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Jordan Feigenbaum, MD, MS  Doctor, Coach, Lifter. 640/430/725 @ 198 raw. Spotify 🎧 jfeigenb 📩info@barbellmedicine.com 📍Santa Cruz


Talk to my rep(s).

724 here (prob less 20 in chains still on the floor), beltless pull.

I like overload variants at certain times throughout training cycles, usually followed by paused work, and then concentric focused variants (pin/deficits/etc.).

Anybody else pull today? Comment below or tag your training partner!

At the Barbell Medicine Seminar I was asked, "What does success look like for Barbell Medicine?"

My response, "I want barbell training to be the new walking."

I'm serious too. Every time a provider or person in position of authority recommends non barbell based training as a primary source of exercise for the general population, they're doing a massive disservice. This includes all the silly BS that does not facilitate or enhance consistent progressively overloaded resistance training.

We are barbell advocates, y'all. Help us spread the word and make barbell training the new walking.

A very special podcast just went up on the Barbell Medicine YouTube, SoundCloud, and iTunes. @a.z.b, @rpdrmike, and I discuss the CrossFit post from a few days ago on "Big Soda".

Turns out, there's lots of nuance here outside of just raw emotion and knee-jerk reactions. Is soda awful for you? Nah, not really in most cases. Additionally, the fear mongering caused by the incorrect data and statements made subsequently needed to be addressed.

So, give it a listen, share it, and comment below what you think!

That feel when your boy is about to get triggered and you wanna calm him down...(this question was on ART and Massage).

Parts 1 and 2 are up from San Antonio's Barbell Medicine Seminar. You can find Part 1 on the @untamedstrength YouTube channel and Part 2 is on the Barbell Medicine YouTube channel. Link also available in my story.

Back to massage and ART- they don't work directly to do anything outside of a placebo effect. That doesn't mean they're "bad" or "good"- just that they might not be the best investment of time, money, or other resources seeing as they don't improve recovery, performance, or prevent injury outside of a placebo effect.

What do you think? Tag someone below or comment what you do for recovery.

I'm not sure what to do with my hands...

Another snippet from the Barbell Medicine seminar 1 week ago. Here I'm talking about muscle protein synthesis, muscle protein breakdown, and the importance of leucine rich protein sources in the context of performance, recovery, and health.

Low leucine protein sources are junk, y'all. They should be avoided. Getting less than 2.5-3 grams of leucine per serving of protein? Get a new protein supplement. And now some fun facts about protein.

What are the advantages of beef protein? None- it has lower BCAA content than whey, is more expensive, and is less efficient Than whey (and no healthier). Casein offers no advantages to whey. Vegan protein sources also are less bioavailable, more expensive, and have less BCAA than whey. There is no benefit to grass fed whey either, given that the benefit of grass fed meats are relegated to the fatty acid content (though unproven benefit) and there is little to no fat content in whey protein soooooo- ya that's marketing gimmicks, y'all. This is in addition to protein spiking with glycine, taurine, creatine, and glutamine- the four most common "additions" to protein supplements that increase the protein number but don't do anything useful.

Honestly, it was all these reasons that drove me to make my own whey. It's priced competitively, mixes well, and only has 4 ingredients (stevia, whey protein isolate, cocoa, and natural flavors). I'm amazed daily by what other brands are putting out there 🙄

This lecture is going to drop in video form very soon so hold onto your butts!

📸 by @coachnikolai

(Cue the movie voice)In a world. Two Men. One Seminar. Much Nuance. This summer. Barbell Medicine!

A little teaser reel of the Barbell Medicine seminar media shot and edited this past weekend by @untamedstrength. We'll be releasing videos periodically with the Q/A coming first this week.

Keep a look out for the hottest medical fitness seminar of 2017!

Since I'm in Wichita Falls, TX for the @startingstrength seminar this weekend, I figured I'd throw it back to the Coach's Conference with this casual 700lb deadlift. Austin isn't impressed, obviously.

Training has been going well lately, as I'm working with a bit longer mesocycles than last time, e.g. 6 and 8 weeks vs 4 and 6 weeks from before. Getting that extra stress in seems to be working and I'm planning on hitting some PR's sometime in the next few months. It's pretty cool that I have never stopped learning about this stuff. It's truly fascinating to me.

Happy Friday, y'all.

#tbt to 3 years ago on a Urogynecology Rotation in Norfolk, VA.

At this stage of the game I knew I loved coaching, training, and teaching others. I also felt passionately about using barbell based exercise, nutrition changes, and other lifestyle modifications therapeutically to prevent and lessen the burden of disease. That said, I'd be lying if I said I knew exactly where I was going with Barbell Medicine.

Fast forward to this past weekend at the Inaugural barbell medicine seminar. I was asked, "What my goals are for barbell medicine in the future?"

I replied, "I want barbell training to be the new walking. Instead of your health care provider saying just walk more I want them to say just squat more."

It's been 6 years since I started Barbell Medicine and I couldn't be more excited about what's happening. We've got the best in the industry working as coaches and consultants, we are literally writing the book on health and strength training, making high quality supplements, and we get to travel around the world spreading the Iron Gospel. If there was ever a time for #blessed I suppose now would be the time, haha.

Anyway- thanks everyone for the support past and present.

That one time @vera_nahce jacked your camera and started firing off questions 😂😂

Seriously though, the only stuff I do for my "back" are deadlifts, deadlift variations, rows, and chins or pull-ups. That's it.

I see a lot of silly stuff being done under the guise of hypertrophy or "stability" work for God knows what. Truth is, if you're not gaining weight you're not growing muscle (so hypertrophy would be out) and you can achieve a hypertrophy stimulus in multiple ways- including heavy pulls.

As far as stability goes, I know of know better way to improve stability, or the coordination of the back musculature to prevent unwanted movement, than getting really strong and that's best achieved with a barbell. No amount of 1-arm KB or DB work matters when your deadlifts and pull ups suck, ya know?

Finally, I'm unsure where the obsession for "making the back more flexible" came from. That's the absolute last thing an athlete involved in a barbell sport would want. "Stretching" your back is a good way to introduce extraneous (and non productive) fatigue into your training soooo...good luck with that.

Today's knowledge bomb brought to you by espresso and the unseasonably temperate climate in Texas right now.

Tag someone who does way too much BS for their back or share what you do to train your back!

260 for a top single yesterday at the House of GainzZz V2.0 (aka @a.z.b and @dempapsdoe 's place). Not bad considering the the inaugural Barbell Medicine seminar was this past weekend and it's hotter than Hades in #sanantonio !

There's been a lot of commentary about layback in the press over on the @startingstrength YouTube channel and forum. Y'all can see I layback a bit here too. I think using potential injury risk as an argument against using a particular style of movement or movement in general is super weak from an evidence-based standpoint and even weaker from a training outcome (e.g. Strength, hypertrophy, etc.) standpoint in the context of a preserved range of motion and a trained lifter. That said, it's an interesting topic for sure.

What do you guys think about layback in the press? Comment below!

🎥 by @untamedstrength

The three amigos/as.

Labor Day vibes. What are y'all doing today? Anyone training? Comment and tag your training squad below.

Pulling through the weekend like...

616x1 paused deadlift, beltless with @a.z.b and @strongfirsthc looking on. Thanks to @heavymetalfit for letting us drop in. Great new facility in San Antonio.

Full workout now up on our YouTube channel.

I really like paused pulls for developing the deadlift and the pause location should be somewhat specific for the lifter who is incorporating them. I pause up just below the knee vs 1" off the ground as this is where I get sloppy and tend to miss. Yes, this is just not pulling volume and that likely directly contributes to the deadlift development. However, a slight bias towards a lifter's specific needs can be useful I've found.

What kind of issues do y'all have with the deadlift? Tag someone and comment below!

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