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👉Jordan Dixon👈  25

HURRY SO WE CAN EAT may look like what I'm saying, but I'm really just in awe that my mother is 60 and looks like THAT I mean it's insane.

"Do it for the gram Brin"- Me
"So basic"- Brin

Night vision for Brin on her 9 month birthday! I can't believe how big my girl is now.

When you realize she's no longer your financial responsibility. #itsaschurrthing18

Alright LT Dixon hurry up and come back to America ❤

Patiently waiting to put my practice to good use ❤ #ItsASchurrThing

Me (very excited): "Mom will you take our picture?" 20 feet away: Man proposes to woman and the whole area claps* #dogsofinstagram #magnoliamarket #proposal #instadog

"I just wanna lie on the beach and eat hotdogs. That's all I've ever wanted."-Kevin Malone

Ignore the bruises, focus anywhere else.

"Excuse me ma'am please help me down so I can play with my friends" happy 7 months Brin, I love you.

The first day I met Brin #adoptdontshop #fosterdog

The real business people put a donut truck with a dogs face on it in between two bars, open mid Sunday day, and put a candle in a 25 year old's donuts. Happy 25th to me, happy earthday to you, and happy 5 months to Brin today, who officially hates me for getting her spayed on her birthday. This was the closest she got to looking at me.

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