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Second last Friday of work before I can finally put my swollen ass feet up and take some time to properly organise the house before baby girl arrives. Can’t believe how soon it’s come up! 😧😍 full term in a week and a half! I feel like I’ve lost all sort of routine, I haven’t been making the bed or brushing my hair or being accountable AT ALL and it makes me feel terrible! But I feel like I’m slowly getting back up and hope to keep it up so when Dakota comes along I won’t be such a mess in life and I can keep working on my future to support our lives. 🤟🏽💕I think it’s important to remember that it’s okay to fall down and take time off so long as you find yourself again, we’re only human 🤗 #happyfriday #motivation #itsokaynottobeokay #35weeks #35w4d

We get to see our little princess in another scan today. 🌻🌞💕 hopefully just this once she’ll move her hands from her face!

Baby girl is dropping soo much and putting SO much pressure on me down there I feel like I can’t even walk sometimes 😐 no matter how many movements I have or how big my belly gets it still doesn’t feel real I’ll have a daughter here in sometime over the next max 8 weeks, hopefully 6 weeks but could be here in 3 🙊💕 I just want to see what she’ll look like! She’s soo camera shy every ultrasound she covers her face with both hands and sometimes even her legs as well, and all I can see is her nose and big lips which every lady doing the scan has said she’s gotten from me 🙊💕 time to see if my Asian genes are stronger than the Patteson genes! 🙈 #babygirl #34weeks #34w5d #babybelly #babybump #alexajeanpresets

Messy hair & bed.. #overit 🤪struggling is an understatement.. please hurry up the next 6 weeks 🙏🏽 this rash still isn’t budging and it’s making me go insane, on top of that my mental health has been absolutely SHIT. 🙃 and I miss wearing my engagement ring hahaha swollen problems.. nearly 20KG up 🙃🔫 #33weeks #33w6d

Can’t wait until little bubba is out so I can start training again 😓 even though I’m probably being soo unrealistic but far out I can’t wait to not look at my body and think I’m a walking looking ogre 😭 even if I’ll have saggy skin and stretch marks it’ll still be better than feeing like a whale 24/7 🐋 #rant #missbeingfit

Last night for Billy and Adi’s Engagement 💕💍 honestly couldn’t stop looking at how sexy my baby daddy is 🤤😍🙌🏽 #babydaddy #sexyboyyyyyy

Baby girl you are getting so heavy and really making it painful to walk, giving me crazy heart burn, still really nauseous, dizzy, swollen hands and feet and REALLY MAKING ME TOO TIRED TO FUNCTION.. But god DAMMIT I cannot wait to meet you and see your little adorable face and spend every second loving you for the rest of my life! #babygirl #32weeks #32w3d #iloveyousomuch

Love the rare occasions I get to put a face on and stop looking like shrek. ☺️✌🏽


Little baby girl I can’t wait to meet you! 💕 I think about the person you’ll be everyday! what you’ll look like, if you’ll be hypo crazy like your daddy, what your passion will be or what hobbies you’ll take on. You have an entire world ahead of you and I’m so blessed to be able to guide you through it all. 💕🌸🍼

Honestly don’t even know how to pose anymore. 🤷🏽‍♀️ especially with a belly! @rohanpatteson said my butt is nearly the same size as my belly 😂🤦🏽‍♀️🍑 anyone else’s belly change size nearly every day! Some days I’m massive and today I’ve gone tiny again 🤔

I had to add some photos to my new phone so of course went through and added all my photos from our fake wedding photoshoot but MY GOD I cannot wait for this day!! 310 days left, but who’s counting 🙈 my absolute soul mate I cannot wait to call you my husband! 💕💍 #tapfordetails #wedding #soulmate #myforever #daysatdarclo

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