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Operation ‘get mamas body back’ is in full swing! 🔥 not long until the wedding and only 1.5 months until I have a dress fitting so I only need to lose like 20kgs 😐😅🤦🏽‍♀️
Waist trainer ✔️ > @vannabelt
New gym clothes ✔️ > @echt_apparel
Dirty mirror ✔️ > oops
Can’t wait to start taking supplements again! 🙌🏽😩 #fitmama #letsdothis #weddingshred #postpartumbody #4weekspostpartum

Oh my big baby girl 💕#stopgrowing #mybabyforever

Baby girls first day at the beach! She’s definitely going to be a beach bum! She LOVED IT! Most content she’s been since she was born! 😂🌞🌴🌊 💕#alexajeanpresets #beachbum #family

We just uploaded my birth story on YouTube. 🌸Link in bio 🌸
I talk about stuff very personal about the whole experience, and also just remember it is a birth story so if you don’t want to hear details don’t watch 🙈🤷🏽‍♀️ a lot of it was hard for me to talk about, but I’ve kept my pregnancy raw and wanted to keep post pregnancy raw and real as well. ❤️ #YouTube #birth #birthstory #vlog #pnd

Family dinner for @negative_commander & @brandon._alex._doo birthday 🎈💕 let’s see how we go with little D at a restaurant 😐

Little bean is now 4.41kg 😍 my little chubba!

The past few nights have probably being the most challenging thing I’ve ever had to go through, non stop screaming and sleepless nights.. not knowing what you can do to help them when they’re crying (if they’ve been fed, bathed, changed) over googling everything as a new mum and freaking myself out, checking her temperature nearly every hour of the day to make sure she’s okay and sitting there rocking her bawling my eyes out thinking I’m not cut out for this mum life. But once it all settles down and she’s back to her silly self pulling weird faces and snuggled in to me, it’s all worth it and I know the hard times won’t last forever and I CAN be the mum she needs.

3 weeks old today!
I can roll over on my side
I drink my milk so fast I choke on it
I always plan my vomit for when mummy or daddy hold me now
And I can scream down the house until mummy holds me again and gives in to what I want 😇

P.s how bad is mummy at tying bows? 😅🙄😐 Headband from @lollipopsnluxury 🌸

I’m like 99% sure Dakota is going to be a red head! 🙊 also not really sorry for spam.. I’m kind of obsessed with my little baby. 💘

Honestly not sure how I’m going to do life as a new mum with you back at work.. mad respect for parents who do this on their own 24/7! It really can be challenging and Rohan has been more supportive than I ever could’ve wished for! It makes me extremely determined to make our debt free business asset so we can both be stay at home parents with our little baby girl! ✨💘👨‍👩‍👧💎 #hustle #family #fiancialfreedom #sahp

Was such a good baby this morning for mummy’s MRI appointment, meeting her great grandma and at the health clinic to weigh her! Just under 1kg since losing her birth weight in 2.5 weeks! 😍🙌🏽 my chubba bubba 💘 #babykota #babygirl

Baby girl forever 💘

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