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50+ hours
4 states
3 days.
30+ strangers
New friends
Amazing memories
Unreal sunrises


In all.

totally worth it.

What did you do this long?

So, it's almost the end of the year. Usually around this time, everyone talks about what they're thankful for, how the year has changed them, why they can't wait for next year and what it's going to bring. And usually. It's attached to a picture that doesn't have much to do with the caption. So instead of doing that. I give you a picture of me, in India next to camel. Who almost bit me shortly after this was taken. Am I thankful yes, did I have an amazing year. Yup. But more importantly, that camel didn't bite me. I think that's a win.

Sweepstakes!! Alert.
Dropping a Bad Ass Giveaway! for you guys! Some of you may know I'm here in Thailand, and I'm in love with these elephant pants! I want two of you to have a pair! So I'm sending out two pairs. How do you enter to win? Simple.

1. Like this post
2.follow this page on instagram. And fb. @jordandmarcia
3.comment something about the pants, and tag a friend you want to wear elephant pants with

Simple right? As soon as we hit 2500 followers on this account. I'll pick a winner at random. Them, and the person they tagged will each win a pair!

The time I decided to #hitchhikeinthailand and I waited for two hours. #realtalk but it did work. The truth, and joys behind traveling. I recently had @backpackingbabes mention how raw, and real my feed is. I want to get into the habit of not only showing amazing photos, but capturing real moments. Raw, and real. I want my photos to have an impact, showing the reality of traveling. Not just what the gram, wants us to show the world. Tag someone who loves the raw, real part of life! Tell me what you think of showing #realtravelphotos

In most photos like this, you'll see a singular person sitting in front of a monument, because that's been determined as something people would like to see, or have, as a moment in their own lives. The reality looks like this, people are everywhere, and all around the monument. In my opinion, To remove them, is to take away from the real, raw feel of the moment, the country and the experience. I don't want to pretend, I want my life to be real.
Just some morning muzzings.
Tag a friend who sometimes gets a little to deep early in the morning. Or wants to see India

#Traveling, it has a way to open your mind, and invite new experiences into your life. Typically, I don't like children, but some how these little ones stole a part of my heart.

Where is this wonderful, amazing place. Hint it's not Aus, and it's called the lotus temple. Tag someone who's got the wanderlust fever!!

So apparently I'm on this India, and camel kick. U guess they are kinda cute. Kinda. So I guess here's some more camels. Tag someone who needs to come to India!

My time in India my have been limited. But the memories will last a life time. Especially of this little cutie! Tag someone who loves camels and wants to ride one!! FYI. It's a blast

In the #mountains of #SriLanka, #Ella, I found this amazing place where I could camp, right on the edge of a cliff. I couldn't help but gaze off onto the horizon, getting lost in the view. #wouldntyouliketoseeit

It's still amazing for me to to think I was here, my first wonder of the world. The #tajmahal is a sight to see. #india, you have some beautiful places, but this moment, will always go down in my history books. #morningthoughts Tag someone who would love to see this, in person.

Sri Lanka beaches. Who wants to be here? Tag someone who could go for a little swim on this amazing beach!

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