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Jordan Larrigan  🤓 CTO @Tagboard ☕️ Coffee Farm in Guatemala 😍 @miataylordotcom

My mind has been truly blown by the food @sqirlla I can’t even describe how good it was. Eat here!!!

The end of summer is here. Better get out there and hike before time runs out!

Icelandic 🐑

Beautiful alien planet! #iceland

One of @miataylordotcom ‘s rules during our Iceland trips is that we must stop and pet all the horses 🐴

Going to miss these amazing guys. Can’t wait to com back!!

The nature of Iceland blows our minds every time we come here.

Playing with a new tool #plotograph #floment

Sometimes... all we need... is no expections and a long drive somewhere we have never been

Jeez it feels like winter already!

I have to admit that I got a bit emotional seeing the Swiss Alps for the first time. A totally speechless experience.

Seriously though

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