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For my 100th post!
Peace, mindfulness, and wanderlust. All things I felt in this moment. Staring out at the yellow flowers, towards the mountains on the horizon.
It's moments like this, that offer pure tranquility, a moment; where the entire world stops, and it is wonderful. Only if it is just for that moment.
It was enough, to fully take in the beauty, this world has to offer.
Reminiscing, on times I had in Northern Thailand, Pai.

#tbt To when I decide to get lost in the sand dunes of #vietnam where's your favourite place in this world, let me know in the comments below!

At first glance, I always look at a mountain and say, I don't think I can do this. Every time, without fail. then, I proceed to ascend the mountain, or hike. Yes, it's a struggle, yes I need to take more breaks and yes, I constantly think about turning around and heading back. I also always tell myself, to never give up. It's a vicious battle in my mind between saying I quit, and pushing forward.
I push forward 99% of the time because of a simple reminder. We're all going to die. This is my go to for encouragement. If the fear of dying, before you accomplish all of your goals in life, isn't enough to push you, I don't know what will.
Tag someone who loves to hike! What's on your before you die list' let me know in the comments below!

Sunrises on the Okanagan Lake, are still one of the most amazing, and humbling things I've seen. Where's your favourite place to watch sunrise? #canada150 #sonya6000

You're never to old to go on an adventure, even if it's in your backyard, and you're doing one of the things mom told you specifically not to do. Actually, I can hear her now as I walk along the railway tracks. I've always wanted to do this, I guess our inner child never dies. Tag someone who does things mom told them not to!

This day is like any other day, not for the typical reason that each day in it's self is a gift, and can never be de lived; but because, this day July 8th, 2017 was one of my oldest; and dearest friends wedding day. 22 years of friendship. So, as I stared out at the lake, and the fleeting sun, I looked back on all of that time, and the memories we've shared. The last sunset, of an era. Congrats guys. I'd tag you, but neither of you have Instagram. So yah.

Canada is #150 years young today. Happy #canadaday . Today, some people from the group @chasingsunrise met me in #penticton to chase the sunrise, at 4 in the morning, And wish Canada a happy 150! No matter how much time passes, you can never replace those kind of friends thanks @aaalicianicole for the rad morning! How are you spending your #canada150 ? Let me know bellow!

The moment I sat down and held this little Joey; Stanley, he began to nestle into my beard. Even though he was in his pouch, safe and secure, his natural instinct was to nestle into me. Two things happened at that moment. 1. I fell in love with that little Joey. And two, I realized that no matter how safe or secure someone, or something feels, sometimes an outside force, in this case me, makes us realize we could feel a little better. We wouldn't know what it was, untill we had it. A lot like humans sometimes. To the Joey who stole my heart, thanks for the lesson in life. ❤️

Rapid waters, vibrant colours and beautiful weather? Did I just find the bridge to Terabithia?minus the bad guys.. happy place, I think I can add this to the list. Where's your favourite place to go and relax?

From sunrise to sunset, enjoy everyday as if it were your last. One day, it very well could be. Out enjoying the sunset on the Okanagan lake. Where's your favourite place to watch the sunset?

Some of these wineries have a crazy cool view. Where in this 🌎 is your favourite view?

So, I was recently at the Mission Hill Winery in Kelowna. When I turned around and saw this. I had to capture the moment. It was far to beautiful not to. Even tho this couple being in the picture was an accident, I think it sort of adds to the picture, they, like me, were simply in awe of the the architecture and design that went into this place. It was stunning guys! Where's a beautiful place you've been recently? Let me know in the comments below !

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