfamily #lowridertattootravels2018

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