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Jordan Porter 🤘🏼  Aries ♈️ In love with @_kq_ 💕 Soon to be mommy to a baby boy🤰🏼 Baby Quinlan coming 11.13.17 👶🏻 Lovin life! 🏡👫🐱🐶👶🏻

BABY QUINLAN UPDATE! 👶🏻 I'm 22 weeks pregnant today. I can't believe I'm already a little more than halfway to the finish line. Time is flying by! Second trimester is a breeze! I'm feeling great minus the back pain and the achy hips! But I know it'll all be worth it in the end. He's the size of a coconut. Getting bigger everyday! My bump is very noticeable now, I've passed the awkward "is that a gut or baby bump" phase and am definitely looking pregnant! I still don't have any major cravings but I'm always down for something spicy! I felt him move for the first time a couple weeks ago and lately I've been feeling much more movement and lots of hiccuping! I was trying to take a good baby update picture but I'm not very creative and trying to get my dog and I both to look at the camera at the same time was a pain. Luckily @_kq_ thought to hold the ball next to the camera to capture Randy's perfect dog face. This will have to do! #22weekspregnant #18weeksleft #secondtrimester #babyquinlan #randydog #babyupdate #icantwaittomeetyoubabyboy

Happy Fathers Day to my one and only @_kq_ ! I know our son is not officially here yet but you already have shown me how amazing of a father you will be. Our son is one lucky boy! You are my best friend and the best person to have along with me on this new and crazy parenting ride. I love you so much and I can't wait to celebrate you every Father's Day from here on out. Our boy and I love you 💙#happyfathersday

The verdict is in! IT'S A BOY!!!! Kyle and I are so excited to be parents to our already super awesome son! I'm so ready for this next adventure in life. If my son is anything like his daddy then I'm one lucky girl. A mother is a sons first love and I can't wait to hold him for the very first time. Your daddy and I already love you so much son! #itsaboy #babyquinlan #inlove #imhavingason #thatsfuntosay #timetostartshopping #babyneedsadirtbike

Today I am eighteen weeks pregnant which means I'm two weeks away from the halfway point! Tomorrow is the big day! @_kq_ and I find out if Baby Quinlan is a boy or girl! My tummy has sprouted out of nowhere and I'm definitely REALLY showing now. I don't have any major cravings and things have been pretty good during the second trimester! Hips and lower back ache but other than that it's not too bad. So tomorrow evening Kyle and I will announce if we are having a son or daughter! Take your guess! #babyquinlan #secondtrimester #eighteenweeks #boyorgirl #wheelsorheels #onemoreday #takeyourvote

BABY UPDATE! I hit my 2nd trimester on Sunday! I'm 14 weeks and I'm definitely showing now. No more sickness it seems and my energy is SLOWLY coming back. I'm still pretty sleepy though. Sweets are the only thing that really ever sound good to me and I can't wait to find out if baby Quinlan is a he or she! June 12th is the day we find out! #14weekspregnant #2ndtrimester #babyquinlan #babybump #heorshewhatwillitbe #26weeksuntilparenthood

I forgot to post this yesterday! I got to see Baby Quinlan and I even got a little wave! It was amazing to see how active the baby is and how much it kicks! I can't wait until I can finally feel it! Almost there! @_kq_ #babyquinlan #13weeksdown #27weeksleft

Today marks 4 years with my best friend. I've known @_kq_ for ten years and four of those ten years I've loved him. He has shown me what true love really is and with us there is never a dull moment. With him, everyday is a good day and a day full of laughter. When we first got together I was worried that if we don't last we might ruin our awesome friendship but not only did we make it, we're going to be parents! We have learned so much about each other these last four years and I'm so excited to see what the next forty years have in store for us. We are getting ready to start a new chapter together and there is nobody I'd rather have by my side. I love you Kyle Quinlan, you are my one and only. Thank you for the best years of my life so far! #fouryears #happyanniversary #iloveyou #firstcomeslove #thencomesbaby #thencomesmarriage #itshowwedo #fouryearsgoingonforty

Nothing melts your heart more than seeing your future baby daddy holding a baby and being around kids. We got to meet his cousins baby girl, Stella this weekend and couldn't get enough of her. My heart literally MELTED when I saw these two interact. @_kq_ you are going to be such a good daddy! Too cute not to share! #MCM #futurebabydaddy #28weeksuntilparenthood #babies #kylesgonnabeadad

I'm SO excited to finally announce that I'm pregnant! Yes, that's right! Baby Quinlan is in the works and is going to bless us with its presence in November! 👶🏻💕 I couldn't be happier and more excited, I can't believe I'm gonna be a mommy! I'm also so happy that I'm having a baby with my best friend @_kq_ who is going to be the best daddy ever. I'm almost 11 weeks and yesterday I got to hear my babies heartbeat! It all became real, my life has changed and for the better! #babyquinlan #pregnant #11weeks #november2017 #comingsoon #kylesgonnabeadad #imgonnabeamom

Because I'm an only child, I choose who I consider siblings. Plus I wanted to be apart of #nationalsiblingday❤️ These three are the ones I trust the most and always have a good time with. My brothers from another mother and my brothers and best friends they will always be! #whosaysimanonlychild #friendsthatturnintofamily @ricardo_349 @_____nathaniel_____ @dillonfloyd

Happiest of all birthdays to my amazing Aries soul sister :) We are five days apart and so much alike. I wish you an amazing day @tricia0321 because you deserve it! Love you and miss you 😘 #happybirthday #aries #soulsisters #sincefreshmanyear

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