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Jordan Williams  🐘🌻🌊🥑🍫✈️🏝📚🤰🏽👼🏽 = me

Everyone needs a Bethany in their life. Not only is she born the day before me, introduced me to the fancy life of mocktails and have THE cutest dog ever (Alfie). But, she reminds me why it's important to stay unique, travel the world, know your worth and be grateful for what you have. So blest to know you! #fam

Grateful for a mother who teaches the best life lessons. Be unique, be you. #soblest #happymothersdaymummashell

The most precious no. 22 #IsobelLisa

Oh Utah, I miss you. #almostoneyearago

Happy birthday to the best of the best. I know it will be your craziest year yet and I'm so so proud of you ❤ #lovemylyss

No one I'd rather laugh at, thanks for being you. #shedoesntalwayslooklikethat #lies

Just waiting for my plane to board and thinking about how grateful I am that my path crossed with Alyssa Pauga. She is the most understanding, straight up, loving friend I could have hoped for. It saddens me that distance inhibits our cohesive ability to share meals, find places to adventure and belt jams out in the car. Thanks for teaching me that you can cook an egg on a sandwich press, igniting my love for live music, listening to my rants and agreeing with my opinions. You are going to be the best sister missionary Albania has ever had, I'll see you soon ❤ #goodbyessuck

Shaka; "A sign of approval." Queensland, Jordan strongly approves. #almosttimeforreality

Took the scenic route with Queensland's most enthusiastic tour guide. #joshtheboss

"Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.” -D&C 6:36 #generalconference #relevant

Book a flight, trust me. #bestdecision

You win some, you loose some. #badweek

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