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Jordan Hammond  🇮🇳⠀⠀Now: India 🛩⠀⠀Currently travelling with @skyhour 💌⠀⠀ 🙋🏻‍♂️⠀⠀#JordHammondSundays 📽⠀⠀Check out my first YouTube video:

Camouflage game on point. All of these colours are getting me excited to celebrate Holi over the next few days here in India. What’s your favourite colour? Let me know in the comments and I’ll check out your account! 🎨

The Great Wall of... India? It’s great to be back in this beautiful, colourful and chaotic country, even if it is just for the week. Where in India should we visit next? 🧱🇮🇳

I can’t wait to head back to China one day soon, my list of places to visit only seems to be getting longer. Also, who has seen our first YouTube video? If not, check out the link in my bio! We would love to know your thoughts 👩🏻‍🌾🐃

That bird up top has the best seat in the house! More importantly, I’m super excited to announce that we shall be posting our first YouTube video tomorrow at 2pm EST. Hit the link in my bio and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss it! 📽🙋🏻‍♂️

Taipei is full of surprises. After a short hike, we watched from a hillside as these planes soared just above the skyline below. On a more important note, I’m hungry. Kindly leave your midnight snack recommendations below 🛬

Famous for its rock-cut architecture and dazzling desert landscapes, Petra is also called the Rose City due to the color of the stone out of which it is carved. I’d do anything to go back 1,000 years to see this place in it’s true colours! 🐎🇯🇴

Not such a bad place for a romantic stroll... Notice the couple at the bottom? It’s actually totally normal for the guy to carry his girlfriend’s bag in China, even if it is bright pink. On another note, we’re flying to India on Friday! Can’t wait to get back to one of my favourite countries of all time 🍂🛍

A pop of colour never hurt, did it? I remember seeing the Sakura for the very first time. Having just landed in Tokyo, it was such a surreal experience seeing a city shrouded in these pink trees 🌸

Judging by the contents of this man’s bag, I’d say he had a rough night... However, I’m beyond excited to be heading back to Japan in a few weeks for the cherry blossom season! Who’s going to be around? 🌸🍻

Given the fact I haven’t driven a car since passing my driving test, it was pretty neat to spend our 24-hour layover in Dubai ripping along these abandoned desert roads. Big thanks to @superiorrental for making this happen! 🏎🌵

The Lotus Lake of Kaohsiung is quite something when viewed from above. Which door would you choose? 🐉🐅

From the winding canyons to the towering sandstone monuments, Petra truly is a place like none other. Super excited to head back to Dubai in a few days time for some more desert action! Any suggestions guys? 🐪