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A year ago today, I left home and embarked on a road trip towards a one way flight to Australia and the unknown. The journey has yet to reveal a passage back home, but I know I could not have come this far without the love and support of those left behind.

...because nothing screams I'm celebrating the 4th of July louder than eating a burger called 'Yank Tank' in the midst of a Tasmanian winter, with a side of chips (not French nor freedom fries), and a three dollar Dr. Pepper (imported from the UK). From a distance and at certain moments, America's unfinished symphony has sounded cacophonous to my outsider ears and in turn, just as melodious as ever. America, God bless you if it's good to you...

Apparently, I've developed motion sickness in my old age. Cheesin' hard in @alittlegreenvan as we wait to drive off the Spirit of Tasmania ferry and on onto solid (not rocking back and forth and sending me to porcelain prayer) ground. #picturesisendhometomomma

I've spent most of my time in Australia delighting my tastebuds with the stellar brews from Bridge Road Brewers. Last night and today (and let's be honest probably tomorrow), my olfactory has reveled in the familiar aroma of spent yeast while visiting the brewery. One of these conical fermenters is housing the 7th version of the delectable B2 Bomber — a Black Belgian IPA. I've never tasted anything like it, and I hope our nomadic back and forth eventually brings us to a tap pouring this velvety smooth beast. But for now, I'm content to sit here and watch it from a distance as my better half convinces me it's not a good idea to sprint passed employees in an attempt to reach and turn the valve that would shower me in viscous gratification. Keep your secrets, you sweet tank you, keep your secrets...for now.

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We are constantly whipping past things we will never know. A hill looms huge and ominous in the distance only to be reduced to nothing as our wheels roll us ever-onward. A cloud formation builds to perfection only to be lost by the passage of an hour. We keep our records and try to hold on to those things that were never meant to be held. Memory is a tangle of color and image and feeling. We create our own window into the past by writing and exploring that shared memory. Latest post on the blog focuses on week four of our van-venture.

When you take a seat while she's being thrifty and you end up in Narnia...

Two days ago we were in Adelaide, last night we made it to Melbourne with a few hours to spare before our first Good Beer Week event — Bridge Road to Mumbai. The beers from my favorite Australian brewery, Bridge Road Brewery, paired perfectly with the flavors and spice presented to us by Horn Please's culinary & service team. We've never left a beer pairing dinner so incredibly satisfied. The road leads us to Tasmania soon (by way of ferry) but I'm already looking forward to when the road takes us up to Beechworth to visit this stellar brewery. Cheers! #GBW17

It's been about a week or so since we finished our vintage / winery work in the Barossa Valley. The week is a blur. Transitioning from a couple of months of 7 PM to 7 AM shift work to a more common life and sleep cycle has been more difficult than expected. My waking hours are sporadic and I offer no fight against the sweet siren song of a soft place to lay and its promised whisper of sleep — my circadian rhythms are currently a cacophonous song. Soon enough we'll be back on the road and the song will change; we will rise with the sun and nights will become nights once more.

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He and I are the feast or famine kind. We took a years worth of work and crammed it into two months of sleepless nights and wakeless days. That's over now. Vintage has reached its end. In a few days he will turn to me and ask, "Do you remember when we had jobs?" I will reply, "Not at all." —Thanks for the experience, thanks for the good times and the bad, thanks for having us, but we really must be going now.

Is there anything better than the shore as a reminder of the constant that is change? Two days ago was Earth Day for me, one day ago it was Earth Day for you — wavelike Earth Day can come back to us tomorrow & tomorrow & tomorrow... The earth should be celebrated, enjoyed, and protected each and every day. Which includes supporting policy that protects our environment and holding those that enact said policy accountable if they place profit, personal gain, or anything else above our environment, above our one and only Mother. There is an ebb and flow to the status quo and right now, for many around the world, it feels as if environmental protection and legitimate efforts to combat client change are not top priorities but I think we can all agree that, regardless of political affiliation, we can do more. What are you going to do?

This is my Barossa — years from now, when the fortified wines we're crafting still have decades of aging left, I'll look back at all of these consecutive twelve hour nightshifts and they will blur into one. Most of them already have. While they are anything but permanent, I will always remember the colors that awaited us at the end of it all.

Raindrop, drop top; one of these pseudo-geysers is about to pop pop —

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