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JoJo Benton  Something funny and also witty

Happy release day @allthatremains! We haven't slept in weeks! Good work, now let's keep kicking ass! πŸ’ͺ🏻@philthatremains @bubble.itis @mikeallthatremains @olithatremains cc @iandietrich

If you're not following @corgisinfood then you are straight up missing out.

In honor of anther incredible album released today by @kendricklamar and also my brothers in @missmayiband releasing their first single! Go listen to it! All of it! Bye!

Ever heard of him?

Here's my annual excuse to post a wedding photo 😏 Happy 10 YEARS and 4 of marriage, Sunshine. It truly only gets better πŸ’˜πŸ’˜

Thursday will mark 10 years with this babe and I'm already so mushy about it. I feel like we've lived 100 lives already. β€’
This photo was taken in our storefront for @vursalimited in Cincinnati. We started our company online in high school - building it from scratch, and then built its first brick and mortar years later (along with my super-Dad who built everything from the shelves and display tables to this sick metal wall and front desk with us by hand). It didn't seem possible but we freaking pulled it off and it was one of the best times of our lives!β€’
Sometimes every day life just sucks your energy and tries to leave you feeling defeated, but instead of letting that take over think of everything you've ever accomplished and remind yourself how lucky you are to live in a time and place with the resources you have to make anything possible!! Anyways, life rules. Love rules. Levi rules. You guys rule. Stay Ambitious πŸ’˜

As you can tell I'm very good at making drum videos haha. I can't even remember the last time I got to play since having to sell my kits when we moved to LA, so needless to say getting back into it even for 3 hours physically kicked my ass hahah. Also I get to form new calluses which is (not) tight. β€’ β€’
Since I started playing when I was a kid I've never done a "cover" but since moving across the country away from my brother @tjbitter (πŸ˜₯) I have no one to jam with but N.E.R.D. Feels gooood though. Thanks @levibenton for renting a drum room for my bday and encouraging me to make time for what I love! πŸ’˜

Bonfire on the beach with @levibenton @whosrobertseed @whosryanneff @jerodboyd @justinmmi @briiiiilove @bethfab @shawnskeith & Sal and unfortunately you're missing Beth's sick air guitar solo because night.

Here are my plans for the weekend.

Missing a few of our badass ladies, but Happy International Women's Day from (most of) the ladies of 10th Street! ❀️❀️❀️❀️

Runyon Canyon with my little fam for @magsfodays birthday πŸ’˜

Happy birthday @magsfodays! I can't remember a year that we weren't either together or called each other at midnight when our birthday's crossed. You have been my best friend and sister since we were born, and I'm so happy we get to ring in our 25th birthday together! I love you so much! πŸ’˜πŸ’˜ PS our dudes are the best and surprised us with this cake at midnight 😏 @levibenton @jsmith3123

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