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Annual Valentine's Day Date with my boys ❀ This year, I got to add another Valentine! #jonasmccamey #davisaustin

One day late, but Jonas is seven months old! πŸ’šπŸ’™ #jonasmccamey

Such a big boy 😩 #davisaustin

Happy 13th birthday, Riley Emma!!!! Thanks for being a clutch babysitter for Jonas. We all love you! Have an amazing day! 😘

Why does my 6 month old have so many teeth!?! #jonasmccamey

Passport pics! Not showing your teeth for a picture proved to be a challenge for Davis. Also, me. #itsweird #davisaustin #jonasmccamey

Reunited 😍 #jonasmccamey #davisaustin

This big boy is SIX months old today! 😩 I forgot to take the monthly photo before we left for The World Missions Summit, so this one will have to do 😍 I'll post the other one when I get back. #jonasmccamey #twms4

When you're just trying to live your life, but then you realize how much work still needs to be done πŸ™„ #davisaustin

Reading through the Christmas story with my family. All the kids took turns reading a verse. So, of course, Davis wanted to try too. #davisaustin #Christmas2016 #PTL @jerrymccamey

William Harvey Porter Aka Wet Willy. He's perfect!