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jordan  fuck out of here with your normative bullshit

part of the “my life” series — she’s always been the “ fucking hang on, let me pose for the photo” kind of girl, and i’ve always been the “ fucking whatever i’m still taking it even if i don’t look good” kind of guy. even though our personalities are quite different, we still seem to be quite coherent with each other. i feel like different kind of friendships or relationships where two people are quite opposite in some ways but also similar, are some of the most powerful people you can meet. i have weaknesses that she can teach me how to deal with and i can help her deal with her shit. if you asked me to hangout with you 2 years, i would’ve never said yes. i helped her learn to let go of stuff in some ways.

part of the “ my life” series — we were having a sleepover after both working over 8 hours or so. even when we aren’t always our 100%, we still manage to see each other.

part of the “my life” series. sometimes you just need to go out at 1 am and just walk around where you live. do things that make you feel free. shit that you’ll remember in a few years and just cry because of how much you and that person have grown. both of us will probably be fucking successful. i’ll probably be somewhere else in the world, and he’ll probably be the owner of a fucking well known winery. i like the idea that i’m not the only one one growing, but i’m growing with other people. the idea that one day we’ll still be getting drunk or high on our floor watching vines. love the people you have. if you don’t show them that you care, then good luck growing with them.

part of the “my life” series. we just picnic and complain about the world we live in.

so this is going to be well... not a new project, but i’ve been kind of indecisive if i should count it as work, but i just think i will. this i guess will be a never ending series, as it’s going to consist of me documenting my life as i take photos of things, friends or photos of me. these photos will be significant to me. it will help some people to see another side of my life. also to just show something while i’m trying to earn money for a better film camera and other things. this series will be called “my life”. it’s more for people to see some raw moments in my life, as i think it is fucking important to see other perspectives of a person’s life or something. don’t know if i can call myself an artist.. but oh well. my dms are still always open for inquiries, just saying... trust... i have so much other good shit in the works.. and to finish, my whole goal is to always kind of be authentic in whatever i do. ok enjoy this photo lookin ass album cover.


lost interest

probably already shown these a while ago. but fuck ItTTtTt. makeup was by @emcomakeup #film #montreal #portrait


we all smoking now. #film #montreal #mtl

we just love differently. #film

🌹 #film

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