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Jordan Feigenbaum, MD, MS  Doctor, Coach, Lifter. 640/430/725 @ 198 raw. Spotify 🎧 jfeigenb 📩 📍Bay Area Toronto Seminar Registration 👇🏻

What kind of face is this? 😂😂😂 Whoever has the best caption by the time I wake up tomorrow gets something free from the BBM store.

Fun fact, I keep to myself when I train and like to stay quiet, focused, and engaged in my training. You can often catch me looking out at nothing in particular, but I’m thinking about my next set or exercise- at least that’s how it is when I’m actually training. If I’m joking around and talking then I’m probably doing GPP or a pivot week. I’m pretty sure @leah_barbellmedicine can vouch for all of this.

That doesn’t mean training is a chore for me, as I do really enjoy it. It’s more fun when things are going well and for me, that happens when I can focus on the task at hand, block out the bullshit, and lift all the weights.

This is how I feel when I run out of chalk...

Probably one of the more annoying things that happens on a regular basis 🙄🙄🙄

What’s the most annoying thing that happens to you in the gym?

Guess I learned how to use adobe illustrator today. Pretty neat! Happy Saturday, y’all.

#tbt to when @champagnepapi and I hung out for New Year’s Eve in Vegas in 2016. Guess we’ll get to hang again in August because Barbell Medicine is coming to Toronto for a seminar.

Looks like I’ll be running through the 6 with @austin_barbellmedicine , @leah_barbellmedicine , @tomcampitelli , and @untamedstrength.

Who’s coming? Link in bio.

Photo cred- Myself

Pulled 5 doubles at 585 beltless today after a smooth single at 655.

Must’ve been my new “What Are You Gonna Do, Not Train?” T-Shirt, right?

We are now selling these bad boys in limited quantities so head on over to our site and grab one 😈 (link in bio).

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Sunday feels when someone didn’t update their log...

I spent a good part of my day staring at a screen in order to get out some great content this week. Looking forward to seeing what you think 🤓

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

This is amazing and quite appropriate with Part III of the Programming series dropping today on iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube. Clickable link to SoundCloud in bio.

Thanks @jordan.memegenbaum - I don’t know who you are, but I wanna send you a t shirt. Slide into my DM’s and I’ll hook you up.

Did you guys like the podcast? Tag a friend who needs to listen and tell us what you want to hear about next!

There’s nothing special about a the “push to pull” ratio in a training program as far as how it influences shoulder pain, injuries, or performance. Anyone claiming it does- citations desperately needed. For clarity, ALL muscles in your body pull. All of them. Through an array of bony levers and sinewy pennation we can “push” objects in our environment, but our muscles are still pulling.

That said, if you want a strong back you’re going to need to train it. Deadlifts, rows, pull ups, and pull downs will get the job done. Nothing fancy, y’all.

Seen here is the 1 arm row. I do these on one of my GPP days for as many sets of 12-15 reps as possible. Today I did 120 reps per arm in 7 minutes with the 100’s. That was fun. Finished up with some prowler walks and strict toes to bar before calling it a day.

Anybody else get into some GPP today? What did you do?

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New YouTube video up on programming considerations for “older” lifters, whatever that means. Link in bio.

Imagine the following thought experiment: - Let’s compare a 20 year old and 65 year old novice lifter and discuss their hypertrophy and strength improvements from a given amount of dietary protein intake and training volume (or even training stress provided it’s in the useful intensity range).

Who needs more protein or more volume to generate a maximal response?

What do you think? Comment below!

Lifetime PR at 440lbs (200kg). I’m so psyched right now!

If you’ve been paying attention to my training then you already know my lifts have been going HAM on this last training block. I’ve had a strange hand injury that’s been messing with my squat, but I suspect even that will come around soon.

What’s been the difference? Hard to say definitively, but my average intensity was a little lower this last training cycle than before and I’ve used some more variations for all the competition lifts.

The response speaks for itself, though generalizing this to all lifters would be silly. Finding things that work for the individual is 🔑, but that doesn’t mean we should just throw a bunch of random variables into the mix and see what happens.

Rather, using existing knowledge of plausible physiological responses to certain training variables, e.g. volume, intensity, lift variants, frequency, etc. is the best bet. This is something we do with all of our clients on the quest for gainzZz.

Anybody else hit a PR lately? Let us know in the comments. Also, i much prefer my “bench face” to my “deadlift face.”

🎥 by @katiehund

715 x 1 @ RPE 10 today. 10lb all time PR on a stiff bar. I was a little turnt up at the end 😈

Tweaked my back warming up with 315 today for unknown reasons, but what am I gonna do- not deadlift? I put my belt on for subsequent sets at 405, 515, and 605. Loaded up 680, which moved well enough to call an audible and load the bar with an embarrassing amount of change plates.

And so- after a back tweak during my warm ups I was able to set a 10lb all time PR- first one since 2014 actually, as I had pulled 705 on a stiff bar at Rip’s gym in October of that year.

This is pretty promising for my deadlift to be here without any peaking and on 1/2” shorter plates. I’ll try and get that 440 bench later this week and then we will go back to volume work for the next meet. I’ll probably have to post drone videos instead of training videos then 😂😂

Anybody know how many faces I made here? I counted 17....

4.13.18 [7:45pm]- The PR streak continues on the heels of many weeks punching the clock with volume work. Things are really rolling now and I’ll be honest- training is super fun at the moment.

I did beltless 2ct paused deadlifts at 635 x 3 and then 585 x 3 for 2 sets and I tacked in that PR bench press - 405 x 3 - from yesterday for my daily humble brag.

I choose not to wear a belt for most of my supplemental work because it limits the absolute loading, while still allowing me to work hard. I’ll use the belt more frequently for variations as I get closer to a meet for specificity purposes or, alternatively, if my back is fatigued and it would help me train more productively.

The belt isn’t a crutch in any way, in my opinion. It helps lifters recruit more muscle mass to lift more weight, which can improve training results depending on context. For example, if absolute strength is a primary goal of a lifter, using the belt as a tool to regularly handle heavier weights and improve those specific skills. Additionally, if a lifter is able to perform significantly more volume with good technique and without grindy reps, they can see improved hypertrophy and strength outcomes as well.

Is there a downside to using a belt? Well, using it all the time for everything requires the use of higher absolute weights for a given volume and that may produce more stress than a lighter load for the same workout. You don’t always need more stress generated from higher intensities- so we can get away with going beltless for some movements and get the same result- perhaps better in some instances. Plus, it looks kinda cool to tiger gym patrons when you pull 635 for a paused triple with no belt because “raw”, bro.

In general, I prefer using the belt for he competition lifts and going beltless for everything else except as discussed above.

So yea, I’m pretty fired up right now about training! Did anyone else have something awesome happen to them in the gym this week? Let me know below and tag a friend who needs to read this!

🎥 by @leah_barbellmedicine

A big goal I set for 2018 was to expand Barbell Medicine’s reach. I figured if more people were getting exposed to our stuff, the more people we could help.

A few weeks ago an interesting opportunity presented itself. @strongerexperts contacted us and wanted to have us on board creating exclusive content and participating in this group of high level strength athletes, coaches, and researches.

I talked with the Barbell Medicine crew about it and we all agreed this would be good to keep spreading the barbell gospel. And so here we are, teaming up with some of the brightest minds in the community today, i.e. @rpdrmike , @gregnuckols , @quinn.henochdpt, Cal Dietz, etc.

The good thing about being in a group like this is that even if you don’t agree there can still be productive discussions and everyone learns- especially the audience.

So- what is this thing? It’s a private, subscription - based repository of information from 20 of the best folks in their fields that isn’t available anywhere else. 10 hours of new content drops monthly and there are live events being scheduled as well.

We are excited to see how this goes and expand what we are doing here :) For more info, check the link in bio.

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