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jordyn jones  I adore her way too much she follows since 2.11.16 liked 88 and wished me a hbd M/M/S/S/H/J 💛

Going to make some new memes now lmao who's excited? 😂

How I look next to Jordyn 💁

It's so hot here and I would love to go swimming but the new Bikinis I ordered are not here yet & I don't wanna wear my old ones 😤 LIFE STRUGGLE ASF

Can you see that glow-up? 💥❤

I'm going swimming tomorrow woooo💛😎

MIRJA: No words to express how fucking DUMB you are. I don't even know... your brain is like a complete hole but I still love you. Yeah cute beginning thank me later. No but to be honest I love you. Like I love you THE most. When I see "1 new Message from Mirja Lauch" I always think "oh fuck kms" or "yey"
You make me laugh everytime. No one can make me laugh so much. Just you. You're my Lauchina, Lieblingsgötze, Nummer 1. EVERYTHING. This text is so fucked up ahahah and I already see your comment which is probably going to be "ew ihy" or "you're dumb" oops. But I remember when we first texted each other we were both so cute and now...Ja gut. I love our friendship because we can talk about serious stuff and also about the dumbest shit ever.
Also mirja ich hoffe einfach du weißt wie sehr ich dich liebe und wenn du jetzt irgendne scheiße kommentierst dann komm ich zu dir nach hause und erwürge dich eigenhändig:') *feel kissed*
ach ja und du bist übrigens einfach die schönste, einzigartigste, perfekteste, tollste MISSGEBURT die ich kenne
Danke an die Spermien deines Vaters und an die Eizelle deiner Mutter das sie so was gezeugt haben. Text goals 😩💯
liiiebe dich

MASHAEL: I don't know how to start this ehh wait ok now I know. You are the most amazing, funniest, evilest ( your invented word hoe), bitchiest ARE THESE EVEN WORDS IDK
person I know.
you + me = Drama ahaha
I love you as much as I love Drama.
You're soon 18 and I'm 14. Damn such a big difference but it does not feel like there's a difference.
I can't tell you enough how much I love you and how proud I am that you graduated school and that you're going to be a college kid aiii
You were my first real friend here and I'd do anything that I could meet you but well you live on another continent so...hard tho
But bitch we're going to see each other one day and eat pizza and watch gossip girl together I swear
You were the one that told me Jordyn will follow me one day. She did. You were the one that spammed me and told me to go to IG because she followed me.
I'm just really thankful to have someone like you in my life.
You're like one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen ( after me ofc 💁 ) issa joke but you really are gorgeous. I remember when you sent a pic and captioned it with UGLY and I was literally freaking out because WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU UGLY
ok I love you bye 💙

@jordyn.forever MIRJA.
did y'all see Jordyn and Brandon live? They're so cute 😍

LMAO sorry but I had to ahaha 😂💀

Definition of perfection? A pic with Jordyn and Gigi in it. 💁💕

This is so me omfg ahahah
@jordynjones 💛

Summer is finally here! It was so hot today!
Where do you guys live? 🌞

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