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Jordan Dixon  25

Missing my travel buddy ❤

I cant tell who the model is. Hint: it's not me or my mom.

My pride and joy turned 1 today. I'm so thankful to be able raise her and have her by my side during this deployment. This girl deserves all the bones in the world but a little birthday party, a puppy cupcake, and some green beans will work for now.
She also hated her hat but that's ok because it's her bday and she's allowed to. I love you so much Brin!

Since Larry deployed this spring I have recieved a deeper awareness of the sacrifice these men and women make. To the ones who have served, will serve, and the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice, thank you for your service and my freedom. I'm so proud of you LT Dixon for choosing this courageous, selfless path.

❤ Love you so much ❤ happy birthday

I had such a grape time at the Austin Margarita Festival!

Bonus: It really helped cuerv my thirst too

Tears and laughter looking back to the best day ever ❤

Photos by: @shelbyapayne

#sisters #maidofhonor #married #theknot

HURRY SO WE CAN EAT may look like what I'm saying, but I'm really just in awe that my mother is 60 and looks like THAT I mean it's insane.

"Do it for the gram Brin"- Me
"So basic"- Brin

Night vision for Brin on her 9 month birthday! I can't believe how big my girl is now.

When you realize she's no longer your financial responsibility. #itsaschurrthing18 #theknot

Alright LT Dixon hurry up and come back to America ❤

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