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Systems for imposing order on the mind. Greenpoint G train station.

These 100 stolen advertising panel numbering system stickers (industry name anyone?) are part of a larger body of work made by illicitly removing pieces of the outdoor advertising infrastructure that surrounds us in our shared public spaces.

Our collective living room just got 3 new TV's.
"The more easily people can call some scenario to mind--the more probable they find it to be. Any fact or incident that was especially vivid, or recent, or common--or anything that happened to preoccupy a person--was likely to be recalled with special ease, and so be disproportionately weighted in any judgement." Taken from Michael Lewis' The Undoing Project on the behavioral psychology work of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky.

If you think the consumerist agenda of advertising and modern media we surround ourselves with in our collective public spaces doesnt effect you, can be ignored, or even rationally integrated into your understanding of your self and its relationship to the world, you'd be ignoring the facts.


At least ill know where the damn things are anchored to the wall.

I'm just now getting around to making a final edit and printing prep for the Collisions series images I shot in 2017. Excited to see this one very large.

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Jeff Ferrell is an optimist and so am I.
"Whether drift's ongoing normative and spatial alienation is imposed by contemporary arrangements or embraced for its liberatory possibilities, it in this way creates at least the potential for a progressive critique of the existing order of things."
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It's Friday so lets oversimplify things and head into the weekend thinking we know too much. In behavioral psychology, Anchoring is the process by which our decision making is influenced by the most recent bit of information we have acquired. Ask me to write down the last two digits of my cellphone number and then ask me to guess how many ads I see in a day and my answer will correlate with the two numbers I just thought about. If the two numbers are close to 100 I'll guess high, and if they are closer to 00 I'll guess low. As far as I can tell our brains are primeable in all sorts of ways and the influence of what came before always plays out in our future. This is a long way of saying I love the fact that they just removed half the ads on the Lorimer L platform. I feel like I've been anchored to emptiness, and primed for unexpected beauty. #noad

Always collecting and testing for potential #labor works. #pose #poster #advertising #advertisement #nycphonebooth

Yesterday in the studio I had a long conversation with @streetartresearchbot about public space, advertising, and the attentional economy. We talked a lot about how advertising in public space distracts the trajectory of your thoughts, and in the process robs you of a precious mental resource. If you think of your brain as a giant computer with limited resources, the distraction of advertising is not insignificant, replacing or slowing the other processes taking place at the moment you are distracted. It's like a sustained DDOS attack IRL that doesn't fully cripple the system but hinders its ability to stay on task. I loved the metaphor (as problematic as it is) and wanted to post about it so....
Here is a #fbf to the last time I was in #stockholm leaving dinner and stumbled upon a #psa written on the back side of an advertisement, likely produced with the help of #publicaccess tools. Make of it what you will. The PublicAccess project is about relinquishing control of how our public spaces are used, and even more importantly, how I think they should be used.
UPDATE: this is a piece by @hpjqvist and is part of a series of three word takeovers. Take a look at his IG for more fantastic work.

Big thanks to @moni.tah for the interview with @berlinartlink and to @wallkandy for the install flick. Link in Bio.
"Through my work, I have come to believe that the power of persuasion attributed to advertising isn’t the result of well-crafted campaigns, but rather the repetition of similar ideas made consistently over extended periods of time. Individual advertisers know this well and rely on the sustained frequency of their messages to drive home their concerns. So important is this fact that advertising has altered our cities, erecting a vast physical infrastructure to monopolize our shared public spaces with the concerns of commercial media. The result is that even the most critical mind can’t resist assimilating the dominant cultural conversations we encounter on a daily basis, even if that assimilation comes in the form of opposition. In a public space largely monopolized by commercial media, our understanding of the world is warped by the sustained reference point of consumer capitalism that underlies the majority of the media we ingest.

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