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Jordan Bowden  Lasercutting | 3D Printing | Pinball | Montreal

They are somewhat convenient and all, but damn, these scooters are dumped literally everywhere in Dallas.

Picked up this nearly working 1963 Slick Chick today. Backglass could be better but the game is otherwise in great shape.

Playfield swapping this Gottlieb Rock pinball machine this week. I'll be removing all the components from a worn out game (picture 2), cleaning them, then putting them on another playfield. Tons of fun! @northstarpinball

We set up this pop up pinball arcade today on St. Denis in Montreal! #northstarpinball #evenko #77fest

Celebrating Ruby's birthday in park LaFontaine this afternoon! Stop by and say hello!

Spent the ride back from Allentown Pinfest sharing the back seat with a prototype machine for pinball legend and code designer Bowen Kerins. Great guy and really fun day! Thanks to Steve from @pinballcoop for doing the driving! #pinball #roadtrip #spookypinball

Dusted off the ol' LED strips, this time I set up a web server to make them controllable. Stay tuned for a lasercut housing for the LEDs.

Scrubbing dirt off a non working pinball that I picked out of a garage. The playfield and cabinet are both pretty roached, so the plan is to get it working then have an artist pal redo the art. Anyone down?

Fixing a flipper driver board for this Jurassic Park (1993) pinball machine. Oddly, this game was reimported to Canada from Oman, in the Middle East. I discovered that somewhere along it's journey around the World, a mechanic broke the fuse clips and replaced the fuses with wires. This is not a good idea - one stuck on coil and the whole board could go.
Anyways, I soldered fresh fuse clips and put in fresh fuses, and the game can now run without risk of destroying itself! #northstarpinball

"you've got a friend in me" πŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ”Š

Pretty much finished fixing this game! #northstarpinball #pinball

Made some fancy laser cut birch veneer business cards today.

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