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Jordana Nicholson  nashville, tn • lifestyle, health(ish) + wellness. happiest in the kitchen 👩🏻‍🌾🌿 recipes 👉🏼 #jordiecooks jordanaCnicholson@gmail.com

Just a pre-dinner "snack" 😆 since we have late dinner reservations tonight. I could eat this forever and never get tired of it and it's made entirely from pre chopped leftovers from a couple nights ago. Just some thinly sliced onion, fresh herbs and leeks sautéed in coconut oil. Then I tossed in some hearty greens and seasoned the whole thing with pink salt, pepper, turmeric, cayenne, garlic and garam masala. Topped it with an over medium egg, a bit of homemade pesto, some avo and fresh veggies I had on hand and boom 💥🍽 #jordiecooks

I just want to be real for a second and share a bit of my heart. It’s been a little while since I’ve last shared an update on my fertility journey. A lot of what goes on, I choose to keep private, but I also do want to share a bit here and there as it’s just so good to encourage one another as we quietly walk through seasons that aren’t the easiest. In the past few months, I’ve been taking a holistic approach to healing my body, trying to get to the root cause. I see a naturopath whom I’m so thankful for and an incredible acupuncturist. I’ve been given a bit of a laundry list of things I need to work on and supplements that I need to take. It’s been a lot to take in (literally) but I’m so so thankful that I’m healthy and can go the route of healing my body naturally right now. I’ve made some good progress…but dang it, things take time. I left my doctor’s appt. today with a mix of emotions. It feels so good knowing that there are things I can be doing to speed up the process, but it also sucks knowing that the process could still take a few months. I shut off all distraction in the car on my way home from my appt. and just took some time to talk with God and let him know how frustrated I am. I told Him I was over it. Over waiting, over taking all of these steps to healing my body, just over it all. I wept and told Him that I just long to be a mama…that things feel unfair right now and how I just want a baby so bad…right in that moment, it was as if someone interrupted me, I heard His voice so clearly say, “but, want ME more…want ME more than you want that baby”. Well, I cried even more and almost had to pull over because that wrecked me…but hearing Him say that, and SO clearly, was so good for my soul. It was a kind and gentle reminder that I needed to re-download back into my spirit. I know that I’ve learned to hand over this season to the Lord, but my flesh fails me sometimes and I tend to forget to talk to Him like I did today. To just have a real conversation. To get on my knees and pray more. To thank Him more what He’s doing. (Read the rest in the comments below)

Let's talk cookbooks! A lot of you guys have been asking for a roundup of my favorites, so I thought I'd share my top 10 go-to's. This is super hard for me since I'm a cookbook hoarder... I just love skimming through the pages and getting inspired by different recipes 😍💞📚 buuuut here we go: 1. A Modern Way to Eat by Anna Jones @we_are_food - 200+ vegetarian recipes that are AMAZING 2. A Modern Way to Cook by Anna Jones @we_are_food - another good one by Anna! This one is more recent and features vegetarian recipes. I've made so many things from this book and they've all be delicious! 3. It's All Easy by Gwyneth Paltrow - this book is legit. I love everything Gwyneth puts out and this one is a fave! Healthy recipes for the busy bees! The granola in this book is my favorite ever. 4. @food52's A New Way to Dinner by Amanda Hesser - amazing recipes categorized by seasons. I ADORE this book. It's not as 'healthy' as the others, but I don't really care haha. Gotta indulge sometimes and this book is chock full of comforting and delicious recipes. 5. At Home in the Whole Foods Kitchen by @amychaplin - I feel like Amy is the OG of whole foods and eating well. She is so knowledgeable. The book features amazing tips on how to stock your pantry, make your own staples and cook ridiculously delicious food that's good for you. Plus the book is beautiful. The rest are in the comments below! #jordiecooks

Sunny Monday morning at home 🤗 I love how cozy things are getting in here and it's amazing what a little color will do to your space. I love me some neutrals, but this fun pop of color on our rug from @loloirugs has made all the difference in here. Their new Javari collection just launched and the antique inspired colors & patterns are beautiful (this guy is the Slate Berry) ✨ #CommitToColor

Seedy açai bowls for breakfast this morning. Happy Sunday! #jordiecooks

Sunday is for lots of yard work, bathroom scrubbin', vacuuming and Tommy Dorsey's 'Dolores' on repeat 💃🏻

Cold drinks, our favorite 30's playlist & backyard snugs on this glorious 79 degree evening 🌾💏

Good non-toxic haircare is definitely one of of the hardest things to find. At least for me, with my thick wavy hair. I'm so happy that my sister told me about @innersenseorganicbeauty — their products are made with the cleanest of ingredients that are sustainably sourced. Their products are free of damaging sulfates, parabens and fragrance and they're cruelty free. I've noticed such a difference in my wavy hair since using Innersense — my hair is shinier & stronger and my curls are so much bouncier. Definitely my new favorite that I'll be using for a long long time. #innersenseorganicbeauty #cleanbeauty #nontoxic

Big ol' salad for myself with dinner because I'm probably...actually most DEFINITELY making churros tonight for dessert thanks to Bon Appetite Mag's dang videos 🙄🤤 Smoothies and grain bowls and healthy gluten free things are great...I love them and if that's all you choose to eat, then 💯 to you...you inspire me! Buuuut I don't know if it's my Italian blood or what...but give me all the carby bready things pls. I'll eat super clean 80% of the time and I hope my recipes inspire you, but I also hope you know that I'll happily stuff my face with brick oven style pizza, crispy truffle fries and churros when I feel like it, because balance is healthy and I don't believe in depriving myself. So cheers to healthy salad and cheers to fried churros with cinnamon sugar and chocolate dipping sauce. #✌🏼 #happyfriday #jordiecooks #jordiefriesthingstoo | Beautiful salad servers handcrafted in Kenya by @twentyonetonnes and Ash & Leather serving board by @schoolhouse

Yesterday was such a treat. Experienced the beautiful @puresweatfloatstudio's infrared sauna and it was 🙌🏼😍 I've sat in the sauna at my gym before, but those things are excruciatingly hot and always make me feel claustrophobic. The infrared is so different — the heat is gentle 140° vs 200° in a sauna and there's a wavelength of therapeutic heat that gets deep into your tissue. The first wave called "Far" targets weight loss, detoxification and relaxation. The second, "Mid" targets pain relief & improved circulation and the last wave, "Near" targets cell health, immunity, wound healing and anti-aging. Isn't that so incredible? I totally nerded out yesterday after learning more and I think I'm hooked. The infrared cabin was so peaceful and I left feeling like a million bucks (👋🏼 achey neck!) Can't wait to come back soon for another sweat session and see how my body feels over time! 👌🏼Nashville, go and check them out and treat yourself!

💜 purple goodness...yes it really is this purple! — 2 frozen coconut meat cubes (the meat from a young thai coconut scooped out and blended with a bit of the coconut water), 1/4 cup frozen cauliflower, 1/4 cup-ish of frozen wild blueberries, a handful of fresh blackberries, a scoop of @vitalproteins collagen peptides, a splash of nut milk and a little thai basil. BLEND and garnish with bee pollen and some thai basil flowers 🌸 #jordiecooks

This has been my favorite breakfast since I was a child. I remember sitting in the kitchen as a little girl and asking my mom for a tomato sandwich with mayo (pretty sure it was the miracle whip kind 😆), but I don't think I'll ever grow tired of it...especially in the summertime when @bloomsburyfarm tomatoes come into season. I thinly sliced some cherry 'maters that were in my CSA basket this week and arranged them on crusty toast with a thin layer of @sirkensingtons organic mayo (my fave!), a drizzle of good olive oil, cracked black pepper, flakey sea salt and a bit of fresh basil. So simple....so good. #jordiecooks #cleaneats #seasonaleating

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