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Jordan Manley  Outdoor culture photographer & filmmaker based in North Vancouver, BC

Protesters in Vancouver today, lending their legs, lungs, and hearts to hold up the Southern Resident Orcas who face extinction, pinned beneath the weight of a nation’s wobbly, outdated calculation: the economy, or the environment? #notankers #transmountainpipeline

Vancouver friends who like watching films on big screens, with nice sound, in comfy seats and with popcorn, Treeline will be screening as part of the Vancouver International Mtn Film Fest. They have also honoured the film as ‘Best Canadian Film’ in the fest this year. March 1 at the Cinemateque theatre, 📷 Garrett Grove, Zoa Onsen “Snowmonsters”, Yamagata, Japan @patagonia @thevimff

Despite our dependence on trees every moment of our lives, it’s easy for them to slip into the background. The film Treeline is an effort to push our humble helpers into the spotlight a little. 📽 link in bio. @patagonia

30cm of the highest quality champagne for steep street skiers in BC’s least likely ski town.

When the sun goes to sleep behind the Sierra Nevada, a peculiar cast of human characters spring to life in the shaded White Mountains to the east. Donning headlamps and down jackets, they scurry about and huddle around the base of Bristlecone pine trees — some that died thousands of years ago but still stand and allow us to count their rings — 3 or 4 thousand of those, each a year endured in the same exact spot. These are the longest lived trees that exist. A group of 3 astro photographers who met online, rented a car and carpooled from San Fran ask me if I can give them a ride 30 miles back to Bishop after the Milky Way passes behind the tree — the sharp limestone shredded their tire, bare rim is all that’s left. They are disappointed to learn that my tire is also flat. And so, we’re stuck at 11,500ft together in the middle of the night with little to do except for the thing that we came here for. Headlamps flicker on various aspects of the mountain beneath the Ancients. People emerge from the darkness with wild contraptions, some calm, some ancy and possessed by a desire for the perfect image. Screens glow and shutters click in and out of rhythm. The distant galaxy spins behind branches that, even millennia into death, refuse to give up. In the dark, we whisper about technique, about observing the rules to stay on the trail, and about whether the rental car company will cover the tires and tow trucks to get us home. Layers of time and space unfold in front of us. But that part we don’t discuss, it’s better left for our digital sensors and hearts to absorb and reckon with instead.
To watch the film “Treeline”, link in profile. @patagonia

I've been consigned to a ski under each foot since I first slid on snow as a kid. But nearly 30 years in, @tarotamai, @wajiwazy, @namasuteyama and @yoderyoder haunted my dreams and made me reevaluate that commitment, after following them as they snow surfed down Mt Yotei's birch forests on Japan’s island of Hokkaido. Upon dropping in, they appeared to enter into a dance, not a fight. Their hands seemed to orchestrate and coordinate the movements in tune with the rolling volcanic features, riding the terrain like "waves on the ocean". They still left tracks and threw hanging walls of cold smoke between the weighty cantilevered birch limbs, but expressed a desire to move lightly and leave less trace of their presence. Towards the bottom, as the slope mellowed and my ski legs automatically became static, theirs were elastic, a constant push and pull, an effort, or perhaps necessity to squeeze out every last drop of communion with nature’s dance hall. To see them move in “Treeline”, 📽 link in bio. @patagonia 📷 Garrett Grove.

Extra thanks to @nisekotourism and @gentemstick for their support during our shoot.

Making a film about our oldest living companions was a dream come true. Deep thanks to @Patagonia for supporting ‘Treeline’, a search for some of the most fascinating mountain trees on earth — and the humans who know them very well. Link to 📽 in profile!
📷 Garrett Grove

A long string of overlapping decisions, a finished but never-finished puzzle. [Forthcoming film “Treeline” for @patagonia]

Most days during the past 4 months, this steel ruler sat on my desk, yawning and looking up at me while I shifted clips and pixels back and forth from one place to another and back again. In my hardened summer morning rituals of doubt and procrastination, when the film barely seemed to grow, the ruler took measure of the way philodendron leaves emerge — plants that keep a filmmaker company, bursting and unfurling in tangible daily increments towards the apartment door glass. And then one day, the ruler shimmered and danced and sang, recording its way into the timeline, and together we finished the film.

Captured, coded, collated. Somewhere in there is a film.

As city dwellers, how do we connect with nature while living in Vancouver? @dannoirvine & @chadmanley.practice have designed a very fun, smart, tactile, immersive, and innovative must-see show called Wild Things for the @museumofvan, on now. #MOVNatureAndMe

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