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THE LOVE DOCTOR  Bsc. Msc. Psychology. Phd in View πŸ’Œ joromofin@gmail.com. // for Adverts & Beard / Hair Care Enquiries πŸ“ž 08033570521 , Olumofinj@yahoo.com


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Don't be an accidental "Side-guy" or "Side-Chick"
This Journal Is Inspired By An Incident That Happened To A Female Friend Of Mine. She's been very happily dating a guy for 9 months and to her shock she ran into this guy, her "So Called Boyfriend" at a friends church with his wife and 3 sons all wearing matching colors attending a thanksgiving service. She's been emotionally drained and most importantly asking herself 'how did this happened to her?' Because she didn't know he was married.
Ladies / Gentlemen don't be a Sheep in a World full of Wolves. This being said, when you meet a guy or lady who has taken an interest in you ,don't go into that relationship on "face validity" alone. Do a proper research on him, what a Psychologist would call "Construct Validity" I.e thorough search, bring out your inner FBI and CIA, don't bother if you look like a stalker, you're looking out for yourself. Google his name, check your mutual friends on Facebook, Instagram ,Twitter and any social media. Ask these mutual friends about him, his past relationships, etc you'll be surprised what you may find out. And for those who didn't do any research in their man and are dating him already, here are some red flags to look out for to know if he's married or has another Girlfriend.
1⃣ Any guy / lady who continuously doesn't answer his/ her phone or reply messages past 9pm.
2⃣ Any guy who has the perfect excuse for you not meeting his friends or family members for a long period of time
3⃣ Any guy who never wants to go anywhere public like a mall, cinema, beach etc. always private bars or guest house
4⃣ Any guy who tries to replace time spending with you with gifts and money
5⃣ Any guy who doesn't update pictures on bbm or any social media "too coded guys" ( you can't know what they are up to
6⃣Any guy who disappears on his Birthday or Valentine's Day in the name of business trip.
All these are red flags you should look out for.
Ladies you don't want to have an imaginary boyfriend or be with someone who has a family somewhere. The most important factor here is TIME. You don't want to lose years or months of your life in an imaginary relationship that won't bare any fruits.

whatsapp or πŸ“ž 08033570521

We are Eland food Ventures. Every week we supply quality and healthy meat and foodstuffs to families in Lagos to relieve them of market stress.
@elandfoodventures, we have available:
Cow/Beef Fish
Full goat Chicken
Half goat Gizzards
Full ram Snails
Half ram Provisions
Vegetables Palm Oil
Pepper Beans
Rice Garri
and so much more
Cooked food in different sizes of bowls and fresh juice also available.
@elandfoodventures, we simply bring the market to your doorstep.
Send in your list now, delivery is every Saturday.
Contact us for more details: 08031133299 and also follow us on IG @elandfoodventures

Get exotic hairs from as low as 10k from @caroswit_soles_and_apparel
Everyone can slay our hairs because we work with your budget and still deliver the best to you....No scam zone....we are registered with CAC
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????.. The 19 year old lady claps back at Ladies insulting her for having a boyfriend at her age. Read Previous post πŸ‘‰πŸΎπŸ‘‰πŸΎπŸ‘‰πŸΎπŸ‘‰πŸΎ

Meet @efosaaa // πŸ“ž 08185579233
One of our Beard / Hair Care Distributor in Lekki. If you're anywhere around His location. Contact him for orders.
Welcome to the family ❀️️ and Thank you.
If you want to be a distributor call β˜ŽοΈπŸ“ž : 08033570521


Ladies, take note πŸ“

Meet @whikai // β€­πŸ“ž 0813 000 1277‬
One of our Beard / Hair Care Distributors in Unilag. If you're anywhere around Her location. Contact her for orders.
Welcome to the family ❀️️ and Thank you.
If you want to be a distributor call β˜ŽοΈπŸ“ž : 08033570521


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