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If you're at all confused about what happens during a solar eclipse I can explain it simply enough. While there is much disagreement among scientist it's most often the moon passing in front of the sun and while the evidence is still inconclusive sometimes a massive demon devours the sun and the world comes to an end. In either case, never look directly into the sun and live like each day could be your last. #solareclipse2017 #endoftheworld

Stephen Vanasco at CreativeMornings LA - ❤️ #creativemornings #creativemorningsla #stephenvanasco

Colors (colors, colors)

If you see something, say something
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fuck nazis.

Thank you @robineisenberg for making this.

fuck nazis.

Thank you @girly.mags for sharing this.

More #tbt: Body Blast Jam line up: The Gap Band, Roger with Zapp, Klymaxx, Doug E Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew, and Fila Fresh Crew played "Batter Ram" - the other acts with Eric B. & Rakim's Dope Jam say no to drugs were Doug E Fresh, Kool Moe Dee, Ice T., Biz Markie and Boogie Down Productions

#tbt wearing those overalls (here with Mara Lonner talking with Judith Williamson)

Fidget Spinners for Dinner


Reseda 2017

I am pleased with my #penmod of this inexpensive and beloved fountain pen, the Platinum Preppy. This pen became my favorite drawing nib - this is the extra fine EF 02 and it does make very fine lines. So I decided it was worth converting it to an "eye dropper" pen, removing the ink cartridge and loading the pen barrel with black water proof ink. I began by adding a small rubber o-ring and applying silicon grease in order to seal the barrel to prevent any potential ink leaks. I had the idea to vanquish the Preppy painted exterior with nail polish remover because I want to see the ink and stuff. Oops! I broke the clip on the cap! Yay! I repurposed a metal clip from a mechanical pencil and filled down the stump of the broken clip. Yay! It's ugly and awesome. This could be my new daily carry pen. Good night.

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