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Chrysanthemum  Just a gender-less gender-full crystal queen! Manifesting artistically collaborative platforms of abundance. Magical aliens come to me. ✌🏾👽

Ode to the Last Days of Winter 📸 @zohracha
Edited by Me

I stand here
Reflecting light
Tuning into my guidance
They have a sense of humor
They make me laugh
They bring up frustrations
All pointing at
Standing at this cliff of life
As the fears, judgments, doubts
Are misted on my face
They are reminding me of
My power
My purpose
My wings
I spread them open as uncomfortably liberating it is
Free from binds
I fly back to the Sun
that birthed me
Knowing I won’t melt
Artist 📸 @taryncarterphoto
Edited my me

An Ode to my Shadow Self
I love to love you love
And I’m sorry to say this has been a newer discovery
I cried for you yesterday
As I processed your anger, your grief, your expression
Too often I have kept you hidden
Especially in public spaces for fear of people not understanding you, not wanting to process you
Not knowing how
I saw you as a crayon
And as I drew beautiful rainbows of life I tossed you aside
I saw you as a friend
And I ignored you for fear you would be too weepy, too salty, too fiery, too loud
You are invited to this slumber party
You are the color this rainbow has been missing
You are the reason rainbows exist
Your anger, your rage, your tears are welcome
Your jealousy, your insecurities, your loneliness is welcome
I embrace all of you
You are seen you are heard
You are honored in this space
What is this dance of life if not two planets colliding
I want to collide beautifully with you
I want to be stardust again

Artist 📸 @zohracha
Edited by me

Descending Power
📸 @zohracha
Edited by Me

Reincarnation of a Witch
I have been here before
To make your medicines
To bring you back to the Earth
Bathed you
Baptized you
Danced with you in the moonlight
Do you recognize me?
You cut off my head
Hung me from trees
Burned my body as I sang
Feel my rage
My anger
The fire you used to destroy me now has a home in my womb
Too long I have been afraid of her. Felt the scars on my body that aren’t there. The pains of past lives that kept me timid
Kept me docile
Kept me dormant
No longer
You will feel my fire as I rise
You will feel my fire as I burn
You will ignite in the face of my song
For I will sing
For I will cry
For I will scream
Beautiful vibrations of awakening as long as I have breath
And like the dragon I will leave this Earth to rise high
Dancing with my star family once more

Witness 📸 @zohracha
Edited by Me

I open my eyes to the light
Recognize the light in you
Soakin up the last light of this moon
In this ceremony I called my power back to me Taryn letting me be
Fluidly changing my relationship with my glitter, with my magic, with my body, with my ceremony, with my ancestors, with the land.
To be seen in all that I am
To see you for all that you are
Venus is Taurus
I just want to love deeper than I could ever imagine. In all directions!
Outside of the boxes LOVE never desired to be put in.
Witness 📸 @taryncarterphoto
Edited by Me

Reflections from my Shadow
I AM seen
I AM heard
I AM healing
I AM different
I embrace myself
I AM protected
I AM glowing
I AM magic
A crow came and visited me in my dreams. Let me stroke her feathers. Scratch her fur. She asked me if I wanted to know the word. I wonder what that word could be?
Witness 📸 @taryncarterphoto
Edited by Me

Ode to the Apple
My succulent heart
The beating rhythm of the Earth
In your veins
I buried the Obsidian at your roots
Baptized myself naked in the rain
Whispered prayers to your leaves
Put your blossoms in a box for my lovers
In my bath water
I watch the bees dance with you
I listen to the wind carrying your limbs
I await the day that I can commune with you again Grandmother
Soaking up your wisdom in the Sun
Learning always how to take a bite out of life and always how sweet and sour it can be “If you don’t wanna be down with me, then you don’t wanna pick from my Apple tree” - @erykahbadu
Witness 📸 @taryncarterphoto
Edited by Me

An Offering to Venus
The fruit
The pleasure of life
The juice
To drip and fill you with flavor
Savor me
Devour me
In my sweet and sour
Teach me how to love me
So that I can love others
Guide me
Use me to love
Fully 📸 @taryncarterphoto
Edited by Me

Fairy Goddess 📸 @taryncarterphoto
Edited by Me

Walking into the Void 📸 @taryncarterphoto
Edited by Me

Stairway to Heaven:
A Dedication
The road is paved with flowers
Lily. Lavender. Rose. Geranium
The fairies gather sweet nectar guiding your path
A supernova awaiting you
Reach out
To the beginning and the end
Reach out to complete the cycle
The scythe
To reap the bountiful harvest of life
The fruit from the tree of you
Be glad
And do it all again

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