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jordan  a fucked up memory

sometimes you just gotta fuck shit up to learn.

yaellll on filmmm. #film

listen.... men that aren’t like the majority of men? that are open minded. joyous. ugHh. geNUiNe. fucks me up every time that i talk to this kid. damn. feelings? maybe? for the wrong person? damn. i just wanna skip that part and be chilling on this lake. with my husband. smoking a blunt? doing the nasty maybe? would be fun. damn. but apparently that not how it works? time takes time. imagine having 10 year olds as an audience? if you’re subscribing for quality content, you won’t get it here. you’ll get authenticity tho. was going go rant about some guy that’s cool, but rather keep that for a future post or a rant. ok going back to drowning myself into my books as the semester never comes to an end.

sometimes you just got to do stuff because you have to, and not because you want to. life fucking goes on. sometimes shit fucking sucks. i wish i could say that it’s always good, but i’d be lying. it will be good again. right now i’m not and that’s fine.

there’s just something about waking up early and drinking hot coffee that just makes me so productive. u got today bitch. be a creative bitch. ok bitch. by bitch.

people think that “thinking positive” is a hoax... bitch... let me tell you... ever since this girly thought me to think positive... i’ve been sooo much more happier. once you change your thought process, it really does help. i’m dead ass. even when i’m having the worst day. aka the other day when i got rammed into by someone biking and almost dropped my coffee, failed a fucking quiz, and well some bitch at work was giving me shit, a bitch was still in a good mood. like i was still dancing everywhere. another thing too is what you eat. if you eliminate stuff from your diet... bitch... you’ll have more energy.. IM NOT TELLING YOU TO BECOME A VEGAN OR VEGETARIAN, i mean it’s better 👀, but try and eat better shit. i’m telling you... life can be good if you think well... even if you are struggling right now, i hope it gets better. we all get better with time. we all survive. find a friend like Lina.

hello from last summer. listen... last summer we got drunk. i mean duh. we found a chair at metro mount royal and we brought it all around montreal that night.. eventually we just got fed up of it. we said our goodbyes and left it on the metro for it to have a better life. because we abused the damn chair. we we’re hopeful she’d find better parents. don’t even know if we named her?!? but oh well. i’ve posted this somewhere else already but it’s been a fuckin while.

about to dropout of my third semester for choosing these fucking interactive media art classes thinking they were going to be fun. forgot to drop them and missed the drop date deadline. so catch me making a game with fucking wires and potatoes. on the upside, i don’t have any midterm exams. just like 2 huge research papers. minimum 1500 words 💀💀. this also means that i can’t work on much projects that i actually wanna do. so many projects i wanna do and photograph. AhHhhhhHhh. also lately my brain just ain’t having it. she’s exhausted. she’s been feeling anger. sadness. overwhelmed. probably because of me working too much on school work and working. i wanna go on vacation. experience a new place. anyone want to bring me to Europe? july 2019. a bitch hasn’t resulted to alcohol in a while and i’m proud of me. woot.

is there something that always happens on a day every year??? or does this just happen to me?!? the last year years, on my birthday, somehow, i have contact with the popo?!?! first time was last year, on my 19th birthday. I was hanging out with two friends, and you know i wanted to get litty. i had a joint in my bag, and wanted to smoke it with my friend. tell me why, as i light my joint, TWO police cadets come up to us and tell us throw it on the ground and tell us that we are under arrest?!? and dictate us the miranda rights?!?! “you have the right to remain silent, but everything you do and say can be used against you in the court of law”. we was shooketh. @suckerr was literally balling her eyes out bc her career and i was just there chilling knowing that this was my destiny. they left us with a warning. but bitch.... this year, on my 20th birthday, this popo guy on his bike stopped us walking on a red light. no point to this.. i just find it strange how the popo is obsessed with my on my birthdays. omg after that joint tho, we posted a snap on my story “ when you almost get arrested for...” icons... ok that’s all.

you have to acknowledge that everyone’s growth is different. sometimes I see people complaining about how they’ve been doing x thing for a while, and deserve so much more recognition than someone else?!? comparing yourself will get you nowhere. nowhere!!!!!!!!! everyone has their own little path or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. i believe that when the universe is ready to give you good shit or whatever the fuck you’ve been working for, it will give you that good shit. always. go at your own rhythm. if you only create with the idea of wanting to be better than others, sorry sweetie. you’re not doing it the right way. and it shows when people post non authentic shit. don’t take advice from me tho. i’m just a dumb millennial that knows nothinggg.

i live and breath in cafes.... i love coffee and i love studying. it’s just something about other people also working hard on something that makes me do my shit. it’s fascinating to think about what these other people are studying?!? what do they do for a living?!? what are their ambitions?!? bitch... the fucking modernity of this one tho... the couches... the furniture makes you feel at home. i went to one close to dawson, and it was soo pretty. granite everything. green plants all over the place. big windows. fuck me up. i’m sorry if you don’t like coffee. i’m as bitter as my coffee. usually take it black. ☕️ study dates and coffee dates too are so precious. like?!?! yes?!?? i’ll talk to you about my life over fucking coffee?!?! bitchhhhh?!?!?? coffee.... periodtTtT... i just love them... ice coffee too fucks me in the ass all the time... if you know of a cute cafe.... bitch... hook a fellow shaky bitch with a name.... drank too much today again... life series photoooo!!!!

bithh!!!! it’s falll!!!! probably will be 29 degrees tomorrow, but mother nature is suffering!!!! if you didn’t know, fall is my favourite season. BITH candles!!! cracking the window open just a bit to be able to snuggle under my blankets. my fall acoustics bithh!!! i’m too excited because it’s also my peak fashion season!!! i have my best outfits picked out. can’t usually wear them in summer because too cold. this was taken in the Ottawa Art Museum!! contemporary i believe?!?!??!?? and more pics will be taken in fall 😍😍. ok back to my hot coffee and hot cocoa candle.

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