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Jordan Garland  forever #aDetroitFilm @asdetroitsown 🦁

I told god I'll be back in a second. Man, it's so hard not to act reckless.

Bout to make the most ignorant statement of all time and have the nerve to refer to global warming as "bitter-sweet". U know what I mean tho. @asdetroitsown

But I don't want it, if it can't change things drastically, dramatically. Cause actually, I realized times the most valuable, actually. So Ima call my favorite girl and she gonna bring that 🍑 2me. 📷 @hergenreder


U don't know nothing bout me. Life with my brothers is deep. Long as they all on they feet. Long as they pockets is greased.

In a weeks time we will be announcing the dates for our event/ collaboration with @fisherbldgdet ! It's the most insane vision we will have brought to life yet. It's purpose is to further spark the conversation of action sports as a cross cultural platform. But next Saturday we have to shoot the last shot of the event teaser video in the Fisher lobby. If you aren't busy come out with your skateboard, take a walk through this insane building, and be part of the shot. We appreciate everyone who can stop by! 5pm. Much love. Excited to announce this sooooooon. @asdetroitsown @adetroitfilm

How long I been on these streets? Dream about work in my sleep. 📷 @whoisbotnick

In a little over a year @asdetroitsown page has reached 3k followers. Thank you. Our #aDetroitFilm content has amassed hundreds of thousands of views between various platforms/links. Thank you. We've sold tons of apparel, and checked off many incredible achievements. Thank you. We are even working on a project with the Fisher building, my favorite building, that we will announce within two weeks. None of that is as important as the fact that we are all fortunate enough to create art from such an inspiring city. None of it is as important as the amount of amazing art people put out that tell the world what our cities culture is really about. Here's some clips i put together to show you what our #mvrch4th event is going to feel like. Enjoy. See you there. RSVP by clicking the link in my bio. Thanks to the amazing artists involved. #asdetroitsown #detroit #journeytoadetroitfilm

"@" me all the bad middle eastern things u kno

But how many days does it feel like your moods control the weather and not the other way around?

I have three events in march, one being of the bigger visions I have been fortunate enough to bring to life. Asking for all your patience as I try to navigate being this busy, and trying to fairly promote all three events. Don't listen to anyone, tighten up dem laces and step out onto this field of creating fearlessly. I left everything out on the field risked my safety in so many ways, risked everything, lived paranoid, ignored comments from small minds who are in their feelings so deep they can convince themselves they're correct, and despite all of it, it's worked gloriously for me. I have a project with the fisher building (details coming😭) as well as my event march 4th, and then we will be premiering episode 4 at Tangent Gallery march 25th. Patience patience. I'm out. 📷@jonburkey