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Jordan Seiler  Artist and public space activist.

Long story short, this piece needs a new home in Los Angeles.

#tbt to #saintetienne participant search day 6. Listening to a 15 year old Romanian accordion player who was excited to make a poster for the #santepublique project. #publicadcampaign

Been working on a new series called #labor for an upcoming show @harlan_levey_projects in November. I'm using advertising materials taken from the street to make soft, reduced pieces and am surprisingly happy for their quiet right now. #publicadcampaign

Two steps forward one step back. #publicaccess keys being returned and back orders finally going out. #publicadcampaign

Shit went South in Barcelona so we followed it to Morocco and I bought a Djellaba. Now I'm back in black in NYC starting to pick up the pieces so I can get the f#$k back to work.

$15,000 dollars of camera equipment and personal belongings were stolen from me yesterday in Barcelona. I am having a very very very hard time comprehending it. Included was my phone charger so I am signing off for the next week or so with this image I took many months ago in the hopes that serenity comes sooner than later.

In between public art projects I made a portrait of @bigtimebrad
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NYC based artist Jordan Seiler made a portrait of #braddowney #billboardliberation @jordanseiler #jordanseiler

After being invited by @lemurdestetienne to paste on their public art billboard, I was told that the city was also offering me one week of access to the 75 lollipop spaces it operates in the city center for its own cultural events and publicly facing information. These spaces are retained for public use as part of the 15 year advertising contract with #vediaud While it was exciting to imagine 75 BW designs dominating the city center, taking them for my own use would violate a fundamental belief that guides my work. Namely that the public, and not a private commercial venture should dictate what is seen in our shared public spaces. By taking the donated space for my anti-advertising/pro-participation works I would be acknowledging that Vediaud controled cultural production in #saintetienne and not the people. Reluctantly I passed up on an opportunity to inflate my ego. While it would be a bold visual statement, the work would be disingenuous.
Yet I was unwilling to pass up on the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and alternative ways of addressing my core concerns. So I decided to accept the offer, but immediately return the space to its rightful owners, the citizens of Saint-Etienne. This lightened my conflict of interest. Instead of creating my own anti-advertising works I would invite the public to participate in the curation of their shared public spaces by creating their own posters. This would test my belief that non-artists have a desire to communicate in public space and that doing so would create stronger bonds between them and their city. It was also a way for me to create an awareness and appetite for the self expression normally reserved for artists.

My hope is that this appetite will grow and that instead of demanding advertising's removal, over time the citizens of Saint-Etienne will simply demand more and more access to their public space. As this demand grows, more and more advertising will be removed to accommodate public interest along with a shift in expectation for what type of cultural production is appropriate on our city streets.

It's an experiment. So stay tuned #utopiamyopia

I was going to ask her to participate in the #santepublique project but I decided not to spoil the moment and watched her perform instead. I'm glad I got to witness this local talent before I leave #saintetienne

Some really nice memories from @bienurbain shot by one of the #utopiamyopia workshop participants and friend Christovao.

On the local radio to drum up support for the #santepublique project with @mahnei
while sporting my sweet @bienurbain yellow tote.
This is the first of what I hope will be many #utopiamyopia projects. For this one I'm inviting 75 people of different backgrounds from #saintetienne to create a poster about anything they want. In November we will hang them together and have a party. I'm hoping it builds a sense of collectivity amongst disparate citizens while creating an appetite for self expression beyond the artists and activists that usually take advantage of public space for their own messages and ideas. its an experiment in adbusting from a different angle. Its an experiment in altering expectations about what types of visual culture we want to see in public space. Its an experiment in co producing with non artists. Its an experiment to push my understanding of what I want to call art. Its a load of work and even more fun.
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L'artiste urbain #jordanseiler (NY) et Marlene du #MurdeSaintetienne nous expliquent comment détourner les panneaux publicitaires avec de l'art !!!! -- À 18h dans ta radio.
#art #pub #newyork #novalyon

At 10 years old, Lily is the youngest participant for the #santepublique project thus far. I can't wait to see what she decides to do for her public poster.

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